It's always been her.

Justin and Aubrey have been friends since the first year of high school but never really been more than friends. Although they did share that one kiss at they're school dance just before he left to go to Atlanta and be who he is today. Justin Bieber. Do they become a thing? Who knows read and find out:)


7. Who am I in bed with?


Jacque scoffed, "lets just go" She obviously noticed Justin staring at my body again...

"gee who shat-" i trailed off to be interrupted by someone. 

"not now" Justin said not even looking at me in the eye. 

what the heck? 

Jacque was smirking, i just wanted to punch her so badly but once i reached the bottom of the stairs i walked towards the door and looked behind holding my head higher. 

"Come on then, if you wanted to go so badly" i said slightly pissed.

On that comment we all left. 

*end of recap*


*Aubrey's point of view* 

Once we got to the club me and Sammie ran straight in to the bar, to say the least i really needed a drink, yes i'm allowed, im 18 i turn 19 tomorrow. WAIT I TURN 19 TOMORROW.

After realizing i turn 19 tomorrow i accidentally spat my drink out. 

"I turn 19 tomorrow Sammie!" i shouted to her. 

"I know, i was wondering when you were going to realize that" she said laughing. 

"Wanna dance?" I heard behind me, however thinking it was for Sammie i stayed in the same position and not turning around. 

"Excuse me?" Thats when he tapped MY shoulder.

I turned around to be face to face to a good looking brown haired jaw defined boy. He looks my age.

"Sorry was you talking to me?"

"Yeah, what other pretty lady would i be talking to?" he said winking. Yes, yes i did blush.

"well, the other girls in the club maybe?"i said looking at my feet.

He lifted my chin up, "nah its you, definitely you" he said. "So will you?"

"yes of course" I said looking back at Sammie who currently had a grin on her face nodding for permission. 

We stood up and went straight to the middle of the floor and started to dance, luckily im a dancer and i can dance i guess. Thank god, or else i'd look so stupid. 

 After a while we started grinding but not to extreme. Thats until i felt a pair of eyes on me, i know i know your thinking, your dancing with someone in a club and grinding of course many eyes are going to be on you! But no, it feels different, these eyes are daggering into me telling me to stop. 

I looked around to find all the boys and Sammie dancing but staring at me. What? I dont understand, their look is as if to say stop. 

Then I turned my head to see Justin and Jacque grinding but Justin standing their looking at me with a hurt and jealousy look in his eyes not retaliating to Jacque's grinds. His eyes were staring straight in to mine, they were telling me to stop, but instead i did the opposite, i stayed for some reason i wanted to make him jealous but thats when i realized why would he be jealous? I shouldn't feel bad? No way. He has a girlfriend, im his best friend not his girlfriend. Oh how i wish i was. wait what? my thoughts were interrupted by the boy who i yet haven't gotten to know the name of asked me a question. 

"whats your name pretty lady?" he whispered in my ear softly. 

"Aubrey, My names Aubrey. And you?" i replied. 

"Sam, My names Sam" he said and i could feel the smile on his face, he wasnt the only one. 

My smile grew bigger, i've always loved the name sam. Damn I  chose the right boy to dance with. He even helps me forget about Justin, the way Justin's eyes shine through mine and his hair sits perfectly on his head and his lips oh his beautifully pink lips that sit just perfectly under his cute little button nose damn how could one person be so hot!? DAMN there it is again thinking about Justin seriously i need some tablets to control that. 

"Well, pretty lady, do you want another drink?" he said turning me around to face him and straight after i knocked myself out of my thoughts i nodded.

"yes please" 


With that he kissed my forehead and headed over to the bar where i walked over the Sammie and the boys. 

"DAMN GURL YOU GOT YOUR THANGGG ON" chaz screamed in my ear.

"Shut up" i replied evilly with a sly smirk. 

"you two are so cute, damn even Justins jealous" Sammie said but only i heard her. 

"shut up, he's not jealous he's got his nasal pitched brown haired barbie doll to prance around with"i said rolling my eyes. 

"Well whats his name" she said looking behind me. 

I turned around to see Sam standing with a drink for me.

"Hi, thanks" I said taking the drink and drinking it all in one go. "wow this is amazing" 

"haha, easy tiger" he said winking.

"Sammie, this is Sam, Sam this is my best friend Sammie" I said introducing them to eachother. 

"Nice to meet you" he said shaking her hand.

"You too"

"Can i?" he said trying to pry me from Sammie.

"By all means go ahead" she replied winking in my direction. 

The rest of the night consisted on dancing with Sam and Justin staring with his famous im jealous but protecting my best friend glare. Why would he care anyway? He has his girlfriend to worry about. 

Nearer the end of the night it was okay to say i was drunk, I did say i was letting my hair down, well i didn't exactly say it but i was thinking it. And that is what i had done. I had kissed Sam a few times to turn around to a pissed of Justin so i did it again and again and again, yes you might me calling me a bitch but i don't care. I was living my life not his.

Once the night had ended, i was to drunk to know what was happening and i ended up leaving the club with a few people, Sam was one of them. 



The next morning I awoke untangled in white sheets with the sun beeming through the window of my room of our villa cuddled up to somebody. Not to sure who but they feel familiar so i cuddled more into him. He smelt like alcohol but he pulled it off. He had a few tattoos on his left arm making a little sleeve not quite finished yet. 

Who was I sleeping with? 

"Morning" His raspy voice said knocking me out of my thoughts i suddenly realized who i was sleeping with. 

"M-morning" I replied maybe stuttering, because i realized i was probably naked, well i know i was  naked under these sheets i could feel my bare skin touching his. I blushed most definitely. 




-- A/N and that is what i leave you with for tonight as you begged for another chapter, thank you for liking my story so much, don't forget to comment for more sorry if i sound needy but i just want to make sure people are reading, and please share this story with others, thank you!!---

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