"If you ask me, I will stay. If you tell me the three words we both know you want to say, then I'll be yours."

"Harry, I-" my lips quivered as a tear fell down his soft cheek, his hand quickly rising to wipe it away as he turned away from me and left, slamming the door behind him.


4. Chapter Three

Cheering erupted from the crowd that had grown as the game of beer pong intensified, Zayn and Niall versus Rain and Harry. Kay stood next to Rain, her hand tucked under Rain's arm as if to support her. The first three rounds were between the reigning champions -- Niall and Zayn -- and the newbies -- Zak and I. The two of us lost miserably, having consumed at least three bottles worth of alcohol and the sweet cherry tasting juice. Zak and I stood next to the table, his arm around my waist as we watched Zayn bounce a ping pong ball across the table, successfully joshing it into a cup. 

"That's right, fuckers. You're going to have to pay up when N and I are done with you," he screamed, his words slurring after the many cups of alcohol consumed in the past hour. Harry smirked sarcastically, his head bobbing slightly as if to nod. I found myself staring at him in, observing his body as he threw a ball across the table. His muscles tightened under his skin as he reared his arm back, smirking as it also successfully drowned in the cup. The crowd behind them cheered, as Zayn and Niall took the cup, their faces glum, and downed the liquid. 

"My turn," Rain yelled obnoxiously, pushing her body in front of Harry's. She pressed her hand to his back, pushing him against her. When the two hit the table, the cups sloshed and Rain glanced at me. Her devilish eyes glinted as her lips tugged into a smile. Before she tossed the ball, she turned her head, and pressed her lips against Harry forcefully. His hands pressed against her hips, the fabric of the cheap dress bunching between his fingers. My vision blurred as I watched this act, my stomach twisting, the sudden taste of bile rising in my chest.

"Be right back," I whispered to Zak as I cupped my hand over my mouth and started to slam my way through dancing, sweaty bodies. I looked around aimlessly for a bathroom, knocking on each door I came across. With no luck, I hurried up the stairs and down the hallway until I found a small room with a toilet and quickly slammed the door shut and clicked the lock. Instantly I fell to the cold tile flooring and started to gag into the toilet, tears plunging from my eyes. All I could think about was the image of Harry and Rain making out like a bunch of hogs in front of everyone. Zak and I weren't really into public displays of affection, and witnessing that made me question my comfortable relationship with Zak. What if we were that couple that wasn't afraid of making out in public? What if this sudden push of our relationship made it more... fun? I shook my head and pushed the thought out of my head, as another uplifting of my stomach came in a wave. Tears continued to pour out of my eyes, my cheeks wet with the salty liquid. I pushed my back up against the wall, my arms tucked under my knees as I continued to cry, letting the tears run down my face and onto the fabric of my romper. I could feel the cool tile flooring seep into my body, the feeling chilling. A quiet knock on the door made me jump, my eyes flicking to the white wood of the large entrance. "Someone's using this," I sniffed, attempting to put a smile back on my face. 

"Oh, sorry," the girls voice spoke and I heard the click of her heels as she walked away. I let out a sigh of relief as I hauled myself off the floor and flushed the toilet. My feet took me in front of the mirror, my eyes widening at the my appearance. I rolled my eyes and wiped under my eyes, a smoky line of black appearing on my finger as I pulled them away from my face. I quickly rummaged through the cabinets and took a tube of toothpaste in my hand. I untwisted the top and put a dab on my finger, then running my finger over my tongue. I put the toothpaste tube away and shut the cabinets, turning the lights off as I walked back into the hallway. My feet disagreed with me, my paces wobbly as I attempted to make my way through the long corridor. My breath felt heavy as well as my eyelids, and I corralled myself towards a door in the middle of the hall. I twisted the golden knob in frustration, knocking on the door that seemed to be locked. The door swung open a little to fast, knocking me back against the wall. A tall figure appeared in the doorway, a pair of tight gray boxers hung lowly around its hips. I recognized this figure anywhere. My eyes gaped at his structural build, his abdominal muscles very defined, almost as if they were carved.

"What the fuck do you wa- Oh. It's you," he sneered as he took in my appearance, his green eyes taking in the sight of my tear stained cheeks.

"I-I'm sorry. I was just..." I blinked my eyes rapidly, preventing more tears from stringing out of my eyes from embarrassment. His eyes continued to eject annoyance into the air, his body tense as he held on to the door. A girl appeared out of the darkness, her hands latching onto his waist and rubbing softly up and down, her fingers dancing along the hem of his boxers. Her inky black hair was ruffled and messy, her eye makeup slightly smeared against her orange cheeks.

"Harry, who are you- Oh. It's her," Rain snickered, her eyes taking in my appearance and mentally capturing a picture of it with her eyes. I sighed at this moment in my life, the two people I hated most stood in front of me, witnessing me at a time like this. 

"I'm just going to go," I sighed, and wobbled away as I tried to attempt my way down the hall. 

