"If you ask me, I will stay. If you tell me the three words we both know you want to say, then I'll be yours."

"Harry, I-" my lips quivered as a tear fell down his soft cheek, his hand quickly rising to wipe it away as he turned away from me and left, slamming the door behind him.


3. Chapter Two

I have known Zak for ages.  Zak and I attended primary, and secondary school together.  I always was with Zak, we were best friends and still are today.  Zak is one year older than me, but I was always in the same class with him because my parents put me into school early.  In year 7, Zak started acting strangely. He began to scream during class, his hands pressed against his ears as he cried out.  He kept calling and pointing to the corner, shutting his eyes and yelling "Don't hurt them!" All of the students were scared, their faces pale as they watched him.  Zap was diagnosed with schizophrenia August 5, 2005. When Zak's parents found out, they hated him, and thought he was a mistake. They told him they didn't want him and he was better of dead. Zak moved in with me and my family, and eventually my parents moved to America, leaving us their flat. Some days, Zak's fits of the unreal were terrible. I was so afraid of what he was visualizing, what he could possibly be seeing that made him hurt the way he was.  It broke my heart to see him this way. Since then, Zak asked me to always be with him because I kept him normal. I made him feel happy. Towards the beginning of junior year, Zak's disorder started to get controllable, less and less episodes until there we none at all. At the end of senior year, I got accepted into London School of Economics, but I declined to stay with Zak.  I decline a lot of things to be with Zak, just incase he has an episode while I'm gone.  What I worry about is if I wasn't there with him, he would hurt someone or let alone himself. So I always was with him, and I never left.  

"Zak," I whispered as I poked him with my finger, his lips pouting involuntarily. My hands gently ruffled through his hair, the soft tufts  of chocolate hair smooth against my fingers. His eyes fluttered opened and his irises focused on mine.

"Hi, love," I smiled warmly at him as his arm wrapped around me slowly.   

"Hi," he whispered, his voice rough as his hand smoothed over my skin. "Lay with me," he croaked, his dimple appearing as he slowly moved his body over on the queen mattress. I laughed softly as I rolled into the abyss of pillows and blankets, his arm immediately clasping around my body and pulling me close.   

"How are you feeling," I pressed my hand against his cheek, his skin warm against my fingers. His hand pressed against mine and his eyes shut.  

"Better," he sighed aloud, his chest rising and falling slowly. "Auden, I'm so sorry. I appreciate you so much,"  I smiled at the sound of this, my spare hand running through his hair.   

"I'm glad," I chuckled softly and he smiled, his teeth sparkling.   

"Did Harry leave? I wanted to thank him for protecting you from me," he said, sitting up slowly and stretching his long limbs.  I nodded, blinking as I rolled off of the bed and my feet hit the floor. "Oh," he exhaled as he picked up his phone and dialed Harry's number.

"Hey man!" He yelled as he stood and walked into the bathroom, shutting the door behind him. I smiled and walked out of the bedroom, down the stairs and into the kitchen.  I opened a bag of chips and walked out onto the pool deck, the bubbling sound of fountains and waterfalls filling my ears.  I sat on a ledge near the pool, the cool water splashing my feet as I nibbled a potato chip. The air was warm, a light breeze blowing my long hair behind me. I shut my eyes when I heard the screen door slide open and closed, the noise sounding almost routine. I breathed in softly, the brisk smell of Zak's cologne wafting in the air. In the couple seconds he arrived, I knew he was trying to sneak up on me because he didn't greet me when he saw me. I heard the soft pads of his feet hitting the concrete and as the noise got louder, I turned and whispered,  

"Boo." Zak jumped in shock, causing him to slip of the ledge and plunge into the blue water underneath me. I laughed as he swam to the top, gasping for air with a glare on his face.   

"What the hell," he laughed as he swam to where I was sitting, holding himself up with his elbows.   

"It was either you or me, buddy," I chuckled and he smiled, shaking the water out of his hair quickly — splattering me. "Bad dog!" I laughed, using my foot to splash him.   

"Before you rudely shoved me into the pool, I came to say that Harry invited us to a party at his flat.  It should be fun. Do you want to come?" I scrunched up my nose in disbelief.  

"Harry invited both of us to the party?" I gapped, a slight smirk appearing on my face. He nodded slyly, and I shook my head. My nose flicked in thought, my mind pondering the possible events.  Zak could get drunk, and end up crashing at Harry's place.  I could get drunk, and end up crashing at Harry's place.  Harry could get drunk, and end up crashing at our place.

"Fine," I stood up while saying this, and Zak caught my ankle and tugged slightly, causing me to topple over him and into the water. I could hear him laughing when I surfaced, gasping for my breath. "Zak!" I yelled, slapping water at him.   

"What, now I have an excuse to see you wet," he smirked and I rolled my eyes, a huff escaping my lips.   

"You could have just asked," I snorted.  

