Kill Me Or Not

This story is about a girl who get abducted by a guy named Jason McCann who is a professional killer! On the other hand there is Justin Bieber a good guy who is very protective with her and he always tryes to keep her safe... But what happens when a night she walks alone in the dark road of her neighborhoud?


16. Chapter 20

(Monica’s P.O.V)


I woke up the next day and I saw Justin sleeping peacefully next to me with his one hand under his heard and the other hand under me. I stood up and put on my robe ready to go to the bathroom when I felt a hand on my waist. I turned my head and saw Justin smiling with a sleepy face.


“Good morning” I said and kissed him.

“Good morning” he mumbled and fondled my cheek with the inversion of his hand.

“You don’t really wake up early why now?” he stood up a little and put his back on the pillows.

“There’s no reason” I smiled and layed on his lap, I instantly felt his body warmth and I chuckled.


“I wanna have a shower I’ll be back in a few minutes”



I kissed him and I stood up. Took off my robe and stayed with my bra and panties. He looked me from the feet to my eyes and then back down. I just smiled took off my under wears too and walked naked to his bathroom. I opened the water and got in. I instantly felt the hot water on my skin. My mind ran away and I started wondering what my sister’s doing. My mind ran away again, I closed my eyes and stepped back. I stood on the wall while the water wasn’t stop running through my body. And then I felt two hands around my waist and soft lips on my neck.



(Justin’s P.O.V)



I couldn’t wait for her, especially when I was thinking that she’s naked. I started thinking a lot of things with her but then I stopped my mind instantly. I stood up ripped my boxers and got in the shower with her. I hugged her slowly from her waist and glued my body on her while I started kissing her neck. I felt her shivering while I was kissing her and smiled a little. I know that she loves it and that’s why I do this all the time.


She turned and looked me in the eyes and we started kissing with passion. She closed the water without looking because she didn’t wanna break the contact and I grabbed her from her thighs and pulled her up on me.



“What are you doing?” she mumbled and kissed me again.

“I’m taking care of my girlfriend.” I walked out the shower and she was still on me.

“Justin I didn’t finish with my shower” she mumbled and kept on kissing me

“You won’t need it now after the…” I kissed her and I walked out the bathroom, I layed her on the bed while we were both wet, we didn’t care about it and she was grabbed around me.

“I love you!” she mumbled and I was kissing every inch of her body.

“I love you too” my tongue was playing all over her body and she was moaning a little.


After 40 minutes we were done and we were lying together on the bed naked under the blanket. She was laughing a little while we were kissing and I was biting her lower lip. I knew that she wanted to ask me something but she didn’t do it.



“What’s going on?” I said and I kissed her hair

“Nothing I was wondering what-“ the phone rang and she stop.

“Answer it baby” I kissed her and she took it.



She answered it and she was talking for hour. She seemed socked and I didn’t know what to do.




(Y/N’s P.O.V)


I woke up the morning and I saw Jason sleeping I walked downstairs and I put some coffee in a mug. I walked to the living room with my phone on the one hand and the mug on the other. I sat on the couch and I started drinking my coffee and called my sister. It was 11 she had been awake. I called her and I waited for a little.



“Hey sister!”

“(Y/N) good morning”

“Good morning”

“What’s going on? What do you want me so early?”

“I wanted to talk to you about something”

“Yeah tell me”

“Jason came last night”


“Yeah and on Tuesday we move on”

“Really? Where?”

“We decided to move on to our home… Have you got problem?”

“No of course not! Whenever you want it!”

“Okay how are you?”

“I’m amazing with Justin lying on the bed”

“Awe how cute! I wanna go back to bed!”

“Then go and leave us alone we’ve got some things to do!”

“I know see you on Tuesday then!”


We closed it and I walked upstairs to our bedroom. I got in, closed the door and layed next to Jason. I got in his hug and kissed him. He smiled to me and I smiled back. I hugged him and he opened his eyes a little.


“Good morning beautiful!” he mumbled and put his face in the pillow for a little.

“Good morning sexy!” I laughed and he turned and kissed me.

“How are you today?”

“Fine! We are moving to my home on Tuesday!” I hugged him and he kissed me for a while.

“What? C’mon I have no job I have nothing except this house and some money!”

“Jason shut up you have more than you say and we both know it!”

“Okay I have but your sister? I’d prefer to stay here and then found a home in town!”

“No you will come with me you promised!”

“Okay okay I’ll do it but if your sister can’t stay with us I will come back!”

“Okay I agree with this! Now kiss me and then go make your things!”


We laughed and he kissed me. We stayed there for hour and when we finally went for a walk at the beach. It was the first time we talked so much after all these days!  





This was tiny I know! But I wanted to update! I haven't update for days because of the school and the other lessons! 

Sorry for this but I'll try to update on Wednesday too! 

Something else, I'm very happy to see that I have more and more followers every day it's so sweet! 

Thanks for everything! Ily!




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