He Is Love (Discontinued)

Angelica is an 18 year old girl. One summer day she decided to go visit her mom, since there was nothing to do. She had to taker the bus all the way to Santa Fe. Everything was all right until...BOOM! The bus crashes, no survivors no nothing. she decided to walk even though there is nothing but dessert and road, despite her current state, her head was bleeding, she was limping, had blurry vision and was nauseous. But she kept going. Then she heard the sound of a vehicle stopping next to her around six o'clock. She panicked, because in the movies a stopping car next to you isn't good, She tries running, but the trips as she has trouble walking. She see's a tall figure with curly hair thought the sun hitting her eyes. Then without warning faints as her body couldn't take it no more.


12. Mom

~Angelica's POV~

I went to my room. I locked the door and layed on my bed. Just staring at the ceiling. Memories came back and rushed through my mind. I tried not to cry. I bit my lip and closed my eyes feeling tear drops rolling down to my side. I quickly wiped them away and put my suitcases on the bed. We have to leave in an hour to reach the plane to England. Before that I called my mom:

Me: "Hi Mom".

Mom: "Hi honey how ya doing?"

Me: "good how 'bout you? Everything okay?"

Mom: "Ya the nurses here are really nice"

Me: "That's good. Look mom I'm really sorry I couldn't go. I rea-"

She cut me off.

Mom: "No. Don't apologize. In fact im still worried about you? How are you doing? Did the crash damage anything?"

She sounded worried.

Me: "No mom, I'm fine. There's nothing wrong."

She sighs in relief.

Mom: "Okay honey. I have to go, the nurses want to run some more test. Don't worry everything will be alright"

Me: "Okay I'll call or Skype everyday if you want to"

Mom: "Okay, Enjoy England and please be careful. Love you Honey, Love you Lots"

She blew kisses.

Me: Okay Bye mom. I love you!!"

She hung up. Then I felt a tear roll down my cheek. Ever since my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer I've been worried sick and would go visit her every month, but this month, I wasn't very successful in doing so. Also since she was diagnosed she let me do whatever I want. I wouldn't take advantage of that 'cause that's just sick. I would rarely ask for stuff. When I asked her if I could go on tour with One Direction it wasn't hard to convince her. She thinks that since I'm young I should enjoy life. She got like that after being diagnosed with Breast Cancer. When I asked her if I could go on tour I was secretly hoping she'd say no. Well because then I would have a reason to be close to her and I wouldn't deny the guys' offer and seem of as rude.

But all she said was,
"Sure honey go!". I was pretty shocked at this response. Before the cancer she would of easily said "NO". But she didn't. Plus she thinks I should get my mind off of Manny. We only broke up a month ago and I wasn't over him yet.

Speaking of Manny. "Angelica, There's someone here to see you!", Liam said from behind my door.


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