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Amelia is fourteen. She has a broken past and she's been severely abused (emotionally and physically) by her stepfather. The only thing that keeps her alive is her love for One Direction. When her stepfather gets taken away and she begins to live in an orphanage, she realizes that her awful past is behind her, but she's still emotionally scarred. And when she hears that she's going to get adopted by none other than One Direction, her five idols, her life takes an interesting turn for the better... but what happens when her evil stepfather escapes from prison? Read on to find out :)



4. Somehow I Knew

A/n: Hey, it's Emma here! Two things. (I'll try to make this quick so we can get to the actual story.) I'm starting school tomorrow and I'll probably have a lot of homework, so I won't update as often. I'll still try though! Second thing: I've been reading your comments for who should play Harry, Liam, and Niall's girlfriend in the story. I want to wait and see who else might want to play them, and that way I have a bigger variety so it's more of a competition. Just put your name, appearance, description, and what guy you want. You know the drill! -xoxo, Emma 


Chapter Four

*Louis POV*

As soon as we entered the orphanage, the lady at the front desk called all girls 12-16 downstairs to the interviewing room on the intercom. Me, the lads, Eleanor, and Perrie waited in the waiting room for everyone to arrive. Eleanor sat beside me and snuggled into my shoulder. I stroked her brown hair and kissed the top of her head. 

"What if we don't find anyone here?" she asked, her eyes worried.

I chuckled, confused. "Why the sudden lack in confidence?" 

"I don't know," she shrugs and smiles. "I... I just want everything to be perfect." 

"I promise you, everything will," I told her, and we kissed softly. The other lads said "awww" in unison, and we smiled.

Then all hell broke loose.

A girl, about twelve years old, was walking by the waiting room when she spotted us. Her eyes widened and her mouth dropped to the floor. This was the usual fan reaction.

"Y-you... you're... you... you're-"

We all exchanged glances, thinking the same thing.

"Please don't say it," Zayn begged. 

"ONE DIRECTION!!!" she screamed at the top of her lungs. She turned and ran into the crowd of girls waiting to be interviewed by us. "OH MY GOSH! YOU GUYS! IT'S 1D! THEY'RE HERE TO ADOPT ONE OF US!!!" 

Don't get me wrong. Me and the lads, we love our jobs. We love inspiring people and making their days brighter when they hear us singing. Most of the time. Sometimes it's hard, being in the spotlight, especially when you're just doing things that people who aren't even famous do every day. Okay, so most people didn't adopt kids every day. That would be crazy. 

But what I'm saying is, sometimes I feel like me and the lads (and Eleanor and Perrie, of course) just need a break from being famous. Not that we'll ever do it of course, because we love what we do. But it's just that feeling of wanting to be a normal lad again, just five guys and their two girlfriends just hanging out. Or in this case, adopting a kid.

But I have to say. If I was a girl, or still a boy even, if my favorite band or celebrity wanted to adopt me, I'd get pretty excited too.

Just not... this excited.

But we are One Direction, after all.

Immediately the room outside of the waiting room erupted in chaos, chatter, and girly screams. 

"Oh, come on!" Zayn groaned, putting his head in his hands. 

"I knew it was going to be like this," Harry muttered, running his fingers through his curls. 

"Guys! Come on, seriously? It's the perks of being famous! You have to deal with it!" Perrie cried.

"Yeah, but most likely everyone here is going to be a crazed fan," Niall pointed out. 

"Not everyone," I argued, squeezing Eleanor's hand, who looked discouraged. I didn't know why. We had to deal with situations like these every day, being bombarded by fans. I think she really wanted to adopt a kid. But not a crazed fan of us. Someone who knew who we were, but didn't mind that we were famous.

"I agree with Boobear. Give this place a chance," Liam said. "There has to be one girl that doesn't mind that we're... well, the biggest boyband in the United States and UK at the moment."

"This is gonna be a long day," Harry complained, rubbing the sides of his temples like he had a headache. 

 *Harry POV*

I wasn't upset about the fans. I love the fans. I deal with them every day, so it's not a big deal. What I was really upset about was something personal.

I didn't want to adopt this child. 

