Kill Me Or Not

This story is about a girl who get abducted by a guy named Jason McCann who is a professional killer! On the other hand there is Justin Bieber a good guy who is very protective with her and he always tryes to keep her safe... But what happens when a night she walks alone in the dark road of her neighborhoud?


4. Chapter 9

Biebercake: So this chapter as I said on the title has sexual scene. If you don't wanna read stuff like this I'll do something like a sign with darker letters where u can start reading <3 But if you want, then have fun ;D 



P.S: I'll sign as Biebercake which is my last name here :*










(Y/N 's P.O.V)



He layed me back on the huge bed and he started kissing gently my neck and he got down to my breast slowly. I was moaning a little and I got my hands in his light brown hair and he kept going down. He gone to me belly and started kissing me and liking there but this wasn't enough for him, he went down to my pussy and kissed it over the underwear. He came back at my neck and he kissed me again at the same places like a motif -lips, cheeks, jaw, neck and breast-. He was very good on what he was doing he turned me on immediately and I wanted him more than before.



"Take this off" I mumbled and I took of his black v-neck t-shirt.



"It's ok baby don't hurry" he smiled with the sexiest smile I have ever seen and he kept kissing me while his hand where on my body, the one on my waist and the other at my thigh and he fondled me.



"I want you." I whispered while I was moaning and I could feel his 'toy' really hard on me while he was between my legs and I had the wrapped on his waist.





He kept going at the same way and he took me on him and I started do what he has done a few minutes ago. I kissed, licked and sucked his neck and his six pack, but most of all we were kissing and our tongues were 'playing' in each other’s mouth. 





I put my hands on the zip of his jean and I took it off quickly and now we were both were our underwears and our clothes were on the floor. We were like one the one glued on the other with my hand around his neck grabbing his hair and his hands the one folding my waist and the other having it's way on my backbone -it really turned me on what he was doing-.





"I want you Jason" I whispered in his ear and he laughed a little and l layed on the bed again with him n me






He smiled with a sexy way and I was getting desperate, he made me want him more and more and more and told not to talk. How the hell could I do this? I kept moaning and I felt his hand taking off my bra and letting it fall to the floor with our other clothes. He smiled again and started kissing my breast and every time he finished on my nipples. He was like a boy who plays with his toys, he was doing it so good that I felt it so hard and it became afflicter. A few minutes later he went down to my laced panties again and he looked for a little in the eyes -I could imagine what he was ready to do-, he took of my panties and he started kissing and licking me. His lips on my skin were the best thing I ever felt on me. His tongue was liking my clit and I was moaning like crazy. He stopped and then I felt his thumb in me. He was doing it so good that I was thinking only the moves he was doing. I felt like my whole body was from gel. I could feel his smile on me while he was kissing my belly and he suddenly stopped. 



"What?" I whispered and I looked him in the eyes while I was breathed fast



"Nothing babe relax» he pressed his lips against mine and his tongue found its way in my mouth 



"Okay" I mumbled and I kept kissing him, I felt a little smile and I smiled too and then he put two fingers in me again and he was going in and out sometimes fast and sometimes slowest.



"I need you in me Jason please please" I was begging him and he laughed.





I put my hands at his Calvin Klein black boxers and I took it off. He smiled again and we were kissing hard all the time. He took a condom of the nightstand and put it on. He got into me and he started doing it fast. He was huge I was full of him. I couldn't imagine something better than that he was doing to me. It hurt a lot but I liked it, I really liked the way he did it, he didn't care about anything. He kept on doing it for hour and I felt that he was ready to cum as me.





"Jasooonn!!! OMG!!!" I was screaming his name and my nails were on his back and I had stretched under him while his one hand was folding my thigh and the other was in my hair.



We kept on moan and a few minutes later we finished together, I don't how much time I was keeping it but I wanted to do it with him. We finished and he layed back near to me under the blanket with me in his hug and we was folding my hair. He smells so good and it's the first time I can smell it. I kept thinking many things, I still feeling so much dizzy and I was drunk, so I felt asleep in his arms. 





(Jason's P.O.V)



She is amazing. Al this time we had sex she was so hot her body was acceptable in everything. She was so amazing that I couldn't imagine that a girl like her could be so hot on the bed. 





When we finished she got into my arms with her face on my chest and her eyes closed, her fingers were touching softly my body and I could her soft breath warm breath on me. I touched her hair and took them at the back of her ear.



Her smell is incredible there's no girl like her in the world that is so beautiful and her skin so soft when you touch it. I kept thinking and watching sleep for hours and then I looked at the wall. What was happening to me? I felt in love with her? NO OF COURSE NOT SHE'S JUST A PRETTY GIRL AND THAT'S ALL! I turned my head away I couldn't think about it. I looked her again and I put the blanket better on her and me layed better at the bed and felt asleep.





(Y/N 's P.O.V)



I turned around on the bed and I felt that Jason wasn't there. I thought he slept here last night. I sit up and looked around and the blanket felt from me. OMG I'M NAKED! I looked down and I saw Jason's boxers with my bra and my panties. I looked to the closet and there was a pair of grey satin pajamas. OMG! What happened? I took the blanket on me and I was a little terrified. Where is Jason?? I layed back again and put the blanket all over me. And then I heard steps and someone sat on the bed. 



"Hey beautiful wake up" he mumbled and he took the blanket off of my head



"I'm sleeping leave me alone! I feel dizzy!" I took my head under the pillow and he laughed 



"Com' on lazy" he laughed and layed back next to me "What's happenin?" he took the pillow away and he looked me in the eyes.





"We had sex last night?" I wishpered 



"Yeah you regretted?" he was confused now at the same position as me.



"I don't know... I was drunk why did you do this?"



"You started I'm a man you know"



"Yeah you are but I WAS DRUNK"



"I won't talk about it! I tried to put you pajamas and you started kissing me I'm a man as I said"



"Let it Jason" I stood up and I went to bathroom and washed my face a little, I was still so dizzy I went to the room again and I layed down the bed



"Are you ok?" he looked me and folded my hair a little



"No I'm feeling dizzy..."



"You wanna help you?" he whispered and looked me in the eyes



"Yeah... :( I wanna wear something I'm naked" 



"I know wait a minute" he brought me a pink bra and the matching panties



"Thanks" I took them and I dressed up under the blanket



"You want anything else?"



"Stay here" I whispered and I layed on his lap





I was on his lap and he got his face on my head. I could feel his soft breathe and his nose moving slowly on my head and I this made me relax. I smiled a little and I could feel his smell. My fingers moved again on his six pack and his body was really warm. I was so dizzy that I couldn't stay awake and I felt asleep again.






Biebercake: This was the part hope you like it. Please don't do negative comment I didn't know what to write. I'll understand everything! I wanna say that if you wanna give me ideas or you want something to happen or to don't tell me on the comments, on twitter, on Gmail, on, on tumblr , instagram wherever you want  there are on my profile here and I'll answer to all of you! I love you <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3































































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