forever in my heart

hi, my name is cassia , im 12 years old and live with my mum and dad

this is the story of how i discovered who i really was and where i really belonged . Not everyone can seem who they tell you they are as i find out

i really hope you enjoy my first movella and please become a fan


8. Home sweet home

The car pulled up and old muddy brown drive way, i winded up my window and got out .

*bleep* my phone went off , ignoring it i stepped into the house , everything thing in there was full of life. She went to the kitchen to grabs some drinks. Looking around something caught my attention at the corner of my eye. I headed over  and picked up an old photo . I froze , just staring at the photo until a hot sticky breath made me move again.

" That was me and my ex-husband (divorced you don't need to know that story)  with Luke and my daughter " Emily said

" doesn't your daughter go to our school, it would make sense since she is related to Luke?" i responded

" we put our daughter up for adoption when she was born" she mumbled

" oh i see " i whispered under my breath


I knew it wouldn't be much longer till the police came round again to ask us many questions

"im so sorry for your loss Emily, Luke was a great friend and didn't deserve it " i said sitting down on the chocolate brown sofa

" Don't worry, its not your fault" Emily replied but i could see the hatred in her eyes, who could blame her?


"Sorry i don't think i ever got your name " Emily queried

" My name is Cassia , i don't have a sur name at the moment , " i responded looking at the chipped red walls

" What a coincidence my 'daughter' was called Cassia , by any chance are your parents called Vicky and Robert " she quickly asked

" yh.."


" cant be Cassia your MY daughter "



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