We Can Teach You (15+)

"Our objective is to teach Lirry the basics of kissing and other levels that we cannot discuss at school." I whispered in Harry's ear as we watched her open her locker near by.
"We can teach you." I said as Harry came from behind me and smiled at Lirry. "Look, I do not know what is going on, so please let me go home! I need to do homework!" she whined while crossing her arms.
"Oh, you're so innocent." Harry and I cooed.
You now get what we're trying to do now, right? Yes, our objective is to turn innocent little Lirry to a hot and sexy not-so innocent girl. Harry and I have our fingers crossed.


1. Chapter One



A/N The one direction twins marathon will happen soon! Or something like that! That will be Lirry up there! NO, NOT THE BROMANCE!  Thank you for reading! xoxo stay strong and beautiful! <3




Edward's POV


"Shut up Harry!" I growl as he keeps talking about how innocent Lirry is. "You're making my ears hurt! Please, tell me this shit at a different time!" I plead, he huffed and rested his head on his desk.


"Okay, fine! You can tell me the rest." I sigh, giving in, Harry raises head up and gave me his dimpled smile. "Okay, so, she doesn't know how to kiss, uuh, she doesn't know how to pleasure someon-," "What!?" I gasp in shock, "That sounds like a lie, Harry! Don't lie to me!" I say.


He shook his head making me shake my head in disappointment.


"Everyone get to your next class!" our homeroom teacher says, shooing us away.


Harry and I picked our bags up and slung them around our shoulders as we walked out of homeroom.


"Our objective is to teach Lirry the basics of kissing and other levels that we cannot discuss at school." I whispered in Harry's ear as we watched her open her locker near by.


"Why can't we just make a party? I mean we're 18 and mum and dad are in a business trip!" Harry complained, "Sure, we can play spin the bottle there then." I agree with him, we both grin and high five each other.


"PARTY AT OUR HOUSE!" Harry's voice rang through the halls, everyone cheered and raised their hands up.


"Hey, Lirry, are you coming to our party?" I run up to her and turn her around so that she was facing me.


"Huh? Oh, yeah, since you two are my best friends, sure." she gave me a shy smile and ran towards her next class.


"HIGH FIVE!" I shouted, Harry and I both jumped up in the air and high fived with a laugh.




I placed the red solo cups on the table as Harry emptied the bag of chips in a bowl.


Lirry walked in as she does know where we keep the spare key, she locked the door behind herself and sat down.


"Hello!" Lirry greeted with a wave, we waved back and brought some punch up. "Hey!" we responded with a big smile.


I walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge to get alcohol. "Alright, set up is ready." Harry clasped his hands together as I placed the effective drinks on the table.


'Open the door!" Harry said in a posh tone, Lirry stood up and walked towards the door. She unlocked it but before she could even open the door, people ran in.


"Oof." she grunted. "Let's play spin the bottle?" I question as a few people went to take drinks and some even went to our outdoor pool.


A bunch of guys and girls formed a circle as I finished a bottle of beer and put it in the center of the circle.


"Lirry, you're not gonna play?" Harry questions, she shook her head and watched the people play quietly.


Her bright gray eyes grew wide as Harry was about to kiss Stacey, she covered her eyes and shoved her face into a pillow.


"Hey Styles brothers!" Liam, Zayn, Niall and Louis greeted as they walked into our flat. "And Lirry." Liam added as he spotted her.


The four of them walked up to her and kissed her head then ruffled her hair.


"Edward, it's your turn!" Harry scolds, I turn to the circle and twist the bottle, the bottle stopped and it went into the space of me and Stacey, who's behind me I wonder.


I turn around to see a wide eyed Lirry. "No." she says, "Bu-" "Come on, Ed! If she doesn't want to kiss you, I'll kiss you!" Stacey said with a wink while holding my arm.


I shrugged her off of my arm and crawled towards her, "Hey, Lirry." I whispered, her eyebrows furrowed and she pursed her lips together.


I leaned in slowly but then my lips attached to her cheek.


"There, you got a kiss. Now go back there." she grumbled while hiding under a blanket.


I sighed and frowned at Harry. He mouthed, 'We'll try later'.


I nodded and we went back to playing Spin The Bottle.



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