Life in the Friend Zone

The Friend Zone is a real place. It is like a cross between a boarding school and a hospital. And Dakota Fenway knows it all too well. She entered the friend zone for the first time when she was in fourth grade. She is one of the only girls. The Friend Zone is a mind set, not a physical place. It connects all the minds together who are in the friend zone and you stay there until you break away from the friend. You are told no one has ever broken through the friend zone into something more because it would upset the balance. Dakota has entered in the friend zone once again during her senior year two weeks before prom. She is determined to get her friend Harry Warren to see her as more then a good friend. And no one, not even the Heads of Fate, are going to stop her. Watch as she jumps between the real world and Friend Zone and adds her own sarcastic touch.


14. My Gift to You for Not Updating!

Oh look, I got bored at school and drew the crew (see what I did there?) Which one do you like or can relate to the most? Leave comments! I love them and they help me update, if you catch my drift. (hint, i might by blackmailing/bribing you guys) ;) Love you guys so much! You guys rock my socks...and maybe even my beanies...

Update comin this weekend,


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