It's always been her.

Justin and Aubrey have been friends since the first year of high school but never really been more than friends. Although they did share that one kiss at they're school dance just before he left to go to Atlanta and be who he is today. Justin Bieber. Do they become a thing? Who knows read and find out:)


12. New person?

"Justin these are amazing" i said grabbing him into a bear hug.

"All for my princess" he smothered my back.

"I love them thank you"

"And i love you" The way he said this almost sounded as if he meant it, well of course he meant it but not in the way i wanted. I wanted him to mean it as if i were the only person he has ever loved apart from his mum. Honestly because that's how im starting to love him. More than anything or anyone. I know i shouldn't but he just blows my mind away every time i look at him, he is just everything anyone could ever wish for.

"I mean that" he said and kissed my nose.

The rest of the night insisted of eating laughing and cuddling. Best. Birthday. Ever.

*end of recap*


The rest of the holiday went pretty smoothly, everyone enjoyed themselves and Justin and Aubrey were never apart. Obviously that made jacque jealous but she had to deal with it besides she was his girlfriend after all and not her and she trusts Justin. 

Their holiday lasted another 3 weeks and they all went back to their normal lifes. 
Aubrey went back home with Ryan and Chaz and Justin went back on tour. Its been a month since their holiday and Justin speaks to Aubrey most days. Aubrey works in a day care and babysits most nights with Chaz. It was all going smoothly for them and they had just started to enjoy their lives even more. However Justin and Jacque have been apart for a longer period of time and their relationship doesn't seem like a relationship anymore. 

*Aubrey's P.O.V* (point of view)

"Bye Jake, see you next week!" Aubrey said waving to a little boy who she had just baby sat.
"woah, he was a handful" she said to no one but her self. 

Her phone started ringing as she picked it up she noticed Justin was calling. Instantly she picked the phone up and answered.

"Aubrey! Hey i-i just wanted to talk. So-so how are you?"  Justin replied with a stutter. Is he crying?

"Justin are you okay?" 
"I broke up with Jacque" 
"wait what?" "why?"
"She has been quite distant lately and she found out about a secret of mine which i wont tell you so dont ask about it please." 
"o-kayy? but i saw in the magazine the other day and you were both very lovey dovey you know?" 
"We were putting it on i mean we have been for the last month because feelings have changed. Well mine have anyway." 
 "So thats it you and her are finished for good?" 
"I dont know yet but i just wanted to tell you because well i dont know really, "
"well okay but im not sure what I can do if your upset because im in Canada and well your in... where are you?" 
"well your in Canada so theres no way we can--- Wait what? where!?"
"ha, at Chaz' come over poo face" 
"OKAY"  she says excitedly and puts her phone down to go get her shoes on. 

Half an hour had passed and AUbrey was at Chaz's house and her, Justin, Cahz and Ryan were all seated in the living room catching up.

"So guys, i met this guy and he-"

"You met a guy? who is he?  wheres he from? how old is he? is he your boyfriend? what happened? tell us!" Justin questioned.

"chill out, he's a guy from the day care and brother of one of the children i work with, he asked for my number but i kind of played him off saying that i wasn't interested but instead of listening to me he did the exact opposite and put his number in my pocket" she said rushing so no one could interrupt her. "Shall i ring him?"

"How long have you had the number for?" Chaz questioned.

"A week, maybe 6 days?" 

"A WEEK? DUDE" Ryan cried out. "He's obviously realised that you wont ever call because the girls usually call after a day not even that" 

"firstly im not a dude and secondly woah Ryan your sounding like a girl?" she laughed. "He hasn't picked his little sister up any longer its always her cousin" 

"He is obviously avoiding the pick up then, because you rejected him, twice" Chaz stated. 

"oh well, shall i still call saying i hadn't found the paper yet?" 

"Yeah lets see what douche thinks can get hold of our bree" Ryan said crossing his arms.

"haha okay" 

She pulled the piece of paper out from her jacket and dialled it in her phone, after a few seconds she pressed the call button. 

"it's ringing"  she whispered all giddly.
"put it on loudspeaker!!" Chaz hissed.

After she hit loud speaker only one more ring rang through and a voice spoke through. 

Immediately Aubrey panicked and through her phone at Chaz. "You do it!" 
"No you!" 

"Fine Ryan  do it" she said and Chaz through the phone to Ryan. "No stop being a chicken" 
he said throwing it back. 
"hello??" there it was again that voice. 

Huffing she realised she had to do it sooner or later. 
She placed the phone to her ear and answered. 

"errr, hi" 

"whose this cutie?" 

Her cheeks flushed a red. "It's err, its Aubrey from the day care" 

"Ahh,it took you long enough to find my number didn't it?"

"yeah, ha-ha"

"So what brought you to call me?" 

"well i was er i was mysterious of course"

"or you thought that you would try and give me another chance?"

"well i er-ier, maybe" 

"Thought so, well how about tomorrow at 12noon meet me at the cafe opposite the day care?"

"er, sure that's my lunch break" 



"see you there sweetie"

"yep, see you there too sweetie... i mean er no not sweetie I er didnt, i er-"

He chuckled. "Don't worry, i understand the nerves of talking to a guy lik me getting the best of you huh?" he teased.


He started laughing at her bluntness. 

"I mean, maybe" 

"I know, well see you tomorrow cupcake"

"If im a cupcake i want to be chocolate" she muttered


"Oh er nevermind" she panicked and of course soon enough her cheeks were flushed a deep shade of red."BYE" she shouted and hung up holding her phone to her chest breathing slightly heavier. 

All three boys laughed out loud which earned a glare from Aubrey. 

"Do you want to be double or triple chocolate ey bree? Chaz teased nudging her. 

"Shut up" she said sinking in to her seat.

"I dont trust him" Justin said causing everyone laughter to die down.

"what, why?"

"he makes you sound desperate, which of course he is."

"You dont even know him"

"neither do you" 

"which is what the date is for" 

"but i dont want you going too because he doesnt seem like a good guy, i mean what guy is fine with being rejected twice and then a week after making a move, called back?" he huffed. "It doesnt add up"

"Im still going" 

"no your not"

"well its not your choice" she said as her eyebrows rose. 

"dude, he sounds alright i mean we could always send one of us to go with her"  Ryan stated

"No i dont want to have one of your sitting with me at my date with...him" she said sitting up.

"See you dont even know his name, your not going and thats it" Justin replied shaking his head.

"I am and you can't stop me"

"I can"

"Just because relationships dont work out for you! for example Selena AND Jacque. stop trying to ruin mine" she spat. 

"whatever" He said shocked that she brought up his break up and with that he got up and walked out.

Aubrey knew that was a dick move but still didn't go after to apologise. Instead she turned the TV up louder.

Ryan and Chaz exchanged a few glances until Ryan got up to go after Justin and Chaz moved closer to Aubrey to talk.

---*so sorry for making you guys wait so long for an update!! It was rubbish i know sorry*---

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