It's always been her.

Justin and Aubrey have been friends since the first year of high school but never really been more than friends. Although they did share that one kiss at they're school dance just before he left to go to Atlanta and be who he is today. Justin Bieber. Do they become a thing? Who knows read and find out:)


2. awkward.


"say you're sorry" i said continuing to tickle her. 

"so-o s-s--orry!!!" She screamed, i stopped and just smiled at her still sitting on top off her holding her harms down, until someone interrupted us. 

"ahem" she said looking down at us in an annoyed tone. 


*Justin's p.o.v*

"h-hey, whats up?" Justin asked as she looked down at them both.

"what's up?! Justin you are all over another girl!!" she squealed back. 

"no, no its not what you think it looks like, trust me" he replied shaky.

"Then what is it? hey? so do you normally flirt with other girls on the beach and fall on top of them!?" she asked annoyed.

"you are over reacting" he said getting up from Aubrey. 

"How am i over reacting? you just started flirting with her infront of my own eyes!! I SAW YOU!" she yelled the last three words, and tried to storm off but Justin caught her arm. 

"Don't yell at me then run off and try to make me feel guilty about something i didn't do? Aubrey is MY BEST FRIEND not just some random girl, i wouldn't dare cheat on you whilst you are there" he said back raising his voice.

"So you would if i wasn't there?" she replied.

"Oh lord, he didn't say that so stop over reacting and shut the hell up" Aubrey butted in, as she was getting annoyed of her squeaky voice.

"who asked you to speak? not me so shut it" Jacque said. 

"Don't talk to her like that, she's done nothing wrong!" Justin stuck up for Aubrey. 

"protecting her now are we? for god sake Justin make your mind up" jacque huffed. 

"fine, you believe what you want, but just incase you forgot, i'm your boyfriend and i wouldn't lie to you, so maybe you should learn how to trust me" he replied walking off, pulling Aubrey along. 

"Justin, maybe you should go talk to her, i don't want to break you guys apart" Aubrey tried getting through to Justin. 

"No, she needs to learn how to trust me, and realise that you're my best friend of course i'm going to mess around with you, it's what friends do" Justin replied taking Aubreys hand in his. "don't think this is your fault because it's not, it's her's jumping to conclusions.

"well, when you put it like that..." she laughed.

"Let's go to Fredo and all them" Justin laughed.


It's been nearly a whole day since Justin and Jacque had that little argument and not one of them has spoken to one another. Aubrey has been begging Justin to go to her but he wont listen so she just gives up. Right now they are getting ready to go to a club.

"I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!!" Aubrey screamed whilst throwing her clothes on to the floor. "ooh, this is cuteeee" Aubrey said once she spotted a black poka dot print dress. She picked out her highest black ankle boots and put them to the side, then she went into the bathroom and done her hair and make up. Her hair was put in big curly waves and her make up was just right, not too much or not too less. Once she was done with her hair and make up she got dressed.

As on time she got a knock at the door. 

"Aubrey you ready?" Chaz asked.

Aubrey opened the door with a huge smile on her face. "yes, i finally am" 

"w-wow Aubrey you look, good" Chaz stuttered causing Aubrey to laugh. Normally Aubrey would blush but Chaz doesn't have that affect on her, no one but Justin. 

"Thanks haha, lets gooo" she said dragging Chaz out the door. Towards everyone who has been waiting. 

Everyone looked up towards the stairs which Aubrey and Chaz were walking down apart from Justin who was currently on his phone. Although once they reached the bottom of the steps right infront of Justin, he looked up, his eyes were popping out of his head, a smile was gleaming through, as he managed to say "W-o-wow" 

"That's what i said" Chaz said causing everyone to laugh apart from Jacque of course. 

"No seriously, you look, beautiful" Justin said as if it was a matter of fact causing Aubrey to blush this time. A lot. 

"err, thanks i guess" she said laughing slightly. "you look pretty handsome yourself" 

"well, i do try" he said plucking his collar of his white shirt which was untucked from his black jeans and black supras, with a black jacket on top.  Aubrey laughed. 

Jacque interrupted this moment which she didn't want to see. "Shall we go then?" it came out agitated causing Justin to give her a weird look. 

"yeah let's go," Fredo said cheering his way out of the door ready to party. 

Justin linked arms with Aubrey whilst Jacque walked behind on her own. Lately she has been feeling on her own so it didn't surprise her that she was walking on her own, but knowing her boyfriend is linking arms with another girl upset her to the point a tear had fallen from her eye. 

"Supp chica?" Chaz nudged Jacque after noticing her mood. 

"Nothing" she replied bluntly and walked straight passed into the car. 

On the way to the club Justin and Jacque had actually spoken, which made Jacque a bit more happier. Although it was only a slight 'hello are you okay good, love you' kind of talk. However what she didn't realise is he didn't love her, like he though he did. 

Time flew passed as they set foot into the club, Aubrey went straight to the dance floor along side Ryan and Chaz. Justin and Fredo were at the bar watching whilst Jacque was in the toilets. 

"dude stop staring and go dance with her already" Fredo said pointing towards Aubrey. 

"no i don't want Jacque thinking anything else" 

"what you don't want her think the truth?" 


