Sol, Earth, Kamar

Several hundred years in the future a ground breaking event forces life to restart centered around a different sort of religion. Kai, Shayde and Selena are the heirs to the thrones of three of the most powerful kingdoms in the new world. Kai must choose between the Prince of the Moon kingdom or the Princess of the Sun Kingdom to share his throne with.


3. Sun. Jasmine

I don’t know how to put this and not make it sound depressing. But, sometimes I wish I was never born. I mean I like my life for the most part but sometimes being born into royalty is just, not what you want. I never wanted any of this. I just like being in the background and I am defiantly not a princess, at heart anyways. I’d rather be like my family and go out to sea.  There at least I’m allowed to fight my own battles and nobody will question it. I feel so trapped here, in my life and to me that’s not fair.

My whole life all I’ve ever wanted is to see the world, at least sea a few different cities and maybe one day other countries. Instead I get to sit on a throne all day a pretend to be interested in being a lady. I’d rather be with my father learning how to ride horses and repair ships. My father is a shipwright you see, for the royal navy. He’s been all over the world working for the current queen. That’s what I’d love the chance to do, build ships. He wasn’t too pleased when I informed him that I have no interest in being a queen. He basically told me the sea is no place for a young lady like myself.

This whole weekend in my opinion is a joke. I don’t want to get married to the prince, I’m already in love you see. I planned on getting married to a family friend, until I was told who I was and what my destiny was to be. If I can convince the prince to leave me be, then at least, I can have Christian.  He’s my father’s apprentice and, for the time being, my secret. We have been together for a little over a year now and I have no intention of allowing this to end. He understands me and what I need. If I don’t marry then I can resign and a new heir will be chosen. After than Christian and I will go to sea together and he can teach me all kinds of useful skills. But for now I just sit and wait and pray to the Goddess that I get my way.

My plan for escaping marriage? Tell the prince straight up what I want from life and show him that I am not meant to be his wife. If he needs to be persuaded I’m sure some of my natural attitude will do the trick. I have quite the fiery temper, or so I’m told. In all honesty I think I’m just frustrated. I’m being forced into a life of perfect little pampered princess when that’s not who I am at all. They just shoved me into the box and the parts that didn’t fit got shoved to the bottom. Perfect example what happened to me yesterday.

I was with my father when my mother decided it would be a fun boding experience to take me dress shopping for my big weekend. I could care less about dresses but to make her happy I go. She starts going on and on about what colors would match my eyes and make my hair pop and I eventually just downed her out.  Black hair, brown eyes, and my mother insist every color in the rainbow would look better than the last on me. She had to plead with me to even try the purple ones. I honestly would be happy to go to this damn weekend in my work clothes. Sadly, not my decision. All I want is to be my own person not the person they want me to be. My name is Jasmine Reyes and I refuse to be the princess, duchess, countess, or queen of anything except my own destiny.

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