there is these 5 friends who go to the same school do everything the same do everything togetherbut there is this one thing they fight about a lot of things but then something will all change and everything will be normal or wont it?


7. The fight

Brooke hits Anna harder and said

" you do realise who you just punched"

"Yea I do realise but this one thing IM OLDER"

" I don't care if your older" brooke said and hits Anna because Brooke doesn't like punching.

Jess jumps in the middle of them 

"whoo that's enough I don't want to decide between my friends ok so stop it now or im leaving and never ever going to be your friends again so"

"but she hit me first" said anna but she knows Brooke didnt

" no buts ok and don't try to play smart on me I was here and saw who hit first and it was you Anna and You know it don't lie or that will get you into more trouble because Cristy is now telling on you guys so STOP OR I WILL CUT YOUR HEADS OFF" Anna and Brooke know Jess is joking but the way she says it is seriously.

the teacher on duty come over and say

"ok who started and who stopped it and why are you punching is it because  you saw a hot guy WHO CARES"

"um" Anna starts

"sir I started and yes its over a hot guys and........"

Jess starts talking

"ok Mr can I tell you the story "

"NO go to the office now with this with each other and tell the story there.

"ok" they all say and they start walking 

"wow I don't want to get in trouble my parents will kill me" Said Brooke the straight a student

"Look I'm sorry but you don't really date guys" said Anna

"I know but something kicked in and I liked him a little"

"Guys don't worry you'll be fine trust me"said Jess happy

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