I liked kids okay. I have an older sister, Gemma, but no younger siblings. Growing up I had cousins that my family sort of shoved in my face and made me play with. But it wasn't even about my experience or lack of with kids either that made me unenthusiastic to the idea. And it's not that I want the boys to myself.

Okay, it sort of was. That and something else. Something I haven't even told the boys about yet. Not even Louis. I've been trying to pretend like I'm excited about the girl we're going to adopt like everyone else, but really it's just another thing added to my plate. 

Okay, I'm just going to say it. I'm still coming to terms with this.

Last night my ex (who I still have feelings for) called me. We ended things because her father didn't like that she was dating a famous person. She was crying and upset, and my fears immediately turned out to be true. 

My ex is pregnant.

With my child. 

*Louis POV*

Harry's been acting so weird lately. Usually he's joining in on our laughter and making jokes of his own. But all of a sudden he's just kind of quiet and moody. I hope he's okay. I suppose he had something to tell us, and I told the other boys and the girls (who noticed too) that he'd tell us when he was ready. But I don't like seeing him this way. He's one of my best mates, and it just brings me down when he's down.

Anyway, I wasn't really focusing on that because we were busy getting ready to interview the girls. Eleanor's eyes danced, and she looked so excited. I knew she was thinking about the fact that she was going to be the closest thing to a mom the girl had. I was happy for her, because I was going to be the dad. Even if we weren't married or even engaged. 

But I wanted that to change. I bit my lip. I was still nervous about it though.

Here's a confession: I already bought the ring...

Okay! Lou! Seriously! Focus!

*Eleanor POV*

I'm nervous, excited, and happy at the same time. I really want the best for this child, whoever she turns out to be. We'll find a girl, I know we will. Someone that fits with all of us. I want this to be perfect.

Lou kept squeezing my hand and kissing me on the cheek. I knew he was excited too. He seemed a bit jumpy, too, not like his usual self. I suppose that it's just from the whole aspect of this. We're actually doing it, we're adopting a kid, even if it was by Simon's orders. It seemed so fun, yet it was totally stressful. 

The first girl walked in, and Lou and I shared a smile. She was skinny and had long, straight brown hair, an angular face, and a bracelet that said I love British Boys on it.

"I don't like her," Niall grumbled under his breath, mad that her bracelet was excluding his Irishness. Harry, Perrie, Zayn, and Liam chuckled. Louis and I exchanged glances and helpless shrugs. 

"What's your name, love?" Louis asked the girl.

"Katie," the girl replied. Her voice was strong and very confident. She smirked slightly as she studied all of us, and we did the same. "I love your band," she said, but I wasn't sure if she meant it. She had this look in her eyes that was kind of condescending. 

Louis, Perrie, and the rest of the boys all continued to ask her questions, and occasionally she would sass at us. When Niall asked her what her favorite color was, she completely ignored him and focused on Harry instead. She kept on staring at him the entire time, and I could tell Harry was a bit freaked out. This girl had eyes that were way too blue. When she was finished and left the room, we all let out a breath.

"Okay, that girl was getting on my last nerve," Perrie spoke up.

"I didn't like her either," I confessed.

"She was really, very annoying," Louis agreed. "So? We all vote "no" on creepy condescending porcelain doll girl?" 

"Yup," Liam and Zayn said at the same time.

"Uh, yeah," Harry said. 

"Bloody hell yes," Niall cried. 

"Then it's settled," Liam said. "One down, quite a few more to go."

*Louis POV*

~one hour later~

Dear God.

I never knew interviewing young girls would be this hard. 

The girls that aren't hardcore, crazed fans that can't even speak to us without screaming and fangirling, are just plain rude and cheeky. That's basically the two categories you can separate the girls into so far. And not the funny kind of rude and cheeky- speaking your mind and saying what you think when the time's right, like I am. I'm talking about just plain rude. Awful all the time. That's basically what half of these girls are. And the other half... the other half are screaming our names like we're at a concert or something. 

The boys are getting tired and frustrated, and to be completely honest, so am I. Eleanor and Perrie, especially Eleanor, are getting upset and discouraged. Eleanor almost looks like she's about to cry. There's other orphanages, but I think she was hoping that fate would work out and she'd meet a girl we all liked that was perfect for us. Judging by the way things have looked this past hour, I don't think that's going to happen.

