forever in my heart

hi, my name is cassia , im 12 years old and live with my mum and dad

this is the story of how i discovered who i really was and where i really belonged . Not everyone can seem who they tell you they are as i find out

i really hope you enjoy my first movella and please become a fan


1. waking up to reality

"Cassia wake up , what's the answer to this question" I groaned as I slowly un-curled my self from my sleep. my eyes slowly focused on the board.

"miss what's the point of this, besides when will we ever have to use pie in life" I complained

" don't you dare use that attitude with me missy , GET OUT OF MY CLASS ROOM"

slowly I dragged my self of my seat and into the dirty grey corridor full of misery and depression. Bored, I started looking through my flower covered bag for my planner. I opened it up to discover I had some history homework due in tomorrow. *RING* sighs of relieve could be heard from every class room around me. Finally I can go home.


I pulled my laptop from under my bed and logged onto my account "come on hurry up" I said frantically pressing keys  , any moment now my mum (Vicky Thomson) and my dad (rob Thomson) would come in and see what I was up to. I typed my name into the plain white box "Cassia May Thomson" . some how I was egar to see my pass,  but I always felt I was different almost missing someone. I have always regretted reading this but I had to. I had to know who I really was

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