You have to reamber me

Every thing was going great with one direction until one day in the middle of a concert Zayn slipped into a comma. When Zayn wakes up he has no memory of anything. Can the boys bring Zayn's Memory back or will they lose their band mate for ever?


3. The accident

Louis's pov:

It was the next day and I did the same thing I got up ate breakfast I got dressed and we all headed to the studio for a sound check. Then we had to head  to a meat and great. The one thing we wore doing today that I was looking forwarded to besides our concert to night. I was waiting down stairs now when the rest of the lads came down stairs. The weird thing was Zayn seemed to be acting like Niall and Niall seemed to be acting like himself and Zayn.

I just brushed it off and started to walk to the door. The rest of the boys followed. The sound check seemed to go by really fast which was good. Then we had the meat and great. I put on my biggest smile and got ready for the fans. Their wore so many fans here today it was crazy. Any way we had a blast is prayed silly string on the boys and pelted the fans with water balloons. They wore all laughing and having a blast.

Now the time had come we wore on stage sinning our hearts out. We wore singing moments. It was Zayn's part he was running down the walk way. That's when it happened my heart skipped a beat as I stood their in tear. Zayn slipped and went flying in the air. BY the time I got to him he was lying on the floor his head was bleeding and he was unconshies. I screamed as loud as I could.

I stepped back the lads all ran over and Niall collapsed to the floor right by Zayn's body. He was shaking him saying, "Zayn come on wake up. Tell us your okay Zayn." He didn't move. All the fans started crying and screaming. I ran back stage told them what happened and called 9-1-1. They wore here with in an hour. I know that none of us will forget this night.

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