Kill Me Or Not

This story is about a girl who get abducted by a guy named Jason McCann who is a professional killer! On the other hand there is Justin Bieber a good guy who is very protective with her and he always tryes to keep her safe... But what happens when a night she walks alone in the dark road of her neighborhoud?


12. Chapter 17

(Jason’s P.O.V)


I walked out the room where one of my men was waiting. He seemed confused and when he told me what happened I didn’t only scare, I terrified. They were coming for me. The shouldn’t find! That mustn’t happen. No not this, not now, not now that we are so good! I ran in the room and I saw her lying on the bed, when she looked me she stood up fast and watched me confused.


“Jason what happened…?” she whispered while I was packing some clothes of mine in a bag.

“I’m in trouble and I need you to protect me please…” I went to her with some black jeans only and I grabbed her face with my two hands.

“What? Please tell me I’ll do everything…”

“They are coming here, police is coming here to find me. My dad maybe found me from my phone… The only thing I really need is to say that this is a friend’s house please… You’ll be okay all the guns are gone everything it’s a normal house now please protect me… If they see me now it’s over… They’ll find out who I really am.” I talked so fast that I couldn’t ever imagine I can do this.

“Of course… Of course go please…” she whispered and she was ready to cry, I could see it.

“Thanks… I’ll tell Justin to come here in a few day… Sorry for this baby girl.” I mumbled and I fondled her hair.

“I love you be careful… I will be okay.” She hugged me tight as I did and I didn’t want to let go but I had to when one of my men got in.

“Jason we have to go.”

“Okay I’m coming” I took my suitcase and I kissed her fast and hard and when I was over her eyes were red and she was ready to cry.

“I love you”

“Me too”



I left her there and I run to the car. We drove away and I could see the police driving through the centric road to the house. Not now… Please (Y/N) be strong. I was whispering this in my head like a prayer and I couldn’t stop I couldn’t imagine the whole scene. She promised but she was so vulnerable right now. She didn’t like them she never did after the car accident. She told me this a night when we couldn’t sleep. This wasn’t the worst time to leave her alone. For first time after so many years I could feel tears fall from my eyes, I just put on my black Ray-bans and watched out the window and then down on my i-Phone. On the screen there was a pic of me and her cuddling on the couch while she was with one shirt of mine. For the first time in my life I knew what I really wanted, what I needed. I need her all the time. And this crazy thing has to stop. This is my final decision, I’m over with this life. When all these are over I’ll go with her to Toronto…



A drop in the ocean

A change in the weather

I was praying that you and me might end together

It’s like wishing for rain as I stand in the desert...



(Y/N’s P.O.V)


Since Jason left the house I was terrified. I had to face the police again and this time lie to them for a person who I really love. But I have to do it just to protect him. So I fast put on a pair of jeans, a grey t-shirt with red and white supras and a black scarf. I went downstairs and the house was empty without him and the only thing I could hear was the fire on the fireplace. I walked to the kitchen, took a mug and made coffee. While I was putting it in my mug the doorbell rang, it’s show time I thank and took a deep breath. I walked to the door and opened it ready to face the policemen but then I saw Justin and Monica standing there.




I started crying and hugged them tight. I felt the pain in my body even more now. I had them here, but he wasn’t here with me. I couldn’t stop crying my whole face was red and I teared to pieces. I couldn’t stop it. So Justin put me in his hug and took me to the living room while Monica closed the door and followed us. We sat on the big couch and I cried even more. I couldn’t help it. I couldn’t think about him it was so hard for me. I wanted to hear his voice. While my thoughts were chocking me Monica hugged me and stood up and took me with her.


“Where is the bathroom (Y/N)?” she mumbled and I just walked to my bedroom’s door with her.

“Let’s drop some water on your face.” She mumbled again and when she was done she looked me in the eyes. “Why he’s gone?”

“To protect his self… To protect me… To protect us…”

“From what?”

“The police. They have never seen his face before and because of this he can live  a normal life whenever he wants but if they’d see him…”

“You will be with him baby girl.”

“I need him with me. I can’t live without him.” I broke into tears again and this time she looked me in the eyes and she was serious.

“You have to be strong okay? He didn’t want to see you like this. Stop crying and go there and protect your relationship! He will be with you again in a few days! Don’t cry ever again! NEVER!” she wiped my tears and I took a deep breath.

“I’m okay. It’s just like my whole world is over…”

“It’s not over it’s just on hold!” she fondled my hair and I felt safe. My sister was there with me.

“Okay. You know more than me you’re bigger.”

“Yeah so shut the hell up and let’s go downstairs”



We went downstairs and then while I was walking on the stairs the doorbell rang and Justin opened it. In less than a minute the house was full of policemen with guns, searching all over the house and me without breath.


“Good morning! Is anyone of you (Y/N) (L/N)?”

“That’s me” I said and my voice sounded stronger than I could imagine.

“I’m here to arrest Jason McCann and take you back home. My men are searching the whole house and I want to talk with you. Don’t try to hide him. Don’t do something that might be bad for you.”

“Yeah of course uhm come in.”

We sat in the living room and I could see more than 40 men searching around the house and I tried to breath as much as I could.


“Sorry but I have to tell that I withdrew the statement disappearance weeks ago.”

“Yeah Mr…”


“Yeah Mr. Bieber but we have new clues here so we have to search and talk the the young lady.”

“It’s okay Justin.” I smiled to him and I looked him.

“So Miss (L/N) for how long are you here?”

“3 weeks.”

“Why you came here?”

“It’s my boyfriend’s home… We came here to be alone but…”


“We fought earlier today and he left me here.”

“And these two when did they came?”

“It’s my sister and my best friend. They came here half an hour ago…”

“Why did you fought?”

“He wanted me to leave my family and go to New York where he found job…”

“Good. What do you know about Jason McCann?”

“I don’t know him… And please stop searching his home we will fight again if he knows.. Please…” I whispered and started crying.

“Hey relax little” Monica whispered and hugged me. “He loves you”

“Sorry for all these.”



A man came in and he whispered something in detective’s ear. He looked me for a while and he smiled.


“Oh my…It really was a disaster. Sorry they searched everything and nothing maybe we’ve got wrong information.

“Ohhh and now?”

“I’ll say a big sorry again and we leave.”

“Okay no problem…”

“Sorry again and we are happy that you are not kidnapped and be sure that he will come back.”

“I think so…”



He went with his team and I was finally good. I couldn’t imagine how strong I can be for Jason and for the first time I protect him and he didn’t protect me. I took my i-Phone and I went to the contacts. I saw his name and I called him. 





This part was depressing I know but these days II'm into a depression and i try really hard to write chapters with happy things. 


So because it's late I couldn't think something because I'm not really good.

I'm really sorry please forgive me...

Cu on the next part 


Ily Biebercake 




P.S Maybe I could not update because since 27/11 I start writting tests almost everyday. So I updated two today <3 Please undertsand me 

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