You have to reamber me

Every thing was going great with one direction until one day in the middle of a concert Zayn slipped into a comma. When Zayn wakes up he has no memory of anything. Can the boys bring Zayn's Memory back or will they lose their band mate for ever?


2. Why is every one so quit?

Zayn's pov:

We had just gotten home and the weirdest thing had just happen. On the way home every one seemed so happy and full of life. Like they would never fall asleep. Then we get home right and every one just fell silent the moment they walked threw the door. I walked over to Liam and gave him a poke. He turned and looked at me with a tired look on his face. His look told me everything I needed to know.

I looked at all of them and said, "Good night guys im gonna head to bed now." They all nodded and did the same as me.  I slept the hole night in peace and quit. I couldn't wait for our concert tomorrow! I t was going to be a blast!

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