Life in the Friend Zone

The Friend Zone is a real place. It is like a cross between a boarding school and a hospital. And Dakota Fenway knows it all too well. She entered the friend zone for the first time when she was in fourth grade. She is one of the only girls. The Friend Zone is a mind set, not a physical place. It connects all the minds together who are in the friend zone and you stay there until you break away from the friend. You are told no one has ever broken through the friend zone into something more because it would upset the balance. Dakota has entered in the friend zone once again during her senior year two weeks before prom. She is determined to get her friend Harry Warren to see her as more then a good friend. And no one, not even the Heads of Fate, are going to stop her. Watch as she jumps between the real world and Friend Zone and adds her own sarcastic touch.


17. Skinny Love

    "Finals are over! Wooo! Wooo!" I yelled in excitement as I walked out of my Algebra 2 testing room with Harry and Chloe, the only other people who were in Algebra 2 with me. Jenna, Nova, and Damon took Calculus, and Jared, Shane, and Cory were in Pre-Calculus. They were also the only ones tagging along with me to go to lunch. Jenna, Shane, Cory, and Jared were all juniors and wanted to go look up some colleges at the library. Nova and Damon were going to the skate park to celebrate the end of finals. This left me, Chloe, and Harry to go to lunch then have Harry's mom pick us all up since none of us had licensees yet. (#boohoo) As we walked out I zipped up my coat. 
    "Who said it was okay for it to be cold. Like, really sky?" I said as we walked out of the school towards a McDonald's that was close-bye. 
    "Hey, look on the bright side: they said it's going to be a polar vortex on Monday. Maybe we won't have school?" Chloe added cheerfully. Lucky her. Her comfy wear basically blocked out all cold while my jeans were chilling my legs every time we got a little wind. 
    "Good point. I'm already getting wind chill warnings on" Harry added. 
    "Well, hopefully I can get Shane or Cory to drive us all to the mall if we don't have school." I replied.
    "What about Jenna or Jared? Or Nova or Damon? Don't they all have licensees?" Chloe suggested.
    "Nova and Damon are not allowed to drive with that many people yet. And have you been in the car with Jenna or Jared?" I asked. 
    "Oh c'mon, what's the worst that could happen?" Chloe asked.
    "Jenna goes blind whenever there's a stop sign and Jared doesn't understand the meaning of 'speed limit.' " I explained. 
    "Well, then..." Chloe said, a look of surprise. She was busy both times Jared and Jenna were drivers. 
    "Yeah, we got pulled over by a cop, and Jenna's response was that the stop sign wasn't there." Harry added.
    "The cop then said that she had passed the past three stop signs and then he decided to pull her over." I concluded. 
    "Hopefully I'll be an amazing driver." Chloe thought hopefully. 
    "You haven't even signed up for driver's ed yet. I took it over the summer and now I'm just finishing up and waiting for my birthday." I countered.
    "I'm taking it this semester along with Consumer Education, okay?" Chloe countered right back. 
    We walked into the fast food restaurant and I immediately was met by the smell of french fries. I grinned as we went up to the register. 
    "I'd like a Big Mac meal with a coke for the drink." Harry said as the woman's finger's quickly tapped the screen and a receipt spun out. She ripped the bottom half and handed it to him. Chloe came up and ordered her usual, a Crispy Chicken BLT with Ranch, fries, and a milkshake. The lady gave her a number receipt as well. Next it was my turn. 
    "Yeah, can I get a Happy Meal with Chicken McNuggets, fries, and a diet coke? Oh, and could I get a toy too?" I said nervously. I never really like ordering when talking to people directly. This is why I do drive-throughs.She looked at me with an odd expression before shrugging it off and punching in my order before handing me my number. Soon we all got our orders and sat down in a booth.
    "And why did you get a Happy Meal?" Harry asked. 
    "Dude, they've got teenage mutant ninja turtles this week." I flipped over the box to see that next week would be barbies and rolled my eyes. I reached into the box and pulled out a Strawberry Shortcake doll and my emotions went flat. "Seriously, why can't I just have a boy toy all the time?"
    Chloe and Harry's faces looked as if they were holding back laughter. Suddenly they both couldn't help it and burst out laughing. 
    "What?" I said when suddenly I realized what I said and I could feel my cheeks heating up from embarrassment. 
    "Dakota it's fine don't get embarrassed!" Chloe said, reading my mind.
    "Yeah, we'll make sure you get a boy toy the next time around." Harry joked before laughing. I pinched him jokingly as my embarrassment slipped away. 
    We ate and chatted all about our exams until we had all finished our food. As we got up Harry's phone started ringing. 
    "Hey mom!" he said as soon as the phone reached his ear. "Yeah!...Wait, what do you mean?...Mom how do we get home?....Ok fine...yeah I'm ok...ok bye, tell Nina I said hope she's okay." Me and Chloe had realized from his side of the conversation that we were not getting a ride from his mom. 
    "What's wrong with Nina?" I asked, referring to his nine year old sister. 
    "She just slipped on the kitchen floor and had my mom thinks she broke her fingers so she's taking her to the ER." he explained. "Do you guys have anyone you could call to pick us up?" Suddenly my brother popped into my head. Both my parents were at work but I could get my Wes to pick us up since he didn't have an exam today. I picked up my phone and dialed his number. The phone rang three times and I almost thought he wouldn't pick up before a groggy voice said hello into the phone.
    "Hey, Wes, you think you could pick us from the McDonald's by school?" I asked urgently.