"Wait," I heard a loud sigh of frustration and the shuffling of feet, "Rain, get off," followed by footsteps following me down the hall. I tried to continue walking but the mouth watering smell of vanilla and smoke wafted into my nostrils. Harry appeared in front of me, his eyes curious as he once again examined my face. "Have you been crying?" He spoke softly, surprising me with the gentle way his words rolled off his lips. My breath caught in my throat as I quickly glanced up at him, and back down at the floor.

"It doesn't matter. You don't care anyway," I snapped back, my mind suddenly clearing and a burst of confidence surging through my body. His eyes were now hooded, my sudden outburst causing his permanent frown to return. Rain finally came out of the room in black lacy lingerie, padding towards Harry and pulling his arm around herself. His hand slowly rubbed at the thin fabric of her hip, and I grimaced in disgust.

"No need to be a bitch," his eyebrow raised slightly as he said this, the words rolling of his lips in such manner I flinched.

"Me? You're the one who is standing here half naked, having sex with," I paused, making a noticeable glare of disgust towards Rain, "her." I saw amusement flicker through his eyes, and my cheeks reddened slightly as he continued to stare at me. Rain gasped, her eyes squinting into slits as she stepped in front of me, her face inches from mine.

"Watch it, bitch. You don't know who you're messing with," she spoke sternly, her dark eyes gleaming. I slowly stepped back from her, letting out a breath I didn't know I was holding. I turned down the hall and started to walk away, murmurs of Harry quietly speaking at Rain following me down the corridor. I immediately saw Zak from where I was standing on the balcony above the first floor, his eyes wild as he took a drink. I walked down the stairs, the heels of my shoes clacking against the dark wood. 

"Zak," I smiled as I approached him, his eyes focusing on me as his hands wrapped around my waist. 

"Hey babe, where have you been?" He questioned, while Niall handed him another cup full of liquid. He downed it quickly and winked at Niall, who laughed and pushed his way through the crowd back towards the kitchen. 

"How much have you drank?" My eyes widened as he took another cup, forcing it down his throat. I pulled the cup away from him, and his eyes widened in shock as I placed it on the table. "Obviously neither of us can drive tonight, so we're going to find an empty room and spend the night here. Let's go," I ordered sternly as I pulled Zak back up the stairs and down the opposite hallway to prevent any further run-ins with Harry or Rain. We jiggled the doorknobs of each door that we came across, all being locked except one at the very end of the hallway. I sighed in relief and pushed open the door, the wood knocking slightly against the cream colored wall behind it. The carpet in the bedroom was deep green, kept neat and clean as well as everything else in the room. A large deep cherry wardrobe was in the back corner of the room, and when opened a TV was behind the doors. The bed was neatly made, the pillows tucked under the comforter at the exact same spot on each side. I shut the door behind Zak, and locked it while Zak collapsed on the bed. I sighed and sat next to him, my hands rubbing circles into his back as he began to fall asleep. I unzipped my romper and let it fall to the floor, taking off my jewelry and setting it on the nightstand. I kicked my shoes off and laid in bed with him. My eyelids felt heavy as I shut my eyes, breathing in the smell of Zak as my breathing became even. 

"I'm about to get sick," Zak yelled as he jolted off the bed and ran out of the room, leaving me alone. My eyes wandered around the dark space, my eyes watched as the little sliver of light that escaped the from hallway and into the room, disappeared as he shut the door. I let out a jagged breath and peeled back the comforter from its neat spot on the bed. The smell of vanilla overwhelemed my nose as I settled into the bed. The sudden smell made me wonder if this was Harry's room that I had inhabited. Then again, the room I found him and Rain in was probably his room. My eyelids closed once again and I drifted off to sleep, thoughts jumping around in my head.


"What the hell?" A voice said, the overpowering raspy sense to it jolting me awake. 

"Zak?" I questioned, my voice soft and harmless against this person's deep and menacing tone. The lights flickered, and as if habit I started to blink rapidly as my eyes adjusted to the new found light. As I peered at the figure that stood near the entrance of the room, my heart stopped. "Harry?" I breathed, heat rushing to my cheeks as he glanced at the pile of clothing on the floor next to the bed.

"This is my room," he spoke loudly, his tone stern as he walked towards the foot of the bed, his boots shuffling against the carpet. 

"I, I'm..." I ran a hand over my face and through my hair before I looked up once again, "I was waiting for Zak," I finished, sitting up and using the blankets to shield my naked body from his view. He watched me as I did this, a smirk of amusement on his face. 

"Are you naked?" He pressed, his eyes squinting slightly as my face darkened in embarrassment. My mouth opened to speak but slowly closed, there was nothing to say to make this any better. "Interesting," he said quietly, taking a step back from the bed. "Well, you need to leave. No one is allowed in my room," he said, the words easily coming out of his mouth. His tone was cold, chilling. My eyes widened as I stared at him, the rudeness of this character reflecting from his eyes.

"I-I'm sorry, I just..." 

