Kill Me Or Not

This story is about a girl who get abducted by a guy named Jason McCann who is a professional killer! On the other hand there is Justin Bieber a good guy who is very protective with her and he always tryes to keep her safe... But what happens when a night she walks alone in the dark road of her neighborhoud?


2. Chapter 7

(Justin's P.O.V)



I woke up early today. I couldn't sleep all night. My head is full of thoughts. So many things that I have to do and so many things that I have to learn. I must go to my father and talk with him today. It's so hard for me to do this but I have no choice. So I put on a black suit and a blue shirt and I got in the car and went to my dad's company. Even the time I'm outside I can feel that there everything it's ok and as usual everyone is doing fast their jobs so they won't get in trouble. I took a deep breath, I need oxygen more than everything. I wanna do this so I could have a clear head. I walk down the huge reception and I got into one of the elevators. And here I am now at the 30th floor at my dad's office with him talking to the phone again and ignoring me as ever. Finally he's done with the phone. "So what do you have to tell me?" I sat better at my chair and we were looking each other "Your friend is the problem that I wanted to talk with you.... 11 years ago Liam and Michelle (Y/LN (last name) ) were working for me. Till April 14th everything was alright we were ok. Then her parents learned a lot of things about our company and our family that they told me all the time that they tell to the media about them. I was scared that they'll destroy me. That they'll destroy my family so one day I decided that I have to make them close their mouths forever...." he looked really sad and confused but now the only thing that I could think was that he was a murderer "You destroyed the car so it could look like an accident..." I was freaked, I couldn't believe what my father did "Yeah that's what I did, the point is that I'm still scared. If they left to their daughters any messages they will found them and they will destroy me forever because there's one secret that no one has to know" he talked like a professional without feelings "That's why you don't want me to talk with her because of this... What's the secret dad?" I was so socked and I wanted to go away from him "I can't tell you" he whispered and I got angrier "WHAT'S THE SECRET DAD TELL ME NOW! I WANNA KNOW WHY SHE'S IN DANGER" he was looking me in the eyes like he had a huge secret "Well when you were born your mum didn't birth only one boy... She birthed two, you and your twin. We named him Jason after a few months a family wanted a kid because they didn't have any then we got so many problems. We didn't have money it was the period when the company closed. We could take care only one child... We kept you but we gave them Jason and they gave us 10.000$ we needed them so much then. Your mum got depressed and I couldn't do anything... The kid got the last name McCann and after he became what he is now...." he finished and he looked down, all these were so complicated I didn't know what to think. I have a brother a twin and I didn't know anything how could this be possible? That's unbelievable. I stood up and walk off the company got in the car and drove back home. I couldn't stop thinking about these. My dad... My hero is a murderer and he gave my brother to a family. I went home and I got in. Then I did again what I did the last few days. The phone on the table and walking all over the house.



(Y/N's P.O.V)



