It's always been her.

Justin and Aubrey have been friends since the first year of high school but never really been more than friends. Although they did share that one kiss at they're school dance just before he left to go to Atlanta and be who he is today. Justin Bieber. Do they become a thing? Who knows read and find out:)


1. reunited.

*hey guys this is my first novel thingy, idk what to call it but i hope you like it:)* 


*Justin's p.o.v*

I woke up with a huge smile on my face. Today was the day i was being reunited with Aubrey. Aubrey is my best female friend, she's always there for me and even though i have a bit of fame we are still closer than ever. I have made sure Aubrey has never been interacted with any of the paps because they can get a bit to rowdy. I don't want to find Aubrey hurt from them. 

Anyway, today I'm flying to the bahamas with a group of friends. Lil Za, Fredo, Ryan and of course Aubrey is going to meet us there with Chaz, as well as others. Im so excited because she always knows how to make me happy. 

I decided to get out of bed and start getting ready. After i finished my shower and got dressed i was just about to go downstairs when i got a text of Aubrey.

From Bree<3

- ahhhhh today Justin I'm so excited!! I've missed you!!! xxx-

aw she's so cute. i text back straight away making me get even more excited. 

I grabbed something from mcdonalds and head to the airport to meet the others. 



As soon as i got to the airport i saw Ryan. 

"ayyyyye Ryan" i said whilst doing our hand shake. 

"sup bro? you ready to get on the plane?" 

"yeah, i'll just tell Aubrey were boarding" 

I haven't stopped smiling knowing i will be seeing her today.

from Justin<3

-Just about to board the plane, so excited to finally see you!!! xxxx_

to Justin<3

-me too,xx-


5 hours had passed and we finally landed in bahamas. I would definitely be lying if i said i wasn't  excited because i was, i never really told anyone but i have actually had feelings for Aubrey since we were 13. It was when we went on a school trip and she tripped and fell on top of me, her eyes just gleamed into mine and ever since i've known she's something special which i cant let go. Ever.

After being deep in thoughts about Aubrey i snapped out by Za attacking to the ground screaming 'were here'. Not that i didn't realise considering he's been doing that ever since we got into the house/villa we were staying in. 

I decided to go and claim the biggest room before anyone else has the chance too. Not realising    Aubrey's flight landed before mine.

As I ran up the stairs which was covered by a chandelier, i ran straight towards the biggest bedroom yelling "DIBS ON THIS BEDR..." until i was stopped by the sight of Aubrey sitting on the   bed with her stuff already unpacked in the drawers.

"too late, i already did" she said whilst smirking. 

"BREEEEEEE" i screamed as i jumped on her making her fall back onto the bed. She laughed trying to sit back up. "I've missed you soo much!!" i smiled at her. 

"I've missed you too!!" she smiled back even bigger as i hugged her tightly. 

As on que everyone else decided to come through the door. "Damn the girl got the room" Za whined. I just laughed realising that i lost the biggest room. 

"wheres chas?" Ryan asked. "i would of thought he dibbed the room before you" he smirked. 

"Well, we walked passed the shop right outside and knowing that he would dibb the bedroom i sort off said that this girl was staring out him but she wasn't, so he went over to her and i took that as my chance to run and get the bedroom" She laughed. I did too. 

"wow. Clever" Fredo cheered. 

"So where exactly is he now?" i questioned. 

"in his room sulking i guess" she shrugged.

Straight after she had said that, Chaz walked in. 

"Actually i wasn't sulking, i was planning revenge" he stated as a matter of fact. 

"Should i be scared?" Aubrey replied. 

We all laughed and Chaz stuck his tongue out. 

"i really thought that a girl was staring at me, but there was no one there." he said annoyed. 

"oh well, better look next time." i laughed. 

"Im going to get ready and go down to the beach, so..." Aubrey said trying to shoo us all out.

"Alright, same" everyone agreed. 

They all left apart from me. I stayed on the bed. 



"can you leave so i can get ready?"


"uhh why?"

"i haven't seen you in what felt like years!! i wanna spend time with you" 

"well we can do that at the beach?" she said. 

"fineeeeee" She laughed closing the door behind me. 

Not expecting to see Jacque standing right outside in just her bikini. 

"ermm, hi?" i waved as i tried to walk past. 

"hey justy" she smiled. 

i smiled back, not wanting to continue this conversation whilst she was half naked although she had an alright figure. Although she's my girlfriend i still find it kind of awkward. 

"you coming down to the beach" she asked, and i think i saw a wink i'm not sure. 

"er, yeah with Aubrey" her smile faded a little. 

"kay" she said walking off. 



*Aubrey's p.o.v*

"Nooo Justin put me down!!!" i screamed as he ran towards the water.

"No way baby" he replied with his famous smirk. And with that he through me in the water leaving me soaked.

I quickly stood up and ran to the sand with a grumpy face on. 

Justin came after me whilst laughing. "whats wrong?"  he said whilst laughing.

"You know i'm afraid that there will be sharks!" i said pretending to be really moody. 

"Aww baby i know but you know i wouldn't' let anything or anyone hurt you" he said walking towards me and wrapping his arms around my waist pulling me in to his chest.

"I know" I said whilst smirking pushing him in the water. 

"oh your going to get it" he screamed, so i ran as fast as i could thinking that i was really far away i tried to look back though got pushed down by Justin laughing. 

"stopppp st-stoppp" I managed to get out whilst he was tickling me. 

"say you're sorry" i said continuing to tickle her. 

"so-o s-s--orry!!!" She screamed, i stopped and just smiled at her still sitting on top off her holding her harms down, until someone interrupted us. 

"ahem" she said looking down at us in an annoyed tone. 

*A/N... okay so this isn't even good but i wana know what you guys think... so please read and comment your opinion... thanks.*

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