He Is Love (Discontinued)

Angelica is an 18 year old girl. One summer day she decided to go visit her mom, since there was nothing to do. She had to taker the bus all the way to Santa Fe. Everything was all right until...BOOM! The bus crashes, no survivors no nothing. she decided to walk even though there is nothing but dessert and road, despite her current state, her head was bleeding, she was limping, had blurry vision and was nauseous. But she kept going. Then she heard the sound of a vehicle stopping next to her around six o'clock. She panicked, because in the movies a stopping car next to you isn't good, She tries running, but the trips as she has trouble walking. She see's a tall figure with curly hair thought the sun hitting her eyes. Then without warning faints as her body couldn't take it no more.


23. The House

~Angelica's POV~

I decide not to go after Louis since this house is big and I might get lost. I decide to sit in the couch and get on my laptop.

The guys decide to stay here in the living room as well except Louis he's somewhere else. They seem to just watch T.V. I am still pretty mad at them. They overreacted as if we did something bad. I'm not talking to them especially Niall and Zayn until they apologize to me.

The boys go on Netflix and put on Ted. When I saw that movie for the first time I thought it was somewhat funny, but pretty stupid too.

I decide to ignore them and focus my laptop. I click the Google Chrome icon and realize I need their Wi-Fi password.

Should I ask them? Nah.

I make an attempt and type '1Drocks'. I would put 'OneDirection', but their password wouldn't be that obvious.

'INCORRECT PASSWORD ', the little window come up. I try again with '1Direction'.


I type '1D'. 'INCORRECT PASSWORD', I click the "X" and close the window to try again.






'Harry Styles'

'Niall Horan'

'Zayn Malik'

'Liam Payne'

'Louis Tomlinson'

'INCORRECT PASSWORD', I click the "X" for like the tenth damn time.

So I finally give up and type 'OneDirection' and wait a few seconds.

'INCORRECT PASSWORD', I want to just throw the laptop across the damn room.

This is so irritating!

But then I decide to try one more time, 'One Direction', this time with a space in between the words. 'CONNECTED', finally! I proudly and happily open Google Chrome. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It started getting dark and I take a look at the clock. Damn! It's 10:30 PM. I still don't know where I'm going to sleep. Surprisingly they haven't said a word to me except Liam who asked me pass the controller and it's pretty irritating. I close my laptop and get my laptop case to put it away. I decide to look around the house.

The bottom floor where I'm currently has a high ceiling and the big living room, kitchen, and dining room in it. The couch where I was sitting was really comfortable and made of a really soft material. The living room seemed to be decorated in all white except some little things. I exit the living room and there's the kitchen which was mostly all white as well. The counter in the middle with four chairs surrounding it. Behind the counter a little bar with all kinds of alcohol: Wine, Beer, Champagne and much more.

The freezer and fridge are attached; the freezer on top and the fridge on the bottom half. I open the fridge and see so much food. I think I'm going to like it here. I go over to the white oven and it looks expensive. I look in all the cabinets and see all kinds of snacks and food. I go over to the dining room.

The big rectangular table in the middle has eight chairs surrounding it. I decide to go upstairs.

The stairs are spiral and it's a little tiring going up in circles. In the second floor there's a main hallway with six rooms; three on each side of the house.

I walk in a room not really caring who's it is. There is a big window and it seems to be a balcony attached to it. I see a king size bed and I walk over to the closet. To my suspicion it's a walk in closet. I walk over to the balcony and the sight in front of me is unbelievable.

So many lights at night. Colorful lights. All the buildings in front of me: the tall ones and the short ones. I hold onto the railing and take a deep breath and feel a smile come across me. I want to stay like this forever. It's so comfortable, the fresh air and the breeze hitting my face. The beautiful city of London in front of me at night makes it so much better.

"Angelica?", I quickly turn around and find Zayn there. My eyes go wide. "Oh! I, I'm really sorry! I didn't mean to", I say and go back into the room. "No it's okay. It's pretty, huh? At night it's really nice", he smiles. I nod and smile.

I wonder if it's like that in every room. Answering my thoughts he says, "Every room is like this one, the king size bed, the closet, and the balcony. Except the rooms on the other side have a different view." 

"Here let me show you where you're going to be sleeping", he says and leads me to the hallway. I'm hoping that it's on the same side as the other room so I can have the same view.

Luckily Zayn leads me to the last room on the same side. We enter and he was right; they have the same things even the view. The bed looks incredibly comfortable.

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