there is these 5 friends who go to the same school do everything the same do everything togetherbut there is this one thing they fight about a lot of things but then something will all change and everything will be normal or wont it?


2. School

 Jess leaves the house to go to school.Jess gets to school and meets Emily there.

"hey em"

hey jess"

" have you been crying "

"yes how can you tell"

"well your face is red"

"oh really"

"yes so what have you been crying about "

"well you can ask Anna about that, I don't really want to talk about it right now"

"ok here she comes"

they both yell


Anna starts running down to them

"whoa you  guys are so loud I could hear you all the way up there"

"sorry I'm so loud Anna" that's ok Emily"
while at the front gate Brooke is waiting for Rachel  to arrive.


Jess  said Anna and Emily.

 " what"

" oh Brooke wants me to go to the front gate do you guys want to come"


Anna, Emily and Jess are all walking to the front gate


oh no here they come Brooke thought to herself.


" where Rachel" Anna said"

"I don't know she said she will be here......

" NOW" yelled jess

"no .... "

"no she is right in the car park"

"oh" said brooke.
they all go running to Rachel.

Rachel" stop don't run over me aaaahhhhhhhhh"

everyone laughs. The bell rings

"guys that was the bell we should get going to class"

as Emily said trying not to yell at them

"GUYS THE BELLS GONE" Emily said a bit louder


Emily is now yelling

"calm down em we heard you" as Rachel said

" well I had to yell cause I thought no one was listening"

as Emily runs off crying.

"wow" said Brooke

"Emily is really up set and  we should get going"

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