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Amelia is fourteen. She has a broken past and she's been severely abused (emotionally and physically) by her stepfather. The only thing that keeps her alive is her love for One Direction. When her stepfather gets taken away and she begins to live in an orphanage, she realizes that her awful past is behind her, but she's still emotionally scarred. And when she hears that she's going to get adopted by none other than One Direction, her five idols, her life takes an interesting turn for the better... but what happens when her evil stepfather escapes from prison? Read on to find out :)



5. Take Me Home

Chapter Five

*Amelia's POV*

Have you ever been in shock? Where everything is just spinning around you and it doesn't feel real, like it's all a dream? That's what I was feeling right now, only multiplied by like a thousand. I couldn't believe I was actually saved by my five idols. Why would this happen to me? In all my fourteen years of life, nothing as amazing as this has ever happened. I felt like I was watching a movie, like this wasn't actually my life. 

I sat there in the nurse's office, an ice pack on my stomach. Sitting on five chairs across from me was One Direction.

The other two belonged to Perrie, Zayn's girlfriend, and Eleanor, Louis' girlfriend.

Was this really happening?

They all stared at me. I blinked to make sure I wasn't really hallucinating. But there they were, in all their glory and perfection. 

Harry had his hands to his mouth, looking me over with something resembling uncertainty in his eyes. Niall cocked his head to the side like a little puppy. Zayn studied me quietly, nodding his head slowly. Liam smiled softly at me. And Louis waved at me, cradling his chin in his other hand. 

I realized that I had yet to speak. Oh, God. What was I supposed to say in front of One Direction? After I'd just gotten beat up and made a total fool of myself? They probably didn't want me. They probably just took me in here to make fun of me and reject me, like everyone else has. 

Louis smirked and shared a glance with the rest of the boys. "You gonna speak, or...?" he teased lightly, and it was obvious in his eyes he wasn't trying to be mean, just trying to ease that awkwardness a bit. 

The girls laughed softly, and the other guys giggled too. Niall smiled at me. "We don't bite," he assured me in his thick Irish accent. 

"Well, everyone knows Louis does," joked Zayn. Everyone laughed, and even I cracked a smile. Louis pretended to be angry and he crossed his arms.

"I see how it is," he teased, sticking his nose up in the air. I giggled a little behind my hands, feeling a little bit better. 

"And she utters a sound!" Niall threw his hands up in the air in rejoice. 

"Come on Nialler, did you think she was mute?" Harry spoke up for the first time. He turned to me, his green eyes gentle. "I'm Harry Styles, obviously," he told me with a smirk. "And this is Liam, Niall, Zayn, Lou-" 

"I know who you are!" I suddenly blurted. They all turned to stare at me and then burst out laughing. I had no idea why this was funny, but I blushed and started to laugh too. 

"We figured," Liam said in between giggles. 

"You know what?" Eleanor said, pointing at me. She looked so pretty with her long wavy brown hair down and her makeup done naturally. "I like her. What's your name, love?"

"Umm...," I stammered, blanking a little. Shit, I forgot my name! Nice going. I meet my five idols and their girlfriends and suddenly I'm incapable of speech.

Everyone snickered, making me blush. I wanted to crawl inside a hole. "Take your time, love," Perrie spoke up. She also looked very pretty, with her dyed hair and fashionable makeup. Different from Eleanor, but still stunningly gorgeous. 

"Amelia," I suddenly remembered, crossing my arms over my chest and smiling shyly. "I'm Amelia." 

"Well, hello, Amelia," Niall chirped, winking at me. It wasn't a flirty gesture, it was more like he was trying to be friendly. "How old are you?"

"Fourteen," I answered, brushing my hair out of my eyes nervously.

"I love your hair," Perrie gushed, walking over to me and running her hands through my blonde, dip-dyed layers.

"T-thanks," I immediately stiffened, looking at the ground. My heart raced. I hated it when people touched me, after what my step dad had done so long ago. I tried not to let my emotions show on my face, but as the horrible things my stepfather had done to me flashed before my eyes, I couldn't help but wince and inch away from her touch. 

Perrie and the others seemed to sense this, and they all shared glances with each other. Shame immediately engulfed me and I suddenly felt like crying. My face burned as I blinked back the tears. Who am I kidding, One Direction wasn't going to adopt me. No one would want me. 

Louis broke the uncomfortable silence. "So, what do you like to do for fun, Amelia?" he asked, leaning back in his chair and studying me again. 

"Um...," I bit my lip, trying to steady my voice. "Well, I like to sing and play guitar -"

"What songs?" Harry asked. 

I smiled sheepishly. "Um... this is going to sound weird, but... I like to sing you guys' songs," I immediately bit my tongue, knowing what I said was stupid. I didn't want to seem like a crazed fan or anything. 

But all of them just laughed.

"Hey, that's not weird," Zayn told me, running his fingers through his perfectly styled hair.

"No, not really," agreed Liam.

"Yeah, our music is pretty great," Louis joked. 

"You guys are ridiculous," Niall rolled his eyes and turned to me. "So who's your favorite guy?"

My eyes widened. "Umm...," I giggled softly. "I don't have one."

"Nonsense," Harry scoffed.

"Pick me," Louis coughed in a not-so-discreet manner.

"I'm better," Harry coughed too. 

I couldn't help but laugh. And the funny thing about it, was that joking with these five guys and their girlfriends, I suddenly felt more at home than I'd ever thought I would be. It was like a broken part of me was slowly becoming repaired. And it was the first time in forever that I'd actually genuinely smiled. Being with these people just lifted my spirits up, no matter whether they were in a famous boy band or not. 

*Louis POV*

I knew she was the one we were taking home without any doubt even before we spoke to her. I told the lads before she came in not to ask her about her past because she seemed kind of fragile. Amelia was shy at first, and when Perrie tried to touch her hair she flinched away. I didn't know what her past was like and none of us asked her. We just stuck to the simple questions, joking around and having a laugh like we usually did, trying to put her with ease. After a while she relaxed and we saw the fun part of her. She was a little sassy just like me - actually she had a lot of qualities that were in all of us. She was a bit charming like Harry, sort of mysterious like Zayn, sensible like Liam, and playful like Niall. She had some of the girl's qualities to her too; Eleanor's kindness and Perrie's fashionable traits. It was almost like it was meant to be, and I knew she was going to get along with everybody. I really liked this girl. I didn't know about her past, but I knew that no matter what happened, we'd all treat her right. Like a family. We'd finally found the right girl. 

The time flew by as we continued to interview her. Before we all knew it, the time was up. I exchanged glances with all the lads and Eleanor and Perrie, knowing that this was the time to ask Amelia the question. I'd already had the conversation with the guys, and we'd agreed that Amelia was the one for us. 

Here goes nothing.

"So, Amelia, we were wondering..." 

"Yeah?" she questioned, smiling a little. 

"Do you want to come live with us?" Liam questioned. 

We all stared at her as she squirmed in her seat, obviously thinking. 

"Pretty please?" Niall pleaded. 

Amelia smiled a little, but her eyes were hesitant. 

"Come on," Eleanor begged. 














"Okay," she said finally, grinning wide. Her eyes sparkled with genuine happiness. "That'd be awesome." 

The room erupted in cheers. The next hour was a blur of paperwork and packing. Finally, it was time to take our new daughter home.

I never thought I'd say this about adopting a kid, actually I never thought I'd adopt a kid at all... but I couldn't wait for the fun to begin.

We were going to make sure that Amelia never got hurt again.



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