there is these 5 friends who go to the same school do everything the same do everything togetherbut there is this one thing they fight about a lot of things but then something will all change and everything will be normal or wont it?


3. class time

Emily is dropping of her other friends to there 1st class. Brooke sees her.

" Hey em are you in our group still"

"NO" Emily runs to her class in sadness

"hey brooke" yells Jess across the path.

" What:"

" was that em just running to class then"


"why was she running"

"she was running because I asked if she was still in our group and she yelled no"


"yes n o"

"i have been best friends with her forever and now she leaves" as jess said quite upset

" im sorry but don't you remember what happened this morning"

"yea i do oh look the teachers shhhhhh"

" ok don't shhhhhhh me"

sorry brooke"

Brooke and Jess are in science and Emily is in history.As Anna and Rachel are in science to Emily goes to there class to do a servay.

Knock knock 

"Yes come in " the teacher said

"um id like to do a ice cream servay" said Emily nervously.


"um how many of you like chocolate ice cream" 

7 people put there hands up

"um how many of you like strawberry ice cream"

Anna and Rachel put there hand up and said

"we do Emily cause we know you do"

"thanks miss bye"

Emily didn't get to finish her servay but knows that Anna and Rachel know she is no longer in there group. Emily goes to the next class she doesn't know that she had gone into Jess and Brooke's class.

knock knock

"Come in"

"um hey miss id like to do an ice cream servay on the class"

"sure thing CLASS LISTENING UP now put up your hand when you here your favorite ice cream flavour go ahead"

"um who likes chocolate"

none put there hand up

"who like vanilla"

5 people put there hand up


Brooke and Jess put there hands up  and did the same thing as Anna and Rachel

"we do Emily because we know you do"

 Emily slimes and says

"that's all miss thank you"

Emily goes out of class thinking I wish Ididn't go into those classes I want to move schools now. 

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