forever in my heart

hi, my name is cassia , im 12 years old and live with my mum and dad

this is the story of how i discovered who i really was and where i really belonged . Not everyone can seem who they tell you they are as i find out

i really hope you enjoy my first movella and please become a fan


6. Forever in my heart

Hand in hand walking down the un-even pavement we talked about life. this couldn't be happening my parents were heading towards me

" errrr do u think we can cross the road" i stammered egar to move

" why do you want to move , its fine here" Luke responded

" i explain to you later " i yelled as i ran across the road

" Cassia wait cant you tell..... AGGHH..."



I wished i never done that , if i stayed where i was and just ignored them he would still be here , Luke would still be alive. This nightmare had no end . First i was adopted now i killed my boyfriend , what next!

I didn't care anymore i ran into the road and stroked his hair , i was desperate to hear his voice again

"Luke , Luke please wake up , im so sorry" i sobbed crying my eyes out

My broken heart now no-longer existed. Slowly I picked his phone out from his blazer and scrolled through his contacts till i reached mum

" hello.."

"hello. Luke is that you "

"no, its his gir..friend yeah friend Cassia "

" What's wrong Cassia , can i speak to Luke "

"  Im so sorry but when we were crossing the road, a car came out of no-were and hit Luke "

I couldn't bear to tell her the truth, i waited for her response but there was silence down the phone


" where are you cassia " Luke's mum said half crying

" Oxford street , out side the pub"

"ill be there in 5 minutes" *beep* The phone died..

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