    "Umm, do you have extra money?" he asked. I rolled my eyes.
    "Yes, I have extra money." I said. 
    "Enough for a Chicken McNugget meal?" he asked once again.
    "Yes, and I'll buy you one if you get over here!" I said frustratingly.
    "Whoa calm down sis, I'm on my way!" He replied before hanging up. 
    I looked over at Harry and Chloe. "Okay, Wes is on his way, but he wants a Chicken McNugget meal."    
    Once Wes came he received his meal and when I went to sit in the front, he stopped me.
    "Hey!" I said when he held me back. "What's up with you?"
    "You didn't get me condiments. Chloe can sit up front." I peered in in his bag and saw the ketchup packets clearly.
    "What are you talking about they're right-" I looked up and he was giving me a look. What was going on between those two? Reluctantly I sat in the back with Harry and Chloe climbed into the coveted front seat, the "shotgun" I always received when riding with Wes. I leaned over to Harry.
    "What is going on between Chloe and Wes?" I asked.
    "What, you never knew?" Harry said, looking at me as if I was clueless.
    "Your brother and Chloe have a mutual crush on each other."
    "Since when?" I asked.
    "Since she got moved into his class second quarter of this year. Everyone knows they love each other but there too shy to admit it. Every other girl has just accepted Wes has a special place for Chloe in his heart." Harry explained. I looked over at Chloe and Wes as they shot glances at each other every five seconds before grunting and closing my eyes in frustration.
    "Seriously!" I yelled and Wes looked back. 
    "Are you ok?" he asked.
    "Yeah I'm fine I just remembered how to do a math problem on the exam." I said and he laughed before turning his attention to the road...and Chloe. Harry and I sat in silence, watching Wes and Chloe give look at each other every time there was a stop sign. Finally Chloe was dropped off and we moved along. I decided to talk about Chloe.
    "What's going on between you and Chloe?" I asked Wes immediately.
    "Nothing! Why are you being so suspicious?" he said smoothly. He was always good at hiding his feelings. 
    "Cut the crap. You nearly ran a stop sign you guys were so entranced by each other's presence." I argued. 
    "No true. I'm just not good at driving." he countered.
    "You passed your driving test before everyone else in your class Wes. It was literally the only class you were getting an A in second semester of sophomore year. Now just tell me what's up." 
    Wes opened his mouth as if to say something then snapped it shut. He looked at me and did a millisecond glance towards Harry, who was awkwardly sitting through the conversation. "I'll talk about later. Not with your other friend around."
    As soon as Harry stepped into his house I bombarded Wes with questions. 
    "When did you guys start becoming a thing?"
    "How come I never knew about this?"
    "I can't believe neither of you told me!"
    "Why didn't anyone tell me about this? I am a very secretive person! I can keep lots of secrets!" 
    "Have guys gone on a first date yet?"
    "Wait were you-" Suddenly Wes's hand covered my mouth. 
    "Listen to me 'Kota. I can't answer that many questions. Are you done?" he asked. I nodded and he removed his hand. "Chloe and I started hanging out after she got transferred into the my Spanish class. Then, she and I got partnered up so we started hanging out." He kept averting his eyes.
    "Okay, so how come you guys won't date each other? You two are obviously in love." I stated.
    "No, that's not true. Even if it was, we-I mean, I'm-too shy to admit I might be in love with her." he replied. Oh god, I thought to myself. Is my life like a story or something? Please tell me now, because there is no way my brother and Chloe have a skinny love going on. Alright brain, you got me. Pull out the cameras. Why didn't anyone tell me I was in a rom-com? 
    "Why do you think you're in a rom-com?" Wes asked, confused. I groaned and laid back on the seat tilting my head up and staring at the top of the car.
    "I said my thoughts out loud again didn't I?" I said, squinting my eyes as a way to cringe. 
    "Yup." Wes said, laughing a little. We drove down the road in silence, the car playing music softly in the background. When we got to the house Wes said goodnight since he wouldn't be leaving his room unless for food and water for the rest of the day. I swear, sometimes he's like the cat we had when I was ten. She was named Twizzler, because at the time I was obsessed with Twizzler candy, and she absolutely hated me. Two weeks after we got her she always hissed at me whenever I walked by. And then she just receded into the shadows of the guest room. Just like Wes, I only caught glimpses of her tail and the back of his foot when they came out to eat some food. And when I did see her, she would just sit there and stare at me, unlike Wes, who came out for breakfast so tired he ate his cereal with his eyes closed. 
    The rest of the afternoon consisted of the internet, a box of Pringles that some how became empty for reasons I cannot explain. Let's just say I was really hungry and bored. I laid in bed listening to Pandora when Skinny Love by Bon Iver came on and I immediately thought of  Chloe and Wes, so I promptly turned it to some pop song I'd never heard before. As much as I loved them as a couple, it also made me jealous. Sure, skinny love doesn't last according to Urban Dictionary, but it's still something. I sometimes felt like the person I who might like me was right there under my nose, but I didn't see it because of the friend zone always in my head. I decided to shut off Pandora and go to bed to wake up to a weekend of relaxation after finals. 


I know, I know, it's been a month, but I finished this and wanted to upload it ASAP so pardon any grammar mistakes I just felt bad so I really wanted to put this up. Letting you guys know that Dakota's story is going somewhere and ill try to update soon!

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