It's always been her.

Justin and Aubrey have been friends since the first year of high school but never really been more than friends. Although they did share that one kiss at they're school dance just before he left to go to Atlanta and be who he is today. Justin Bieber. Do they become a thing? Who knows read and find out:)


9. Exciting birthday.


As I was finishing to open what they all got me and even Jacque got me something wow, I said thank you to everyone but Justin yet hadn't said happy birthday to me, or even got me a card. I don't care about the present I just want a greeting after all he's my best friend.

He had guilt written across his face so i knew he had forgotten. Wow that really hurt my feelings.

"H-happy birthday bree" he said with a slight smile. 

"t-thanks" i said gulping, tears threatening to fall. I excused myself and made an excuse that I was putting everything in my room but that was useless they all knew me too well, and gave me an apologetic smile to do so. 

What a way to start my birthday. Thanks Justin. 

*end of recap* 


*Aubrey's point of view*

I was currently sat lying in my room, thinking. It wasn't good thoughts at all. I kept thinking on why am I even on this trip with someone who doesn't even want me here, i mean come on, he forgot my birthday, I thought he would be the first person to remember my birthday but to be honest, during the little commotion earlier i had clearly forgotten aswell thanks to Sammie she reminded me.

My mum had phoned me and well my dad he passed away when i was 14, Justin was there for me though so i was fine. He has been my best friend since we were practically two. My mum and his mum were really close especially because they both were pregnant teens. Ever since me and Justin have been the best of friends. Well i thought that until he forgot my birthday and chose his girlfriend over me, yes i know that could sound selfish but once i broke up with my boyfriend because he wasn't good enough for me... but i've always thought there was more to that story and he just wasn't telling me. eh. 

Once again i was knocked out of my thought due to my other three best friends  walking in with 'sorry' looks on their faces. Great just what I needed, to be reminded of Justin forgetting my birthday. 

"Bree, are you okay?" Sammie asked me slowly. 

"Yeah, i guess, I'm just taking it harder than i normally would of because of the way he's been acting lately. I will be fine though i P-promise" I said nearly breaking at the last word. 

They obviously being my best friends knew that. 

"don't cry or worry about him Bree, He's just probably overlapped with everything else going on lately, like with him being in the media and you ignoring him because of Jacque but dont take it to heart because you still have us" Ryan said to me. 

"I dont know, i guess it's hard because we've been best friends for years! Literally and knowing he doesn't care about our friend ship anymore. Or my birthday obviously but oh well i will get over it eventually" I sighed.

"well it is your birthday after all and you do still need to have fun instead of moping in here all day so get your little ass up and ready because were going to a beach party and no you cant say no" Chaz stated firmly.

"Thanks Chaz you made me feel tons better" i said sarcastically. 

But Chaz being Chaz thinks i was serious. 

"No problem bree! Always here to help" he replied with a big cheery smile on his face. This made me laugh, oh i do love this boy. 

" ok ok you both leave let us get ready..." Sammie said shooing the boys out. 

"See you downstairs" they both agreed. 


Once we got ready we headed downstairs to meet everyone else, I decided to put everything that happened earlier behind us and just focus on today because well ITS MY BIRTHDAY after all. 

me and Sammie both wore these

The bikini im wearing is apart of what Sammie got for my birthday, of course. 

We both walked down the stairs and stopped infront of everyone to check if we were good to go. 

"Wheres justin?" Sammie asked. Thank god because i most certainly wasn't. 

"He said he's busy or something" Lil Za shrugged. Oh well then, that will make today go swell. 


Once we arrived at the beach party I went straight over to the bar and grabbed my birthday drink which consisted of everything. Sammie insisted i did, of course i wasn't going to be a bummer and i did. 

The further on in the day and I have only had 2 drinks, including my birthday drink, i dont know i just didn't feel like drinking. Don't ask. 

Justin still wasn't here though and I was actually starting to worry about him, damn stop thinking about him your supposed to be mad at him! I know but i just love him so much i cant stay mad at him for that long! Well news flash he forgot your birthday and chose his girlfriend over you.

The voices in my head were arguing again, they always do that. 

My thoughts were stopped once i saw someone heading over to me. Boys were trying to flirt with me all night and some even trying to dance with me but i rejected them because i didnt feel like it.

The person walking towards me started becoming clearer. It was Justin, damn shoot what do i say?

"Listen Bree i know your probably mad but i need to show you something please, I dont want us to carry on fighting"He said fast.

"Justin.." I said looking around until i noticed something very unusual. Sam.

"what?" Justin said looking towards the direction i was looking at. I quickly covered his eyes, and tried re-directing him to another place but he was too strong for me and removed my hand and caught a glimpse of what I had saw.

Sam and another girl. Dry humping.

"That little...-" he started off. 

"Leave it Justin, come on" I said but he was taking none of it.

"No, i cant leave it" He said dragging me towards the boy. 

"Ahem," he pretended to cough loud enough for him to hear over the music. 

He looked up with wide eyes. I looked down. "Look.." 

"Save it" I said... 

"Sammyy baby who is this?" The girl said in an unattractive voice.

"Just a friend" he said smiling nervously. 

"Just a friend? You nearly fucked her last night, and you were kissing her this morning so how is she 'just a friend'"Justin replied getting angrier word by word. 

"You fucked her!?" The girl squirmed. 

"No no no I wouldnt touch that!" he panicked. 

"EXCUSE ME!?" i heard from behind me. "That!? She has a name" Chaz and Ryan and Sammie were here now great.

 "Guys can we just go its not really a way of celebrating my birthday" I claimed. 

"Yeah, sure" Sammie said glaring at Sam.

"I-its your birthday?" He asked. I nodded. "Happy birthday, and sorry i was too drunk to realise last night"he said apologetically. 

"Too drunk? yeah right, you were sober enough to strip me naked, but thankfully you didnt fuck me" I said walking away until i heard a thump. Justin had punched him. Ouch. 

I dragged Justin away. "He's not worth it"

"He used you"

"Yeah and you left and forgot about me so i guess your both the same in some way" I said grumpily. Shoot that wasn't supposed to come out. 

"Bree..., look I would explain but i cant so what i was saying until that trash was caught red-handed... follow me i need to show you something..." He said leading me off the beach. Just us two.  Had he forgotten about Jacque? 


--A/N, heyy guys so i updated..  hope you like it... dont forget to share the story and comment if you want more!!--- 

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