You have to reamber me

Every thing was going great with one direction until one day in the middle of a concert Zayn slipped into a comma. When Zayn wakes up he has no memory of anything. Can the boys bring Zayn's Memory back or will they lose their band mate for ever?


10. The band splits up

Harry's pov:

I was sitting their with Niall watching him cry his eyes out. Liam and Louis wore talking about what had happened to Niall. Then band was falling apart at the seems. Not to menchion also that Zayn had just gone missing. Who was next to leave the band. I was pulled out of my thoughts by Niall thrashing around crying and screaming in my arms. He was yelling, "LET ME GO HARRY! JUS LET ME GO DIE! I DONT WANT TO LIVE TO ANY MORE!" It was braking my heart as the others to see Niall falling apart at the seems like this.


Niall's pov:

I kept telling my self  it was all my fault. No matter how much the lads told me it wasn't I knew it was. Me and Liam wore down stairs before this happened having a great time and talking. Then we saw Zayn walk down stairs and say that he was leaving the band. I knew then that the band was going to fall apart. I stood their watching Liam start to yell at Zayn for saying he was going to leave the band. That's when things went down hill from their.

I got really scared so I ran upstairs and locked my self in the bathroom. I started to cry my eyes out in their. Then I saw the raiser siting on the sink. I picked it up and lifted my shirt up and slide the raiser across my stomach. Then I heard what sounded like Liam running up stairs and to the door. Then I heard him frankly  trying to get in.


Then he said, "Niall unlock the door and let me in or so help me horn I will brake down this door." I knew he wasn't kidding so I threw out the raiser, wrapped my wound,  dried my tears and opened the door. I didn't dare to look him in the eyes and instead I ran down stairs. Liam was running  down stairs after me yelling, "NIALL! COME BACK HERE!" When he caught me he turned around. I was clutching my wound and still crying. I held my breath hoping that Liam wound't see the cut.


He did that's when he flipped out on me. He said, "Niall what did you do?" He took another look at me and then at the cut. Now he was angry at me. He said, "Niall James Horan you did not just cut ur self! How could you do that!" I was so scared now that I didn't say anything to him. The next thing I knew Liam punched me so hard that I went flying across the table. Then I heard him saying how sorry he was followed by Harry and Louis running down stairs to see what happened. That's where we left off with this story.


Liam's pov:

I was talking to Louis when  Harry stood up with Niall clinging to him like a scared child. We stood their staring at him waiting to see what he was going to say. He said, "I cant believe that I am saying this, but me and Niall are leaving the band. Its clear to me now that we wont last much longer with out Zayn and Niall is scared to death of Liam. Also Niall needs to be in a normal relaxing environment and that's what im going to do for him." We wore both shocked but I agreed with them. I stood up and said to Louis, " I know Lou that this is not what you want to hear right now but im leaving the band too." Louis burst into tears but I knew that he understood. With that we all left Louis's house and went our serpent ways. Well every left but Lou cause well he lived their.


Louis's pov:

I cant believe the band just broke up.



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