And judging by the way Eleanor seems so sad, I can tell she really, really wants it to.

To be completely honest...

So do I.

In between like our twenty eighth interview (Zayn was keeping count because the rest of it lost it long ago) I leaned in to kiss Eleanor on the cheek. She tried to smile, but I could tell she was upset. Really upset. She turned her head and whispered in my ear. 

"Can we talk somewhere in private? Alone?"

Her sad, light chestnut brown eyes studied me. There was something in them that made me want to hug and protect her. She was just as disappointed as me.

I nodded. "Of course, love," I said, smiling to show her it was still okay. "Hey, guys, we'll be back," I told the rest of the lads and Perrie. "Keep interviewing, okay?" 

They said they would, and we ducked out of the interviewing room and into an empty hallway to talk. She opened her mouth to speak and I brushed a lock of brown hair away from her face. 

"Do you think we'll ever-" she began.

I sighed. "We can't give up yet."

"I know, but all those girls... they just..,"

"There are other orphanages," I reminded her soothingly. "We'll find a cool girl to take home, someday, somewhere. It doesn't have to be today." 

Eleanor grew quiet. She stared at her feet and bit her lip, something she only did when she was either thinking about something hard or holding back something she had to say. 

"El? What is it?" I questioned, taking a finger and lifting her chin so I could look into her eyes. She sighed and looked away, crossing her arms over her chest.

What have I done wrong?

"Lou, I-" she began. All of a sudden we heard a sudden commotion from the main hall, from where the rest of the girls we hadn't interviewed yet were waiting. There was laughter, and a girl's yelling voice. It sounded like she was angry, as if she wanted to beat someone up. 

Then, we heard exactly what the crowd of girls were chanting.

"Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!"

Eleanor and I exchanged glances.

"Should we...?" she asked.

I've never really been the hero. But something was calling me to do this. I don't normally have a sixth sense, but I felt there was a reason I felt compelled to go over there and see what the bloody hell was going on.

"Get Perrie and the lads," I said. She nodded and raced back to the interviewing room. 

I knew the staff at the adoption center would probably do something about this. But let's face it. I was Louis Tomlinson from One Direction. I use my fame for good, not evil. And I knew those kids were going to listen to me. The other lads, too.

Not to sound conceited or anything, but most likely the girls would take one look in our direction and they'd probably stop misbehaving. 

That's just the way it was.

With the lads and the girls right behind me, I sauntered over to the lobby where the fight was taking place. I looked over the crowd.

And what I saw almost broke my heart. 

There was a tough, bitchy-looking girl with her hands in a fist, glaring at a very pretty girl with blonde "scene" style hair crumpled up on the ground.

The girl was crying and clutching her stomach, obviously in pain. Tears rolled down her cheeks and I could see in her eyes that it wasn't just physical pain that caused them. I could see the hurt in her eyes and somehow I just knew that she'd been hurt before. Maybe even abused.

Eleanor exchanged a glace with me. Her eyes were filled with tears for this girl. She could see the suffering in her eyes too.

But we both somehow knew she wasn't weak at all.

She'd just been strong for too long. 

I didn't know what came over me then. All of us. The lads looked sad for her too as she just continued to sob on the ground. It wasn't pity. Some of us connected with her, at least I did, in a way I couldn't explain.

I hadn't even talked to her yet and I already knew what a strong and beautiful person she was.


She seemed real, not fake like the other girls we'd interviewed had been.

Eleanor squeezed my hand. 

I couldn't take it anymore. I couldn't see this girl cry. It hurt my heart. So I yelled, "Hey! Break it up!"

Immediately everyone went completely silent. All you could hear was the girl silently sobbing. It was the saddest thing I'd ever seen. People parted the crowd for me and I made my way to the girl. 

"Here, let me help you," I said softly.

"No, I'm fine," she whispered, not looking up. 

"Love, please," I insisted, holding out my hand.

She looked up and I saw a beautiful face stained with tears. A face that you could tell had seen a lot in her few years of life. But her eyes were strong. 

They widened when they saw who was standing in front of her.

And I immediately knew, that those were the eyes of our future daughter.



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