Here Comes the Rain Again, Falling From the Stars

Ten. Nine. Eight.
When Dyena Air-Rin is told that the government wants to send her in to space, she is exhilarated. However, when she finds out that thirteen strangers are joining her, she wasn't too happy.

Seven. Six. Five.
Until she meets Drakone. And her world turns upside-down. Born in the small, dry town of Athol, Drakone was always somewhere near Dyena, with or without her knowledge.

Four. Three. Two.
But when Dyena checks the list of Space-Cadets, Drakone's name isn't on it. So when they pile onto the ship, she's decided to find out more about her mysterious partisan.


2. In A World

'A sudden bold and unexpected being doth many times surprise a man and lay him open.'


So I suppose you want to know how I first got the invitation. Well, it was Halloween, however I was not scared. It was midnight, however I was not tired. As I sat on my windowsill my eyes drifted from the house across the road to the dark void of space. The sky. As a kid, I had always been interested in sailing through the sky to discover unknown galaxies. So I decided to go for a walk.

I pushed open the stiff window and jumped down onto the cold, damp, well-kept grass of Honnington Hall. It wasn't that high, only about 30ft, and even then, the grass cushioned the blow. The cold winter wind slapped me across the face, and I was dazed for at least half a second. I stood up, brushed grass of my front and walked along the drive. I looked as normal as a 16-year-old girl does at 1 am on Halloween. I didn't even bother to get dressed, just me walking along the street in a panda onesie. The red bricks felt smooth and cool beneath my bare feet, making me feel ying and yang. For some reason, the bricks reminded me of my old house before mum married Lord. His name always remained secret from me, mum knew it, and yet not me. He would always fix me a cold glare and say "First you forget names, then you forget faces. Next you forget to pull your zipper up and finally, you forget to pull it down". As the cold, white, metal gate opened, giving me free reign over the world outside, I looked to my right. A group of rowdy teenagers looked me in the eye, and it was the most they could do to not burst out laughing. But I didn't care. It was more peaceful in my onesie. I felt more alone, I could think much better in my onesie. Why were they even there? It's way past their bedtime. Oh wait, they go to THAT school. It all makes sense now. I payed no attention to them and walked past. I wasn't worried about what they thought of me, after all, I was older then them. Even if they all hated my school. I remember back to when I cared what people thought of me, back when I said countless times that my school wasn't posh. Oh well.

Suddenly, my vision went black. Adrenaline pumped through my veins. I reached up to my eyes. Questions flew through my head. I head the teenagers giggling in the background. Stuff them. My fingers brushed against some sort of smooth paper, and as I pulled it away from my face I realized that it was a flyer for a competition, some sort of NASA thing. I knew none of my family were really bothered about space and the night sky, however I certainly was. I looked at the deadline. I had two weeks to fulfill the requirements. Turning on my heels, I ran, sprinted, clutching tight to the bold flyer. I felt the cold gravel cut into my numb feet, however I felt nothing, I just kept running. Looking up at the sky, it was quite clear that I should have been quicker, and I started to worry about my family. What if they caught me? What would they say if they did... I remembered back to when I was very young, only about 7, when I had attempted to star gaze on my front lawn. It didn't last very long... I never even saw the meteor shower that was supposed to happen that night. Dad found me, when he was firing up his engine for the working day, lying on a mound of autumn leaves, with a telescope clutched tight between my fingers. I couldn't remember a thing that night, and so I came to the conclusion that I was asleep when Dad found me.

Well, by the time I got home mum and dad were already awake, so I quickly scrambled up the left wall, and ran along the flat rooftops to my room. I prayed to my God that they wouldn't notice, and it seemed to work. I managed to reach my room, with the flyer and the hope of going to space. I flattened myself out on the bed, and just lay there for about an hour or so just thinking about what happened, out there, where the 'cool kids hang'. Phsaw, they can have their fancy-pants 'iPhone', their expensive 'swag', so long as I have this small, shiny piece of paper I have the chance to go to SPACE!!

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