"I don't really care...so get up and leave," he spoke again, his voice raising as he began to grow impatient. For some reason tears started to brim at my eyes and I quickly gathered my clothing and put it on as fast as I could. I took my shoes in hand and slid the jewelry into the pocket of my romper. I wiped my eyes as I walked out, slamming the door behind me. I stepped away from the door, but collapsed back against it as more tears started to make trails down my cheeks. Why is he so rude, what the hell is his problem! I began to walk back towards the hall, sighing at my now acquired mission to find Zak. I heard the door open and feet stepping out. "Wait," Harry spoke, his voice soft and gentle like my first encounter with him. 

"What could you possibly want, Harry," I turned quickly, my feet sliding against the wood of the hallway floors. His eyes glanced at the tears flooding down my face, a look of worry surging through his eyes but disappearing quickly. 

"Why are you crying?" He said, his voice just as soft as before. My heart fluttered as he stepped closer towards me, his brow furrowing under his chocolate curls. I shrugged, taking my hand to wipe under my eyes once more and add to the collection of black makeup on my fingers. His hand grabbed my wrist, stopping my movements and pulled it back down to my waist. I stared at him in shock, his fingers cool against my skin. The touch caused an immediate spark to surge through my body, igniting a flame inside me. He pulled me back towards his room, and shut the door softly behind me, locking it. "Sit," he said sternly, his voice still soft. Hearing Harry speak like this caused my heart to pound, this was a Harry I've never seen before. I sat on the foot of his bed and watched him walk towards a bureau that sat in the back corner of his room. His hands fumbled as he pulled the top drawer open, his fingers rummaging through the organized space as he searched for an item. He shut the drawer and came back towards me, sitting next to me on the bed. He left at least a foot or two of space between the two of us, and I felt the need to bring myself closer. He eyed me as I did this, but stayed where he was as he took a tissue from his hand and started to wipe under my eyes. The softness of the tissue felt refreshing against my cheeks, versus the toughness of my fingers. His eyes focused on the trails the tears bore into my cheeks, he used his thumb to trace them gently. I shut my eyes as he did this, more tears streaming down my cheeks. I felt him wipe them away with his thumb, the soft pressure of his finger against my skin surprising. 

"You don't have to do this," I breathed and he turned away, standing from the bed and walking towards the waste basket in the corner of the room. His permanent scowl returned to his face, and I knew I said the wrong thing.

"Whatever. Leave now," he huffed, his eyes hooded as his fists balled at his waist. 

"No," I stood, his eyes widening slightly, my sudden burst of confidence surprising me as well.

"It's my room," he grimaced, his patience wearing thin. He ran a hand through his hair, pushing the curls off his forehead. This small gesture made my stomach flutter, my lip involuntarily taken in between my teeth. "I don't like to be stared at, either," he smirked, his hands sliding into the pockets of the tight gray sweatpants that hung low on his hips. I looked away, heat rushing to my cheeks as I quickly turned away, my teeth clamping down on my lip harder. 

"I wasn't staring," I sighed, tugging my hair into a messy bun on top of my head. His eyes watched me as I did this, the pupils becoming large. I tilted my head as I noticed this, my eyes watching as he looked away, turning and stepping back away from where I stood. "What?" I questioned as his eyebrows furrowed, his eyes scorching a hole in the ground. The room was silent for ages, until he finally spoke.

"Nothing... Leave now," he said harshly, his voice quivering with the sudden anger in his voice. My eyes focused on him as I slowly stepped near him, my feet sinking into the soft carpet beneath them. 

"What's your problem with me?" I choked, my voice coming out barely above a whisper, my eyes brimming with tears. Why am I about to cry when he hasn't even answered my question yet? Harry, having seen the liquid flooding over my eyeballs, rolled his eyes.

"Why are you crying again?" He huffed, his arms folding across his chest as he quickly stepped around me and sat on the very edge of his mattress. 

"You make me nervous," I blurted out, my hands quickly covering my mouth as I said this. His eyes narrowed as I averted from his gaze, turning towards the bureau. I could feel the smirk on his face when I heard the bed creak, the sudden soft and quiet padding of feet following. I felt a cool touch on my bicep, the contact causing me to shiver. His hand slipped around my arm, and he tugged me around towards him so I was peering into his now deep green eyes. 

"Is that so?" He exhaled, his breath smelled strongly of mint as it hit my face. The smell was heavenly, like walking into a field of wildflowers or a restaurant with a fresh baked plate of pastries sitting out on the countertop. 

"What, no," I snapped, pushing against his chest to move him away, yet he didn't budge. "What..." I gaped as he continued to stand in front of me, my shock getting the better of me. The smirk disappeared of his face, a beautiful pout taking its place. His parents did a good job... what would he do if I kissed him? Would he reject me? Why am I even thinking this when I have...Zak! "I have to go," I pressed against his chest harder this time, allowing me enough space to escape my prison. I walked towards the door and turned to look at him, taking in his appearance once more.

"Finally," he spat, and I opened the door sighing and slammed it quickly behind me. "See you, Auden," I heard a laugh as I walked down the hall and started to search for Zak.


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