The Legacy

Thinking she was finally free from the threat of being homeless, Abby moves into the estate she unexpectedly inherited from her grandmother that she met only once in her whole eighteen years of existence.

What she didn't know was that she inherited more than just the property.


2. Chapter One - The News




Three words. Written in red bold letters.


As if my day couldn't get any worse, I thought as I sorted through the mail I found near my door.

Sighing, I pulled out my key from my sweater pocket and inserted it in the slightly deformed keyhole. The door creaked open to a living room that looked like a small tornado had wreaked havoc in the place. Usually, I took the time to organize my things but why bother now? I only have a few days left in this place. There's no way I'll be able to pay rent. I just don't have the money right now.

I threw the mail on the small dining table recklessly, allowing them to scatter. I slumped on the chair next to it and dropped my head on my arms that were resting on the table.

Why did my mother just have to ruin everything? All the money I have saved up for college by working every night during high school had all gone down the drain in one night for a stupid reason. And then she overdoses.

It almost made me cry when I remembered I lost my job today.

I can't help but think that maybe I was such a bad person in my past life and I am now paying for it. 

I was in the middle of repeating the words, 'Where will I go now' in my head over and over when my cellphone rang.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Is this Miss Abigail Mason?" A calm, gentle voice of a woman spoke from the other end.


"I'm sorry to inform you that your grandmother, Madam Liana Mason, has passed away this morning..."

I was unable to hear the following details because I have frozen in my seat. I have a grandmother? Why didn't my mom ever mention her before?

"Wh-Which hospital again?" I managed to ask through the growing lump in my throat.

"St. Mary's. Should we expect you to come?" That's about nine hours away.

"I'll be there," I hung up.


I hurriedly went to my room. The closet door almost gave way when I opened it. I pushed through the few clothes I had and picked up an old shoebox from the corner. I placed it on the bed and opened it, revealing dirty crumpled bills. I have managed to save up a few money from the last job I had.

These would be enough for bus tickets... I thought as I counted the money. How would I go back though? They were only enough for a single journey.

Taking a deep breath, I decided, whatever, and grabbed my bag then headed out.


St. Mary's Hospital was given the reputation it was only for the rich. Now I see the reason why. I felt like I was a speck of dirt when I entered the building. Pristine white halls welcomed me. I felt as if the spotless tiled floors would glare at me once I stepped on them and my shoes left muddy footprints. There was classical music playing in the background. Flat screen tv's were hanging on walls here and there. The only things missing were chandeliers and gold furniture and this place would look like a five-star hotel.

I timidly looked around and found the reception. I walked up to the man behind the computer and I didn't fail to notice how he eyed me from head to toe. I somehow understood the way he reacted. I know I looked like a hobo in my old beanie, faded shirt under a weathered leather jacket, knitted striped scarf, ripped jeans and converse. But he did not need to stare at me like I was the worst creature on Earth.

He raised a brow to silently ask me what in the world was I doing there.

"I'm looking for Liana Mason," I said.


"Her g-granddaughter." I hesitated. It seemed so foreign to me. His eyes grew wide for a bit but he quickly hid his surprise. I guess I wasn't the only one surprised.

He suddenly called for another man in white. "She's here to see Madam Liana," he told the second man.

Wait a minute, Madam? I thought it was only my imagination when I heard it over the phone.

The second man gestured for me to come with him. "Follow me." He said after I have filled out some forms.


Even when I was already sitting down in one of the waiting rooms, my knees still felt weak. I have just come from the morgue and saw my grandmother. I didn't even get a chance to talk to her. To get to know her.

"Are you Miss Abigail Mason?" A middle-aged man in business suit stood by the doorway. I nodded. He then walked in and sat on the other end of the softest couch I have ever sat on. He placed a briefcase on his lap and opened it.

"What is this about?" I softly asked.

"I'm sorry, I forgot to introduce myself." He looked up from the briefcase and faced me. "I'm Madam Liana's lawyer, Alan Cross. It's a pleasure to meet you, Miss Abigail." He raised a hand for me to shake.

"You can call me Abby..." I said as I shook his hand. "What is this about?"

"I'm here because your grandmother left you the entire estate here in this region." He said calmly.

"The what?" I asked, unable to comprehend what he was saying. My grandmother what?

"The entire estate." He spoke as if it was not a big deal. He went back to sorting through his briefcase.

An estate... from a grandmother who barely knew me. Is this for real?

"Yes, this is for real," he looked at me with an amused expression. Did I say that out loud?


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