"If I asked, you would have said yes?" He raised his eyebrows, his tongue darting out quickly to wet his lips. I smiled and winked, nodding my head as I kicked off the wall and started swimming back to the stairs.  "Exactly," he chuckled sarcastically. I ran out of the pool, the droplets of water scattering around the patio. I heard the splashing of water behind me, and seconds later Zak was next to me, reaching for a towel that was on a table near the screen door. He dried himself off, and threw me the soft towel.   

"Thanks," I sighed and peeled my t-shirt off, followed by the joggers I had put on earlier. Zak's eyes were drawn to the pile of sopping clothes on the concrete.  

"That's unfair," he whined, his eyes slowly shutting and his bottom lip jutting out in a pout. I held the towel between my left and right hand, spreading my arms out so the towel was stretched behind me. I slowly walked towards Zak, wrapping the towel around the both of us as I slammed my lips into his. His hands ran up and down my back, squeezing my bum as I jumped and wrapped my legs around his waist. As I pulled back, I bit his bottom lip causing him to moan softly.   

"I have to shower," I whispered and hopped down from his grip, wrapping the towel around me and walked up the stairs to the bathroom. 

  — 3 hours later —  

"Auden, we have to go to Harry's soon. Wake up," Zak shook me slowly, kissing my jawline gently. I groaned in disagreement, my eyes fluttering open slowly. Zak's eyes connected with mine and he smiled, his dimple appearing on his cheek. "Hi, love," he kissed my nose and rolled off the bed.   

"Hi," I croaked, and pulled myself out of the bed.  I went into the closet towards the back of our room and stepped in, eyeing the clothing hanging in front of me. I picked out an ivory play suit and paired it with pieces of deep red and gold jewelry. I applied mascara to my long lashes, fluttering them before I took one last glance in the mirror.  I huffed at my reflection in the mirror, and walked out of the bathroom and down the stairs.  (http://www.polyvore.com/party/set?id=94969374).  

"Auden, ready yet?" Zak called from the living room, his eyes focused on the flashing pictures on the television as I entered the kitchen.

"Yes," I breathed, taking my phone of the counter and quickly tossing my hair  between my hands and behind my shoulders. His hand migrated to the small of my back as he gently pushed me out the door as he shut the light switch off in the foyer. I took a breath as the warm air hit my body, rejuvenating my skin after the cold air conditioning in my room.  Zak pulled open the door of the black Jeep, sliding in as he turned the key. The engine roared to life as I slid into my seat as well, and Zak pulled out of the drive and down the black asphalt street.


The loud music blared into the air as we pulled up into the long drive, a large house with many wings extending in front of us. My eyes wandered along the grand build of  giant house, the white columns extending in front of us as Zak and I got out of the car.  I heard the clicks of his converse on the pavement as he walked around the car, his hand clenching to mine as soon as he reached me. 

"Harry lives here?" I ask in disbelief, my eyes still roaming over the large expanse of brick and column extending in front of us. The large lawn was filled with people, each holding a red cup and screaming wildly as music rang through the air.

"You could say that," Zak said as he clutched my hand harder while drunk teens ran past us, knocking my shoulder as they ran. The more people we passed, the more I realized a certain trend throughout the guests. Every girl had either a skin tight dress with ripped fishnet stockings, or they were in their bra and panties. I let out a snort as we passed a couple, a guy groping a young girl through her bra. 

"How classy," I spoke as I gave a rude stare as a man in front of me eyed my outfit, up in down with a look of lust on his face. Zak led me into the foyer of the large house, grander than the outside of the house.  A teardrop glass chandelier hung from the beige colored walls, a beautiful light reflecting off each of the crystals. A double staircase led to a balcony on the second floor, and from where I was standing I could see hallways leading off each side.

"There's Harry," Zak yelled under the noise of the music, his voice just barely audible. My heart fluttered as I heard Zak say his name, as bad as this small involuntary act was, it made me bit my lip in nervousness. My eyes searched around the rooms as we continued to walk through the house, down a couple steps and into the sitting room.  Couches were lined against each side of the room, moved to create room for a dance floor. Not that it was needed, people seemed to be doing just fine on their own. A red cup was immediately shoved into my hand, as well as Zak's, and I smelled the orange drink that sloshed in the cup as Zak hurriedly pulled me through the crowd. Zak took a sip of the liquid as we walked, savoring the flavor as I saw him take a gulp. "It's a Frenchy," he said as he took another sip. Looking at the colored liquid once more, I took a sip. The sweet taste slid down my throat and I wrinkled my nose in disgust. I set the cup down as we passed a table near the middle of the sitting room. As we neared a wall of windows towards the back wall of the house, I finally spotted Harry. My heart lifted out of my chest as we approached, my eyes slowly absorbing his figure as he sat in a leather chair. His eyes were closed as he tilted his head back to allow liquid from his green cup to drip into his mouth. "Mate," Zak smiled as he stepped towards Harry. Harry nodded his head in hello, quickly smiling before taking another sip of his drink. How could Zak be friends with this rude punk? My eyes nervously glanced around at the people sitting with Harry, each looking somewhat like him. All of them had at least thirty tattoos that were visible to the naked eye. Zak sat on the couch, leaving me standing in front of the crowd of people. All of their eyes were on me as Zak and Harry made small conversation, Zak talking the most while Harry nodded and occasionally smirked at the statements Zak said. The people on the couch started to chuckle at me as I stood in front of the dark mahogany table, coasters and cups scattered among the shiny surface. 

