Kill Me Or Not

This story is about a girl who get abducted by a guy named Jason McCann who is a professional killer! On the other hand there is Justin Bieber a good guy who is very protective with her and he always tryes to keep her safe... But what happens when a night she walks alone in the dark road of her neighborhoud?


7. Chapter 12

(Jason’s P.O.V)


She was talking on the phone for a few minutes while I was sitting on a chair far away from her to make her feel more comfortable. She closed it and she stood up, gave me the phone and went to the living room. I followed her and I saw her lying on the couch with her head on one of the huge pillows. I went there, I sat next to her and she put her head on my lap while she was watching TV.



“What’s happening baby?” I mumbled and I fondled her hair

“Nothing” she smiled a little and she turned her eyes back to the TV. I knew that something was wrong but she didn’t to tell me.

“Hey you can tell me everything you know it… What happened and you are so sad? I thought that you wanted to talk with Justin.” I kept on playing with her hair and she turned her face a little.

“I just miss him so much. I’m okay I’ll forget about it” she mumbled and she layed back on my lap.

“You wanna go out?” I whispered in her ear with a soft voice.

“Out? Where out?” she looked me surprised in the eyes while I was smiling.

“To the garden maybe? I see that all these days you are watching out the windows like it’s the paradise out there…” I kissed her nose soft and she layed back again.

“You mean the garden out there? With the huge plants and the trees and these amazing pink rosebushes? They are all perfect I really wanna go there” she smiled while I kissed her neck and her chin.

“Yeah this! You wanna see it? My gardener is doing amazing work and I think that you’ll love it.” I kept on kissing her forehead and her lips while she was doing like a little girl.

“OF COURSE I WANT! CAN WE GO OUT NOW? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!” She stood up on her knees, she jumped on me and she kissed me with passion on my lips and her tongue got in my mouth and we started playing a little with them.

“Follow me!” I mumbled while I felt crazier for her.


We went to the kitchen and I kept on holding her hand while I was rubbing it slowly. I opened the French window slowly, I let her go out first and she stayed there with her eyes double sized ready to go off of her head and her mouth opened. I went to her and I kissed he neck gently while I grabbed her softly from her waist. She put her hands on mine and she took a deep breath like it was the first time she went out to the world.


“You like it baby?” I whispered in her ear with soft voice.

“I love it. It’s so beautiful!” she smiled to me with a big smile and she turned back and started kissing me.

“You can come out here wherever you want. I think I can trust you” I kissed her back and we went to the big chairs and I sat on one. She sat on my lap and she smiled to me/

“It means a lot that you trust me. You are amazing!” 

she pressed her lips against mine while I was fondling her back.

“Thanks. The only thing I want from you is to just be careful ok?” she layed back in my lap while I was sitting there and we let the time pass by.



(Y/N’s P.O.V)


We sat there for hours, I was in his hug as the time was passing. At the evening I turned my face to him, I kissed his lip, stood up and went to the house. I went to his room and I took off my clothes. I wore one of his t-shirts while I was wearing only my panties, I layed to the bed and I waited for him to come sleep with me. As the time was passing by I didn’t see him and I started worry. I stood up and I went downstairs, when I turned to the kitchen I saw him from the hatch which was in the kitchen at the living room’s side. He was sitting on the big couch, I couldn’t see what he was doing. I think that he was smoking but I wasn’t sure. I tiptoed to his way and when I got there I sat on the couch’s arm and I looked at him. He turned his gaze to me and he looked me in the eyes.


“You smoke?” yeah this shit was the only thing that came out of my mouth, that immediately made me feel stupid.

“Sometimes…” he stubbed out his cigarette, he smiled a little helpless and he drank from his glass.

“Ohh…” Okay this was really awkward I didn’t know what to tell him.

“You wear my t-shirt…” he changed the topic, this was what I really needed.

“Yeah it’s comfortable and it smells good… I thought that this wasn’t a problem sorry…” I looked him in the eyes while a little smile came out on his face

“No it’s not…” he kissed me gently and I could feel the taste of the cigarette and the alcohol. It’s not my best but it was him, this is a part of himself.

“Nice…” I stood up, kissed him again and I looked him with a puppy face. “Will you come to the bed? It’s awkward without you…” I mumbled while he was holding my hand.

“I think that I can’t deny it to a beautiful girl like you.” he stood up and took his glass to the kitchen. Then he grabbed and he lifted me like a bride on his hug.



I laughed while we were going to his room and I had my arms around his neck. When we got in he layed me on the bed, he kissed my lips gently and he stood up and took his clothes off. When he stayed only with his boxers, he layed beside me and he took me in his lap.


“Are you cold?” he whispered in my ear and I just moved my head to deny.


I turned a little in his lap while he was back on the huge pillows and I put my head on his chest while he was holding my hand, fondling it slowly. He kissed my hair a little and he moved to make me more comfortable.We stayed like that for hours, I could feel his slow and soft breath on my head and this made me feel safe. He was there with me. He couldn’t go away even for now. But what we really had? Is this a relationship? Or no strings attached? I have no idea… The only thing I know is that I feel safe, protected and every time he’s kissing me it’s like a million fireworks start to explode around us. It’s something unique but I don’t have idea what is it.

All these thoughts are in my mind since the day we slept together but I can’t do something to make them go away.


I kept on thinking these things for hours till I felt asleep in his arms. I could feel him fondling my back and especially my backbone for hours and this make me relax even more. He helped me to have a good night without bad dreams as always. All these days I hadn’t see even one of those terrifying dreams. My parent’s death was like a bad dream and every night I saw the accident again and again and again. This was the thing that never let me forget about it like everyone want from me to remember it forever.










Biebercake: Sorry for not updating these two days guys and sorry for this shitty chapter. I couldn't write more because of school and my dance rehearsals. We had test on chemistry so I should stay all day home read for it. My parents didn't let me open the computer or go out so now I updated this little chapter just to give you something to read.Please don't be mad at me! I love you <3 

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