Kill Me Or Not

This story is about a girl who get abducted by a guy named Jason McCann who is a professional killer! On the other hand there is Justin Bieber a good guy who is very protective with her and he always tryes to keep her safe... But what happens when a night she walks alone in the dark road of her neighborhoud?


10. Chapter 15

(Jason’s P.O.V)


Her question was something I didn’t want to answer. The truth is that I don’t know what is happening. I mean we are pretty good together but I don’t know. I looked her in the eyes, she was still waiting for my answer so I took a deep breathe and I kissed her forehead.


“What do you think?”

“I don’t know Jason. I don’t know anything…”





She mumbled while she was looking me in the eyes with disappointment. She stood up, walked out the and got to the bedroom. I hurt her again. She’s right I’m such an asshole I always destroy everything. I stood up and I went to the bedroom too. I found her lying on the bed under the blanket. She was looking out the window again, she didn’t turn her face to see me so I sat next to her and I kissed her shoulder. She didn’t do anything again she just shook a little, turned her face to me and looked me in the eyes.


“Sorry I messed up again…” I whispered while my nose was moving on her neck.

“I just wanted an answer what’s the problem?”

“There’s no problem baby girl I just don’t know the answer…”

“You always have an answer for everything why not now?”

“Because it’s the first time I’m feeling like that. Could you answer the question if I was asking you?”

“Yeah Jason I know the answer, I know what I wanna be with you but you don’t understand again”

“Aye aye calm down we can talk about it” I fondled her cheek and I kissed her forehead again.

“Okay. Can you answer me what you feel about this?”

I took a deep breathe I didn’t know what to answer it’s the first time I feel like this. “I… I’m in love… F- for the first t-time in my life…”

“And what’s wrong with it Jason? It’s not bad feeling this way especially when the other person feels the same way with you…”



WHAT? WHAT DID SHE SAY? I looked her in the eyes with my eyes ready to go off my head. She means that she’s in love with…? Okay someone’s kidding me!  I didn’t know what to say or what to do I just wanted to hug her and keep her in my hands.


“Jason I love you! I truly love you! You’re one of the best things in my life even though all these! You’re amazing and I don’t wanna change anything on you, I just want something else between us. But if you…”

“Stop it baby… I know and I love you that’s all that matters to me. You’re the first woman in my life that made me feel like that!”

“You’re silly! You just stay away from everything…”

“That’s the way I wanna live…”

“No that’s the way you choose to live even though you want something better…”

“Stop doing this! Just stop!”

“Jason that’s the truth… Please listen to me!”


I stood up and walked away. She did the same thing as ever. She always wants to be the right one! I don’t wanna listen about it she will probably ask me again all this things that I don’t wanna hear. Why is she doing it to me? Why she destroys everything? I did this for her and now she is doing it again!


“I won’t hear anything! It’s over!”

“Jason just listen to me! If you really love me listen to me!”




“I WANT YOU TO COME TO TORONTO WITH ME AFTER ALL THESE!” she screamed on my back, I turned to her and I looked her in the eyes.

“What?! You kidding me right?”

“No. If you love me come with me be normal… Do it for me please…”

“I can’t stop and you know it! I’m  not the guy that will be with you at your home, cuddling and having fun! Don’t try to change me!”

“I don’t wanna change you, I want you to be with me! With Justin…”

“Both of you will be ok!”

“NO I WON’T BE OK! I JUST TOLD YOU THAT I LOVE YOU AND YOU ACTING LIKE THAT! I LOVE YOU JASON!” she started crying, her eyes were red. I couldn’t react. When I finally found who I really am I hugged her tight.

“Sorry it’s just don’t me…”

“Try please… If you love me you can do it!”

“I don’t know baby… I’ll see…”


We stopped there, we didn’t have anything to say now. She stayed in my hug the whole afternoon without saying anything. We were there laying on the bed together after one more fight. What can I do for this? Can I live with another name and another life? I don’t know. I only know that I wanna be with her.



(Justin’s P.O.V)



I was sitting on the living room watching T.V. and for the first time after all these days I was very happy. I saw her and she is very good. I know that her good mood is because of him but at least she’s good because of my brother. I almost felt asleep when I heared the doorbell. I stood up, walked to the hall and opened the door. I saw Monica smiling for the first time. I told her some things of all these on the phone and now she’s feeling better. She was wearing black jeans, beige tank top and matching high heels with beige and black jacket. She was herself again.


“Hey Justin” she told me and she hugged me tight.

“Hey Monica come in beautiful.” We walked in, she took off her jacket and she sat on the big couch.

“So how’s going at school?”

“Now I have an amazing mood and it’s much better. It’s like the kids understand what I feel.”

“I’m glad that you’re so good now.”

“Thanks and you? How is the office without my sister?”

“You know it’s different but when I know that she’s so good and happy with him I’m good too.”

“That’s so sweet! You’re such a cute guy.” She kissed my cheek and I could understand that now she could show her feelings because finally I moved on and the truth is that she’s an amazing girl.

“Thanks. Uhhm have you eaten today?”

“No I came here right from the work. I had so many writings and tests to emend.”

“I was ready to order something will you eat with me?”

“Of course!” she laughed and layed back.

“Ok then!”



I ordered some Mexican food and we opened a bottle of white wine. While we were drinking we talked about many things and for the first time I felt that we were closer now. She’s more friendly than she shows to the others, she’s interesting and smart and so many other things. We can move on now that we are so much better and I know that she broke up and this is making it easier for me. We kept on talking since the doorbell rang again.


“Food’s here.”

“Let me pay for it” she said and took her wallet from her bag.

“Forget it.” I went to the door took the food and paid.

“You’re stupid Justin”

“Don’t call me stupid and come here to take dishes”

“Okay okay well I love your house it’s amazing!”

“I love it too” I laughed and while we were moving in the kitchen she was in front of the sink and while I was trying to catch something from the drawer my hips glued to her ass. Her face turned into red and I could imagine why. My cock was rubbing on her ass while I was moving to take the forks and I can’t hide that it really turned me on.

“Y-you want me to catch something?” she mumbled and she looked me in the eyes.

“No its okay thanks”


I moved away with the forks and the dishes on my hands while she was following me with the paper-bag with the food. She sat on the couch and she sat next to me. She served the food quickly and when she was done she took her glass and she drank almost all the wine in the glass. We started eating and even at the beginning it was a little awkward we had an amazing talk while we were eating. When we were done with the food we had drink one bottle of wine and we were on the second on now.


“You should stop drinking you are not very good” I mumbled in her ear and I tried to take her glass.

“No no I’m fine believe me” she smiled a little and she drank again.

“You’re such an awful influence for your students”

“My students aren’t seeing me now so I can do whatever I want”

“Whatever you want like?”

“Whatever I want like this”



She put her hands around my neck and she pressed her lips against mine. At the beginning I was a little surprised but after a few seconds I started kissing her with passion. We put our glasses on the table and I layed her back on the pillows. We kept on kissing while her hands were inside my white t-shirt, she was rubbing slowly my muscles and her hands moved to my back while I was kissing her neck, her breast and her lips. My hands were on her tights and my hips were pressing hers. 





Βiebercake: Hey it's me again ^_^ Here's the chapter 15 I don't know if it's good but I have to say that I was reading for two tests on physics and chemistry so please I want you to understand me! Hope you like it and leave a comment!

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