Kill Me Or Not

This story is about a girl who get abducted by a guy named Jason McCann who is a professional killer! On the other hand there is Justin Bieber a good guy who is very protective with her and he always tryes to keep her safe... But what happens when a night she walks alone in the dark road of her neighborhoud?


18. Chapter 22


(No one's POV)




The days passed by and Jason moved with Y/N at her home. Their relationship was going really good and Jason was trying hard to do his best for her because she was the most important thing for him. He changed for the better and everyone could see that especially Y/N she was really happy seeing him change to the best and doing good things for his life. As for Monica, she was staying at Justin’s most nights so she couldn’t be a trouble for them two. Her relationship with Justin was getting better and better. Sometimes Jason was feeling bad for making her leave her house but she had no problem with that. So a few days after he’s moving on they were sitting by the fireplace watching TV after a tough day. Jason was slowly kissing (Y/N) and she was smiling while his hands were on her waist.


“I love you” he mumbled and kissed her for one more time.

“Mhm… Me too…” she kissed him back slowly with a smile on her face.

“I don’t want this to end…” she murmured while she was on his lap.

“Me neither baby!” he kissed her slowly again and looked her in the eyes.

“So how’s going with the whole job thing? You found anything?” she said while she stood up and walked to the kitchen “You want cappuccino?”

He took a deep breath and layed back on the couch while she was making coffee “Yeah… And the job thing sucks for real… Who wants a criminal to work at their bank or company? Even my dad pulls me away, he doesn’t want to see me…”

“Jason don’t talk like that you’re incredibly intelligent and you have many skills. You just need to do the best you can to prove them that you aren’t only for the donkey work.” she sat next to him, gave him his coffee and grabbed his C.V. and started reading it.“It’s incredibly good and you know so many languages. It’s their fault that they’re not hiring you!” she kept on reading it slowly while she was drinking her coffee “I didn’t know you know how to speak Spanish…”

“Yeah I know…” he mumbled and opened the TV but then his phone started ringing.





(Justin’s POV)



Today was the day which all the family comes together for dinner and I was thinking that Jason should be there with us because he’s my brother, my twin and he can’t stay away even though they want him to stay out. So at 5:00 p.m. I called him to tell him to get ready. I had spoken with my sister before to help me so everything was ready.


“Hey Jason it’s Justin here!”

“Hey bro… How are you?”

“Fine! Look I’m going for a walk with Emma and she was wondering if you want to come, she hadn’t met you yet!” I said and I heard a slow music from behind.

“Uhm yeah what I should wear where will we go?” he mumbled and that moment Monica came downstairs and layed on my lap

“Just wear some jeans and a shirt it’s not something formal!”

“Okay see you in ten…” he said and we closed it.


I put my phone on the coffee table and Monica stood up a little and kissed me on the neck slowly. She was wearing only her bra and panties and her hair were wet from the shower, I loved it when she was like this I could see every inch of her amazing body and what I love to do is to play with her belly button piercing even though she was yelling at me to stop it because she was tickling.


“How’s my baby?” I murmured and started kissing her arm slowly

“Your baby is really good and she’ll be better if you stop teasing her” she told me with anger

“I’m not teasing anyone baby” I said and kissed her slowly again.

“You’re annoying let me go dress up” she said and was ready to stand up but I kept her on me.

“No you’ll stay here” I laughed and she stopped trying to leave

“C’mon your brother is waiting for you!” she tried to stand up but I grabbed her again and put her under me

“He can wait for a little more.” I mumbled while I was sucking her neck and kissed her jaw line

“Justin your parents and your sister are waiting too… Please we just finished don’t start again…” she moaned a little while she was telling these and I kept on doing it

“What are you in league with your sister and you’re trying to keep us away?” I told her and she pushed me

“NOTHING! We just wanna go shopping can we? THANK YOU! Go change now put some clothes on!” she yelled and walked upstairs.


I followed her and I watched her dressing up while I was putting on some clothes too “C’mon Justin they’re waiting for you!” she said, kissed me and walked down with white shorts, a light blue crop top and white converse.

“See you baby. Call me if you need me!” she kissed me and she walked out and after her I drove to Emma’s house and then to Jason and picked him up to go to or parents home as our girlfriends were shopping.






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