I woke up from the feeling that someone was next to me. I slowly opened my eyes and I saw Jason sitting near to me on the bed with a black t-shirt and a pair of jeans. I can't lie, he is awesome. He's body, his hair and his face are so perfect.... He smiled to me and I stood up a little bit. "What hour is it?" I whispered while I was still sleeping a little "It's 10 in the morning it's time for breakfast. We got a lot of things to do so get up." He looked me in the eyes and stood up waiting for me "I don't wanna do anything leave me alone and stop being so good, you are a kidnapper" I stood up and went to the bathroom which was in the bedroom and when I finished from there I got out and went to Jason's closet but there weren't only his clothes anymore. There were many women's clothes. "What are these?" I whispered and he smiled "A little present from me to you for our cooperation." he laughed with my socked face and came to me «Try something it's all yours" he smiled and when his body touched me I felt something inside me wanted more "No I don't want to" I turned my face away and I went away from him back to the room "Oh yes you want" he lifted me up and he took me in the closet "You won't get out if you won't try something" he went out and closed the door and I was alone. I looked around and the closet was like two different worlds. The one was a serious and bad boy world with Jason's suits, jeans, t-shirts, shoes and other stuff and the other world was a girly colorful world with high-heels and other women’s shoes, dresses, jeans and trousers, colorful t-shirts and tank tops and every stuff that a woman wants. I smiled and looked a little better." He's got a lot of money" I thinked and I took off the t-shirt which I was wearing as a pajama. "This would be fun" I said to myself and I walked to the hangers while I was wearing only my bra and my panties. I searched a little bit and then I found what I wanted, a white tank top, orange trousers and sandals (the picture except the bag). I searched more at the drawers and at the first one I found thousands of earrings and the second one rings and at the third one necklaces. I took a pair of gold earrings and a gold necklace and at the last drawer which was the bigger one I found tones of nail polishes, mascaras, lipsticks and other stuff. I took all the things I needed and I grabbed a big towel from the locker with the towels. I took of my bra and my panties and I put around me the towel and went out with the things I got from the closet. "Read- " he looked me socked and I smiled "I wanna have a shower first. Can I?" "Of course I'm waiting" he showed me the bathroom with his hand and I got in, I closed the door and I left my stuff on the cupboard. I got in the shower and when I was done I put on the towel again. I searched for a bra and panties but I forgot them. So I went out and I took a white bra and the matching panties. I got again in the bathroom and when I was done I dried my hair and I made them a little bit to look better and I went out. "You look beautiful" he whispered and I smiled a little bit "I finally think that I'm a woman again thanks a lot for all these" I showed loosely the whole place «Nothing. Are you ready? You haven't eat anything since the day I brought you here I don't want you to die I need you and your help" I laughed a little and he got red "I want to take care of myself a little if I could, I finally got makeup to put on after all these days" I looked him with a puppy face and he laughed a little "Ok whatever you want" he left the room but I knew that the bodyguard was outside the room so I went to the mirror which was on the cupboard at the closet and put some makeup on. When I finished I painted my nails and I waited to dry. Everything's done and now it's time to talk with Jason seriously.



(Justin's P.O.V)



I was still wondering and I didn't know what to do to take (Y/N) back. I really miss her and I'm wondering about her. I got to the office and I worked all the morning trying to forget everything and then my phone started ringing. It was from her! (Y/N) was calling me! I answered it and I listened a man’s voice "Hey Justin" I froze Jason was on the phone "Hey Jason" "How's going brother? Everything's ok?" he laughed and I got angry "I'm ok brother! Now where's (Y/N)?" I said sarcastically "Oh she's ok she's dressing up! You know women! They always want to be wonderful! Especially when they live in the same house with a man" he laughed again "Fuck you..." I was really angry now "Oh thanks! I'll try to do it with your friend! But this isn't the reason witch I wanted you! I wanna say that she's safe and I have no plans about killing anyone! I just want to destroy your family! That's all!" he was really sarcastic and this made me even angrier "What do you want to stop doing this and let (Y/N) go?" "I won't tell you. I just called you to tell you that (Y/N) is better than you can imagine! Forgive me now but we have to take breakfast! We'll talk again brother! Bye bye" he closed it and I stayed there trying to understand what he just told me, what happened a few seconds ago. Why is (Y/N) so good if he’s telling me the truth? Is she really by his side?






Author's Note: Hey guys! It's me again. :D Three chapters in three days not bad yeah? What do you think? Are you going to be by Jason's side? And what will happen between Justin, Jason and you? Let me know what you think by leaving a comment :* Furthermore there's something else I want to tell you. Slowly I'll change the style of the chapters because this style is not very easy for me to write hope that it's ok for you! (Sorry for the mistakes again yeah I will tell it in every part xD) I want you to know that I love the fact that in every chapter I have ten or more readers and now I'm on 200 it's really amazing seeing so many people read what I write! I love you see you on the next chapter <3


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