If I got to meet One Direction

Hi I'm Audrey I'm "19" I have brown eye's and brown back length hair and I'm 5'8 just a normal adolescent right. Wrong!!
Normal adolescents don't have to deal with millennium old vampires after them breathing down there necks watching there every move so there able to attack at the right vulnerable moment do they. NO. So call me what you want all I know is I'm the last of a dieing breed. A Hybrid. And it dosnt help when love gets in the way.


4. Drama Bomb!!!

I woke up to te wonderful smell of bacon. I reached for my phone to look at thetime "shit" it's one in the afternoon I had to get up and get home. I quickly scrambled out of bed took a shower and put my shorts and one of nathans shirts on and walked into the living room I was greeted with howls and whistles " goodmorning to you to boys" "sorry nathan im leaving with your shirt bye boys" "wait your not staying for breakfeast" "nope im sure you wont miss me" as I begin to close the door behind me a hand pulls me back in forcing my back against his chest it was siva " stay with us for breakfeast then you can leave if you still want to" I turned around to face him when I saw his face he looked devastated he pulled out his phone so I would give him my number I softly kissed him on the cheek and left. It was weird when I leaned in to kiss him I felt as if everyone in the room stoped to stare. It was probably nothing. I decided to grab grab a cup of coffee on the way. When I reached starbucks out was so lifless other than me there were three suspicious looking guys siting in a triangle formation around me I decided to take my coffee to go. I began to get up when one of them speed near me putting a hand on my sholder forcing me to sit back down .Vampires. " now now boys wouldnt you like to do this in a more private setting" the all smiled "your polite for a killer we zoomed behind the shop in an ally " we can do this the easy way put the hard way"the shortest one said I zoomed to him grabbed his neck stuck my other hand in his chest cavity pulled his heart out and dropped the lifeless body. I turned around facing the two others "i think the hard way will do" they came at me with full force the tallest one came at me with his claws he got me on my sides with an at least 3cm gash. I wouldn't let him get away with that so I slammed his head into the pavement till his skull broke then the last one took a good 2 min you could tell he was a newbie. I had to run home and get jack to heal me. He's gonna be pissed. I walked through the back ally of each store until I reached the back entrance of my building. Now the hard part the stairs. I walked 6 walked flights of stairs before I finally got to my door. As I opened it I felt a little tired like I was about to faint I needed blood and fast. When I got in 5 heads were all turned facing me."what the fuck are you still doing here" "we were worried so we decided to stay until you got home" "well im home now you guys can go" zayn steps up to me "your bleeding what the hell happened" "nothing it's just a little cut" I could tell he didn't believe me "jack I kinda ned your help right now" I shouted. Please god help what am I gonna do jacks not here and im to weak to come up with an excuse. Before I could think up a plan the boys began to take charge zayn took me by the waist and walkes me to to the couch I ploped down on it in pain. Liam began to give orders " harry go in the kitchen an check go for paper towels" "louis go to the bathroom and check for an emergency kit or anthing of those sorts" he runs up the stairs with lightning speed " zayn go get some clothes out her room to change in when I heard that I suddenly spiked up in emotion im gonna change!!! Not that I was self conciouse but when you have cuts all over it tends to raise questions. I leaped up to stop them but liams strong ass hands push me down " you dont have to do this I can wait till jack comes" "quiet and take your shirt off" I looked at him with a raised eyebrow " so we can see the gash stupied" he chuckled " no" I said in a childs voice I had to stop them from seeing the marks he looked at me sighed and got up" fine lets do it the hard way" I gave up and just begged "please liam dont make me" he looked at my face as if considering weather or not he should listen " fine but lift it up half way " I did as told even though I knew thay the only thing that could help me was blood. By the time jack came bame back the poking and prying ended. He looked at us "what happened" everyone turned to me. What was I gonna say "jack can I talk to you for a sec" I walked up the staires with him behind me we go to my room " you said you wouldnt go" he looked at me with betrayel " I didn't go I swear jack I told you I wouldn't go and I didn't they found me" he looked in my eyes and how seriouse I was he lifted a bag of burgers and blood. At that moment I jumped up and squeled like a school girl my fave he laughed at me and held me by the shoulders to stop the jumping "now you have to share them still here and probably starving" I pull my puppy face and grabed the blood an ran to the bathroom to feed. Jack's POV Now its my turn tp step in to save her ass I sighed and walked downstaires. "so what happened" harry jumped up and asked. "she's fine" how did she get that gash??" Niall asked " she said she had to spar with on of her rivals and when she won the other girl wanted payback so she jumped her outside the gym" they all looked at me like I said all that in german. Finally zayn says someting "she's a boxer??" "ya whats wrong?" Before he has time to answer she comes down looking fresh and new I give center stage back to her. Audrey's POV I walk down staires " I feel all better lets go have thoughs burgers in the kitchen" I said all cheery. I look down at jack and give him the face he sighes turns around a tells me to get on I hope on his back and scream "to the kitchen" every me laughe at my sillynessand followdisto thekitchei jumped of and went behind the counter to get everybody drinks when I turned around from the cup boared louis was there " your a boxer??" luckly I heard with my wolf ears jacks story "ya why" "fight me then" o knew he just wanted to see if o was lie so I decided to play with him "ok" I threw punches by the sogjt of hos head to make him flinch it made me chuckle to make him pee his pants I did a spin kick but stopped right when my foot was close to his face I stood straight and began laughing" "why didnt you hit me" I moved closer to him squished his face "your to cute" I kissed him and pulled away. im such a tease. I grabbed the cups an as i walked out I told him to bring the drinks.
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