You have to reamber me

Every thing was going great with one direction until one day in the middle of a concert Zayn slipped into a comma. When Zayn wakes up he has no memory of anything. Can the boys bring Zayn's Memory back or will they lose their band mate for ever?


1. Best concert ever

Zayn's pov

I was standing their watching the lads sing their hearts out. I started to think where would I be right now if I had never meat them and never done the X-Factors. Where would the world be if One Direction had never been formed. I was pulled out of my thoughts when Niall who was siting next me gave me a nudge as if to say Zayn come on it's your turn. We had preformed all the songs we wore told to do and still had a lot of time left in the concert.

To tell you the truth now we wore just taking request form the fans. Right now we wore sing What Makes You Butifle. I'm guessing my part came up. I got up off my seat and started to sing my heart out. This concert really would be one of the best one's that we have ever had in the history of our concerts. The fans wore screaming and singing their hearts out along with us. I was crying at one point because I was just so happy.


Then it was over just like that the moment was gone and the concert had ended. I heard Harry saying, "Good night Loden thank you so much for having us!" Then Liam joined in saying, "You wore a great aduice Loden I hope we get to come back here again soon!" Niall did a jump in the air ounce again making the crowd go wiled. I ran and jumped on Lou's back and got a piggy back ride off the stage.


"That was the best night ever!" I heard Niall scream as soon as we got back stage. We all laughed at him. He just gave us a funny face then walked away and stuffed his face. I started to think that nothing could go wrong tonight. Sure was I wrong about that!

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