Loving you

Loving you is about a girl named bella who is not your average girl she's a mermaid for crying out loud! One night she gets kidnapped by five boys and tries to escape. What will happen when she falls for one of the boys? Will she tell him her secret? Or will she forget about him and escape?


2. Oh no!

It was the night of the first full moon and I was already preparing in my room. "Bella come here would you?" My mom said from the kitchen. My mom was very sweet and caring and she wanted what was best for me. I so badly wanted to tell her why I didn't go swimming or dance in the rain like other girls, but I couldn't so my excuse was I was afraid of water. I know it makes me sound like a little scared cat. "Yes mother?" I replied hurrying down the steps. "Bella could you please go out and get some milk" I can't go out its a full moon! I thought to myself. "Umm....can it wait till morning?" I asked innocently. "Bella don't be lazy I need you to go out and get it now." She said annoyed. "Fine..." I replied rolling my eyes. Im not a rebel or a brat i just didnt want to have to risk going crazy tonight. I grabbed my jacket and set my hand on the doorknob. Now I'll just have to make sure I don't look at the sky by now the moon was up. I headed out the door put my hood on and some sunglasses so I had little chance of seeing the moon. I walked down the street with my head down. I was almost there when I heard a van skidding to a stop. I walked a little faster trying not to look back. "get her!" Someone yelled. I didn't even think I started sprinting as fast as I could. Amazing how fast you can run when you have an adrenaline rush.

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