Kill Me Or Not

This story is about a girl who get abducted by a guy named Jason McCann who is a professional killer! On the other hand there is Justin Bieber a good guy who is very protective with her and he always tryes to keep her safe... But what happens when a night she walks alone in the dark road of her neighborhoud?


17. Chapter 21

(No one’s P.O.V)



(Y/N) and Jason were happy together as much as Justin and Monica. They were so good together after more than 3 months. (Y/N) and Jason were packing all day together to move on to (Y/N) ‘s house. They were in love and they couldn’t control it. As they were together all the time Monica was confused and couldn’t think anything all the time except their moving.



She was thinking that maybe they wanted to stay alone at home without her and she didn’t know what to do. It was (Y/N)’s house and she maybe wanted to stay alone with her boyfriend. As she was lying on the bed with Justin she was far away from everything. She couldn’t feel Justin’s touches and kisses, she didn’t hear him while he was talking to her and he was starting to wonder.





“Baby…  I’m talking to you…”


“Monica wake up”


“Relax and tell me! What’s going wrong with you? You always think about something since the day (Y/N) called you”

“Nothing Justin nothing”

“Tell me please I wanna know what is happening to you”

“(Y/N) and Jason will move on to my house”

“Yeah and? I thank that you haven’t got problem with that”

“No I was thinking about them. If they wanna stay alone I have to go it’s her house”

“Oh really?”


“That’s what I wanted to ask you! Do you wanna stay with me here?”


“Yes you can! C’mon baby don’t think about it! Just come and stay with me!”

“It’s not so easy”

“Yes it is! You know that you can”

“Okay okay Mr. Bieber! I’ll try it but only for a little  and then I’ll find a place to live!”

“You will stay here forever!”

“Okay okay!”



He layed her back and started kissing her gently as ever. Justin loved her as much as she loved him for sure. He was kissing her lips, neck and all over her body slowly and she was laughing a little as they played with their tongues. They were both wearing only underwear and she could feel his warmth on her skin. She could feel every inch of his abs clearly, they were meant to be together.




On the other side Jason and (Y/N) were done with packing and now 3 suitcases were on the hall waiting for the next day with Jason’s clothes and stuff. They were sitting on the couch together and they were watching TV.




“Jason we’ll live with my sister at my home is that ok?”

“Yeah no problem! I really like your sister she’s pretty cool!”

“You like my sister? You make me jealous!”

“Why?” he whispered in her ear and kissed her cheek

“Because you talk about her like you want her like me…” she mumbled with a puppy face

“I don’t want anyone else except you! You are my baby girl!” he looked her in the eyes, he grabbed her face and he kissed her gently

“Then I have to give you a little present” she whispered and sat on his tummy

“If the present is what I’m thinking about then I really want it!” he started kissing her neck slowly and biting, licking, and sucking it

“Yes it is” she whispered and took off her pink and light brown sweater and stayed only with her pink bra and black leggings

“It’s been days since the last time…”




He mumbled, stood up with her on his arms and walked upstairs. They kept on kissing all the way and before they got in the room he pressed her against the wall and started kissing with passion. She put her hands in his hair and grab them tight while their bodies were glued.



(Jason’s P.O.V)




It’s been days since the last time I had sex with her and seeing her half naked and wanting me so much it really turned me on. I couldn’t control it, I fondled her body all over and she took off my t-shirt while I walked to the bedroom with her on me and I layed her back on the bed. In a few minutes we were both naked and I was kissing her all over.



“I want you so hard!” I mumbled and she laughed a little while I was going down to her pussy.

“Me too…” she said while she was moaning a little.




I went down and I started kissing the inside of her thighs. I went upper and I started licking and sucking her, she was moaning and her hands were in my hair while I could feel that she wanted more. I put two fingers in her and she started moaning more. I went upper and I sucked her breasts for a while then I kissed her neck and lips and I kept on fingering her.  

She dug her nails on my back and scratched me.  We were both moaning and after a few minutes  I took out my fingers from her. She instantly took off my boxers and without losing time I got in her.



“JASON!” she screamed my name and I love it when she did it with this pleasure.

“Yeah baby!” I whispered in her ear and I started sucking her neck while I was moving in and out in her and I hit her g-spot again and again, it made her really crazy and every time I did it she moaned and screamed my name louder.

“J-Jason faster! Please” 



She mumbled and I started getting faster and making her moan even more. The sweat was running through our bodies and her arms were still running through my body. After about an hour and a half we were done for second time she was lying with me under the blanket with her eyes closed and she seemed exhausted and ready to sleep. I was fondling her hair and I was looking her with her eyes closed.




(Y/N’s P.O.V)



Having sex with Jason is the best thing in the whole world. I was lying in the bed next to him, exhausted and the feeling of pleasure fuling me. His hand was running through my backbone and sometimes he played with my hair slowly. He’s so sweet and caring. And I feel so good and comfortable with him.


“Jason I’m good enough for you?” I mumbled and I looked him in the eyes.

“What do you mean baby?” he said and he kissed me while he was cupping my face.

“I mean… Do you like having sex with me?” I whispered a mumble.

“I love it baby! Don’t think about it I love you and I love every little thing of you!” he said, kissed me for a while and smiled.

“Are you sure?” I mumbled again and looked him.

“Yeah I  wasn’t I wouldn’t change everything for you… For us!”

“Okay! I wanna sleep tomorrow we’ve got a lot to do!”

“Sleep baby girl!”



He kissed me softly and I stood up and walked naked –for one of the less times I do this- to the closet, took a pair of white panties and put it on and then one t-shirt. I walked to the bed and layed in again and Jason was ready to hug me.



“No no no! Boxers first MacCann!” I said and I nodded him to put on boxers.

“I’m a Bieber not MacCann!” He said like a little kid

“Alright…! Put some boxers on Bieber! Now!”

“Why?” he said and looked me with puppy face

“Because your little friend is doing many things under the blanket when you sleep! Boxers now!”

“Pfff good I’ll do it!”



He stood up, put some boxers on and then layed in the bed again. He hugged me and I put my face on his chest. I instantly felt asleep, a few minutes later I felt his hug unbend a little and I knew that he felt asleep two. I was protected in his arms, I could feel his smell, his muscles his breath and everything else. That’s what I love with him he makes me relax when I need it.





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