"dude i can see it in your eyes, you've been in love with Aubrey for ages, and when you asked out Jacque i was mind blown but then i realised its because you didn't think you had a chance with her and all your feelings would soon go away" Fredo said looking straight at Justin.

"How-how what?" Justin replied a little confused.

"i heard you on the phone to your mom." you need to learn to be a little bit quieter. 

"don't tell Jacque.... please" Justin begged.

"dude why don't you just break up with her?" 

"be-because i'm not sure whether i have feelings for her or not, i mean yeah she reallllly pissed me off today thinking that i was flirting with Aubrey when we do that all the time, i mean she's my best friend, it was okay you know when i was dating Selena, but Jacque doesn't understand i mean, what will she say when i start flirting with my fans, you know, i have always flirted but now i'm with her she won't let me, i'm forbidden" 

"i dont see the what the problem is?, the only problem is you are leading Jacque on, and i know that you have no feelings for her or else you wouldn't look at Aubrey the way you do, you called her beautiful as soon as she came into your sight, but when Jacque did all you did was smile awkwardly, you need to choose" 

"but, Aubrey don't like me in that way?" Justin replied taken back to what fredo has said.

"Yep, and you don't like jacque in that way and you're still going out with her"

Not realising that Jacque was standing right next to them and heard everything. 

"I still like Jacque i mean she's a sweet girl an all, but she's, she's not..." 

"she's not Aubrey" Fredo finished for him. 

"Yeah, i don't know man, i'm messed up" 

By then Jacque was confused, does he like her or does he not? Thats when she decided to step in. 

"h-hey" she smiled weakly. 

"oh hi" Justin replied, wondering if she heard anything. 

"Wanna dance?" she asked. 

"erm, yeah okay" he looked back at Fredo whilst walking off, not knowing what to do. Fredo just stood there eyes wide open. When he realised he was on his own and decided to join. 

As they were dancing Jacque decided to start grinding on Justin causing everyone to stare.

"you go girl,"Za cheered. 

Aubrey just stared not knowing what to do when a boy around her age came up to her. A very good looking one too. 

"hey, wanna dance?" he asked.

"erm, yeah sure" she replied smiling. 

They both started dancing to the music and as it continued, she started grinding against him, causing Justin to stare with hurt in his eyes. 

"Justy" Jacque squealed.

"um, yeah hunny"

"kiss me" 

and with that Jacque forced herself upon her toes and kissed him with force, wanting to make Justin feel lust, but instead he felt sick, he didn't like her, the girl he liked was dancing with another man, when it should be him she's dancing with. 

As they released from the kiss, Justin didn't know what to do but to smile, he didn't want to hurt her yet he didn't want to lead her on. 

Everyone continued dancing and then suddenly the night came to an end and Aubrey was very drunk, as she gave her number over to her new friend. Already had forgotten his name. 


They all stumbled out of the into the house, Aubrey attached to Fredo. 

"woooooahahaoowowowowow" Aubrey made weird noises due to all the alcohol in her system, causing everyone to laugh. 

"Let's get you to bed" Fredo said laughing.

"I'll do it" justin said grabbing on to Aubrey. 

"You sure man?"


With that they all went upstairs to bed whilst Justin and Aubrey were in the kitchen getting a glass of water. 

"Thanks j" Aubrey slurred. 

"it's fine Bree" justin replied laughed at her drunkness. 

"where's the bed?" she asked confused whilst looking around.

"It's upstairs, c'mon let me get you to it" 

"mm,kay" she said reaching out for him to pick her up. 

He laughed at her.

Once they made it upstairs he set her on the bed whilst he took off her shoes. "err, are you going to put your pyjamas on?" he asked. 

"well, i don't know" she asked slurring her words. 

"I will get them" he said reaching towards her draws with her pyjamas in, he grabbed a pair of shorts and a top. "Here" he said handing them to her. 

"i dont want them" she replied chucking them at him.

"you have to you will be uncomfortable in that" he laughed.

"you do it then" 

"i- i- fine"

He walked towards her, standing her up he reached the zipper and unzipped the dress. "arms up" he said, she giggled. He pulled the dress over her head, couldn't help but smile at her cuteness. he sat her back down and pulled on her shorts and then put her top on, lying her down and pulling the blanket over her body, she laughed at him. 

"what??" he laughed back. 

"you're funny" she said pointing at him.

"i havent done anything?" he said sitting down smiling at her. 

"you have hahahahahah blah booooooooooop" she replied making some more weird noises. 

"what are you doing?" he asked laughing,staring straight into her eyes as she sat up she stared back into his. 

"have i ever told you that your eyes are beautiful" Although she was drunk he still managed to make her blush. "You are beautiful" he stated as a matter of fact. All she did was smile and blush. 

After staring into each other eyes for about 10 minutes they both started to lean in and as their lips reached they had the most passionate kiss ever, filled with love and lust. She grabbed the back of his neck and he grabbed her cheeks tenderly pulling her closer, making the kiss deeper. 

As they both pulled out both of their faces erupted into big smiles. 

"you have no idea how long i have wanted to do that" he stated.

"Me too" she replied smiling wider than ever.


*soo, i hope you liked it! comment for more*


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