Kill Me Or Not

This story is about a girl who get abducted by a guy named Jason McCann who is a professional killer! On the other hand there is Justin Bieber a good guy who is very protective with her and he always tryes to keep her safe... But what happens when a night she walks alone in the dark road of her neighborhoud?


3. Chapter 8

(Y/N 's P.O.V) 



I was ready and I went out of the room and I followed the bodyguard through a big hallway this time and then to a huge living room with classic furnitures and a big fireplace. Jason was sitting on one of the sofas and when he saw me he stood up and the bodyguard left .


"You look pretty" he smiled at me and he gave me his hand


"Thanks a lot, so where will we have breakfast today Mr. McCann?" I said with a big smile and he laughed a little


"Don't make fun with me. Sit" he show me the sofa where he was sitting a few seconds ago and he sat next to me 


"Okay but I have to say that if every person that you kidnapp sleeps on your amazing bed has a closet full of clothes and has breakfast with you then the whole planet will want to kidnapp them" I laughed and he laughed too. This time with an ustoppable laugh.


"First of all I never act like this, second you are a cooperator and I brought here I didn't kidnapp you so believe me I never act like this." he took his cup and drinkd a little of his coffe and he looked me in the eyes.


"Okay then." I smiled and I lied back on the sofa


"Coffee or tea?" he said slowly 


"Some tea" I sat better and I looked him putting some tea in an another big cup


"Here you are" he smiled and he gave me the cup and I drink a little


"It's awesome." I smiled again and he drank again from his coffee.


"Good. So what you decided to do? Will you help me?" he looked me in the eyes and I looked back, I had decided.


"I'm thinking about it since the moment you told me Jason" I put my cup on the table and I looked him in the eyes.


"I don't want you to do anything to Justin. Only this... Please I love him he is the best friend I've ever had please." I was ready to cry and my eyes got red and I wasn't feeling good and Jason saw it.  


"Aye don't cry. I won't do anything to him even I hate this family he's my brother it's not his fault all these." he wipped the tears which felt on my cheeks and kissed my forehead "I won't do anything to Justin, If i'll do you can kill me at the moment you'll learn about it" he whispered in my ear while I was in his hug.  


"Sometimes you remind me Justin. In the way you move, the way you talk the way you do what you do" I mumbled and I looked down


"Really?" he sounded really surprised


"Yeah and I'll help you! I'll be here whatever you want" I lied back on the sofa with my feet underneath me and I smiled a little.


"You'll help me? Thanks thanks thanks"


He hugged me and he was like a little kid. He grabbed my face and suddendly he kissed me. He kissed me for a few seconds and then he looked me in the eyes.


"Sorry for this I don't know what happened" he looked really confused and I just smiled. 


"It's okay" I turned my head to the window were a big garden was full of green


"You wanna go outside?" he whispered and we were watching each other


"Yeah but it doesn't matter" I smiled and no one told anything else we kept having our breakfast




(Justin's P.O.V)



I was sitting on the kitchen table and I was looking outside the big window. The sun was shining but inside me there was only darkness nothing else. These four days are the hardest of my life. I lost a friend, I learned that my father is a murderer, I have a brother.... I have a brother... A twin... I can't believe it... My head is full of these shit now I can't stay like this anymore I have to do something. I must find her. 



I grabbed my phone and called Monica, we hadn't talk for days and I don't know how is she. 


"Yes please" I heared her voice, she was crying I could hear it


"Hey Monica it's me Justin" I whispered


"Hey Justin, how are you?" 


"I'm fine and you? Have you told with (Y/N) ? "


"No... I need her Justin... She's my everything... Please do something to bring her home"  she started crying and I felt like my heart broke in pieces


"Calm down sweetie... I do my best I try... Please calm down she's ok I can tell you this for sure please believe me" I tried to sound as much convicing as I could.


"I believe you but please... She's my little sister Justin I'll die if something hapen to her... I love her so much... I miss her..." she was crying so much that if I could I would hug her.


"I know... I know what she means to you and believe me she means the same thing and much more to me..." I looked out the window the sun was shining it was an amazing day but for me was the worst day ever.


"Justin I have to close we'll talk later ok? she said and I could hear her sneef.


"Ok take care.. I'll call you"



We closed it and I went to my room. I took of my clothes and I stayed with my black Calvin Klein boxers, I took it off too and I went into the shower. When I was done I got out and I put on some excercise pants and I lied on the bed watching TV.




(Y/N) ' s P.O.V) 


I talked with Jason the whole morning, he's a very interesting person beside this serious bad boy. At the evening we ate some pasta for dinner and sitted at the couch which was in fron of the fireplace. It was amazing the whole thing, I could say that I love it but I can't because I'm thinking my sister and Justin. 



"Do you want something to drink?" Jason told me and he marrid the silence.


"Will you dink something too?" I said quietly  and I looked him in the eyes.


"Yeah... I'll bring us some whiskey" he stood up and a few minutes later he came with a whiskey bottle and two glasses


"Super" I smiled and he put some in the glasse and we drank.



The first drink has gone, the second too, after the thid, the fourth and more and more. I was on the fifteenth one when Jason tooke our glasses and put them on the table. I was pretty dizzy and I lied down his feet with my eyes closed. He took me and we went to the room and he lied me on the bed and tried to take off my clothes.



"Don't do it I can d-do it" I laughed and tried to sit up but nothing.


"Let me help you, you are drunk" he took of the accessories and my sandals and then my tank to and my pants. 


"It's not good watching me naked" I said and I got under the blanket.


"Com' on don't make it difficult" he took the blanket away and he putted me in his hug and took me to the closet


"What are we doing here?" I said and I watched him searching for something


"We're finding pajamas for you come here" he took a pair of short grey satin pajamas with lace at the top of it and he tried to make me wear it


"I don't want to" I whispered with a sad face and I place my hands around his neck


"But you should" he told me and he looked me in the eyes


"No if we don't need them" 


I pressed my lips against his lips and I kissed him. He froze for a little and then he put down the pajamas and grabbed from my waist while we were kissing. He took me to the room and we went to the bed.




Author's Note: And here's the second one for today. The next will get a little bit rawwrr hahahha xD Hope you like it guys and thanks for reading it (Sorry for the mistakes <3) I love SO much



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