"I'm going to get a drink," I mumbled as I turned quickly and paced towards the kitchen, breathing heavily as I elbowed my way through sweaty half-naked bodies. I eyed the stack of multicolored cups on the counter, taking a yellow one from the stack and filling it with water. I took a sip, shutting my eyes as I did so. 

"Thirsty?" A raspy voice spoke, soft like a feather but loud like thunder. My eyes blinked open as I recognized the beautiful voice and the figure in front of me. Harry.  His green eyes sparkled with mixed emotions as he watched me, my surprise of seeing him reflecting of my face. I pulled the cup away from my mouth, my teeth automatically going to bite the inside of my cheek. 

"Obviously," I rolled my eyes, lifting the cup back up to my lips and sipping the cool water. I saw his eyes flicker emotion, although I couldn't quite tell which feeling it was. His eyes slowly wandered down my body, and I smirked into my cup. 

"You decided to wear this," he stopped, gesturing to my outfit, "to a college party?" A slight chuckle escaped his lips but quickly disappeared as his smile faded. My eyebrows furrowed as I set my cup on the counter, the liquid sloshing in the cup.

"There is nothing wrong with this," I frowned, looking down at my playsuit as Harry stepped around me and towards the refrigerator, the smell of smoke and vanilla wafting through the air as he slid by.

"You look like you're going to a business meeting," he stated as he tugged at the refrigerator doors and pulled out a vodka and a juice. He took four cups off one of the stacks and filled three of them with the vodka juice mix, and one with water.

"I didn't ask for your opinion on my clothes. I look much better then these trashy," I sneered at one of the girls that walked between my vision of Harry, the girl winking before pushing past, "sluts," I pressed harshly. Harry's eyebrows lifted as I said this word, his eyes wearing the hint of a smile as I blushed slightly. 

"Help me carry these," he spoke sternly, his eyes flicking to the cups on the counter and back towards me. He grabbed two of the cups in his large hands, walking back towards the couches where he and his friends sat. I picked the other cup up, smelling the pink liquid that smelled sweet like cherries. My eyebrows lifted as I pulled the cup away from my nose, my body thronging through the crowd of people as I followed behind Harry. 

"Auden, there you are. I was worried you got lost," Zak gushed as I neared the mahogany table, Harry taking the drinks out of my hand and keeping one for himself. 

"Her name is Auden?" A girl with dark black hair laughed, her eyes ringed with dark black eyeliner. Her cheeks were dark orange, her lips a deep red. She would be pretty if she went a little lighter with the makeup. Her dress clung to her body like a sock on a foot, dark lace stockings ripped in some areas. She had a tattoo on her inner thigh that said "Fuck" and on the other "It." 

"What kind of name is Auden," another girl snorted, her deep red hair bobbing around her breast as she tilted her head back and laughed. A couple guys that were laced between the two girls chuckled, sipping their drinks that Harry had brought them. 

"Rain, Kay, give her a break," Zak said softly, stretching is arms behind his head. My eyebrow raised at the sound of this, usually Zak was very protective over me.

"You're one to speak, what the hell kind of name is Rain, anyway?" I sneered, my eyes directed towards the girl with inky black hair. Her eyes opened at my remark, obviously astonished that I even dared to speak back to her. The rest of the group had the same expressions on their face, Kay letting out a gasp. Rain stood, her eyes squinted into slits as I crossed my arms. She smirked as she sat on Harry's lap, tugging at his chocolate curls as she kissed him roughly, forcefully. Harry pushed her away gently, but kept her on his lap as she pouted from loss of contact. Harry's eyes glanced up at mine, the color deep green, his expression lacking the emotion in his eyes. 

"So, Auden, what are you doing at this party anyway?" A boy asked with blonde hair, tugged up into a small quiff. Tattoos scrolled down his arm in a very colorful sleeve, popping against the black of his shirt. 

"Harry," I glanced at him and back to the blonde boy talking to me, "invited Zak, and Zak invited me," I fluttered my eyes as I walked around the table and sat next to Zak on the leather couch. The blonde boy nodded and stood, wiping his hands on his pants. 

"Zayn, let's go play some beer pong," he chuckled at the dark haired boy, and the dark hair boy stood. 

"Anyone else want to play?" He spoke, his accent soft and  beautiful as it rang off his lips. 

"I do," Rain said, and she stood pulling Harry up as well as Kay and followed Niall towards the kitchen. 

"Might as well, yeah?" Zak laughed as he stood and jogged after them, the people clearing a path for him as he trotted through and towards the kitchen table. Yup, might as well, I huffed as I tucked a piece of hair behind my ear and followed.


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