You have to reamber me

Every thing was going great with one direction until one day in the middle of a concert Zayn slipped into a comma. When Zayn wakes up he has no memory of anything. Can the boys bring Zayn's Memory back or will they lose their band mate for ever?


7. Leting go

Harry's pov:

Its now been 3 months since the accident and Zayn still didn't know who he was. I was starting to give up hope in him and frankly I think he was starting to give up on him self to.


Zayn's pov:

I took a deep breath making sure that I could reamber the brown curly haired boys name. I did, His name was Harry I think. I took another deep breath and walked up to his door. I knocked on it and waited for  him to open  he did. He opened the door with a big smile on his face. He said, "Hey um.. Zayn what's up?" I smiled at him and said, "Hi Harry I was thinking that it's been 3 month's now and nothings clicked with me. So I have mad the desion to h\quite One Direction. Tell the boys for me thanks. Ill see you around by."


I didn't dare to turn around but I could  feel his shocked look starting into my back. I just kept walking. I went to my rom packed my stuff up and walked out of the house. I turned around to look back at the house with those nice lads in them. I said, "I'm sorry that I let you guys down." Then I started to walk again.


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