Life in the Friend Zone

The Friend Zone is a real place. It is like a cross between a boarding school and a hospital. And Dakota Fenway knows it all too well. She entered the friend zone for the first time when she was in fourth grade. She is one of the only girls. The Friend Zone is a mind set, not a physical place. It connects all the minds together who are in the friend zone and you stay there until you break away from the friend. You are told no one has ever broken through the friend zone into something more because it would upset the balance. Dakota has entered in the friend zone once again during her senior year two weeks before prom. She is determined to get her friend Harry Warren to see her as more then a good friend. And no one, not even the Heads of Fate, are going to stop her. Watch as she jumps between the real world and Friend Zone and adds her own sarcastic touch.


7. Meeting Harry Warren

    I searched the cafeteria. Being your stereotypical freshman, I got lost finding the cafeteria. I realized that it was literally a floor below my locker. I threw a fist in the air before getting in line for lunch. Two sophomore girls stood in front of me typing away at their phones. All I wanted was some peanut butter and jelly. And here I was waiting in the line that consisted of people who wanted pizza or a burger. I could see the rack of PB and J but noooo, everyone has to wait in the same line. I pulled out my iPod and got through three songs before I got to the PB and J. In my mind I was jumping around and acting like world peace had just been accomplished, but to the rest of the cafeteria I just shrugged and grabbed the PB and J and a diet Coke. Then I paid for the food and exited the lunch line. 
    I don't know why, but whenever you leave the lunch line in high school, it feels like everyone is watching you, just waiting to see where you'll sit. In reality, everyone was focused on their tray of food, but to me it felt like they were all thinking, Where is she gonna sit? Don't you dare sit with us, we're juniors/seniors/sophomores and you're a freshman. Yeah, so I needed to find an empty table soon. I had just found one when-"
    "DK!" a familiar voice yelled. I looked over to see Damon at a table in the corner with Nova and another boy I didn't know. I walked over and sat down.
    "I see you met Nova!" he said. 
    "Yeah, why does he call you DK?" she asked, poking at her plate of fries. 
    "I have no idea." I said. 
    "So, I heard you hit Damon with a Segway." the boy asked, making me jump. 
    "Yeah." I said. 
    "Whoops! Totally forgot! Dakota, this is Harry Warren." 


really short chapter but i wanted to update bad! hope you like it!


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