The Potter's guardian and friend Christina Numair

Christina Numair a half blood who can turn into a wolf whenever becomes friends with Lily Evans and becomes her guardian in secret once they graduate from Hogwarts. ( This Fanfiction is written sort of like the books but with a few changes I do not own Harry Potter but I do own Christina Numair.)


2. The Headmaster and the Visions

Then she saw a sign looking like a stick she walked in the door curiosity overwhelmed her then she look at the list that said wand she remembered what the old wizard had been holding and then realized this was a wand shop and walked up to the bell and made it ring.

The wand shop owner a man whose hair was turning a bit white/gray greeted her then asked her to try a wand she did till one chose her it was made of Wormwood and unicorn hair with a small bit of phoniex tail feather, looked back at her list and crossed off “get a wand”
 and put her wand in a string she had tied into a necklace and tied it decently tight but not too tight, she looked at her list again it said for next “books” She looked for a sign that showed a book.

 She found the book store which was small and packed but she had to go in there so she said kindly to everyone to allow her through they all stared at her seeing the cuts,bruises and burns made them look but she ignored them to the best she could then searched each shelf for the books she needed grabbed them and paid the bookstore owner and stepped out through the large crowd.

crossed off “ get school books” Then she headed to get everything else once she did, she walked towards the playground again and slept in the tree yet again she saw the two young children again talking and having fun it made her feel sad.
She fell asleep next morning she saw the red haired girl and her parents heading to the train station she gathered all her things and set off. When she arrived there she saw others carrying about the same things she was and watched as they ran through a pillar at the train station and disappeared she tried the same thing once no one was looking and appeared on the other side with a similar train station except the train was different and the sign read “ station 9 3/4”
 She hurried aboard the train and sat in a empty compartment and looked out the window and listened as other students came aboard once and awhile people would ask to sit and she would says it fine without looking at them and she gasped in fear when she looked slightly more to the right of the window her adoptive parents where there looking for her...

Luck was on her side though the train began moving once they had finally spotted her and many parents waved good-bye to their children till the landscape was all you could see, she watched as vast and high mountains raced past her then a forest then some lakes and oceans and finally,
 She arrived at a big foreground with masses of trees and a large black lake a man with a lantern appeared and told all first years to get into the boats to head into the castle Christina took another look at the man and realized he was very big and tall also had a small blackish beard growing he made sure no-one fell in the lake, once they reached land she took a deep breath and steadied her wobbly legs and followed the others up to the castle in line like they were told and when they entered the castle grounds she felt happiness consume her, then they walked into the school following a women with a crooked hat and emerald green robes and small circular spectacles and she spoke a decently firm but gentle voice and said “ You all will now follow me and as I call your names alphabetically you will then sit on a stool and the sorting hat will be placed upon your head and you will then be sorted into the proper house of which you will join.”

Everyone walked forward and entered a great room with candles floating in the air and they all waited and listened intently for their names and when Christina name was called she heard her name the only sound she heard was the fast pounding of her heart in her ears and everything slowed down slowly she walked forward towards the hat on the stool and Professor Mcgonagall stood waiting then gently placed the hat on Christina’s head and the hat began to move and then spoke “ There is no doubt in my mind you belong in GRYFFINDOR!”

 but at that moment her parents stormed in and the headmaster immediately stood and said “ May I ask why it is you come here interrupting this glorious celebration.” My parents took a deep breath then said “ Our daughter belongs in Slytherin just like the rest of the family” she shivered the headmaster looked at the parents and then said “ The hat has chosen but since you are her parents then we will place her in the house of your choice.”
 Christina glumly walked towards the Slytherin table and sat in a open space they congratulated her when she looked at her adopted parents they gave a look that pretty much screamed YOU WILL BE PUNISHED LATER she shivered at the look then enjoyed the feast thinking about what classes where in store for them,once they were dismissed she walked to her dormitory which lied in the dungeon and headed up to the girls tower to go get changed and went to sleep wishing that she would be in a dormitory with red and gold not green and silver she liked the color silver but she didn't like snakes at all no she loved lions.

 During the night she saw a vision which caused her to sleep walk into a empty corridor and stand by the window staring lifelessly out into the darkness of night, then she saw a series of fragments of pictures and then a blinding white light and a soft hand on her shoulder which made her jump it was the headmaster.
  He didn’t look angry then he asked for her to accompany him in his office, Christina nodded then followed the headmaster and listened to the password so she could remember it. entered the small room that held a large stone Bird that slowly turned as you stood in the middle of the room Oh! and in front of the entrance to the headmasters entrance sits a gargoyle who always asks for the password.

 Once the room stopped spinning Christina and the headmaster stepped through and into his brightly decorated office which was red and gold like gryffindor even though he favored all the houses the same he mainly liked the colors then I saw a beautiful crimson bird perched in the headmasters office that looked at me strangely proud I quickly turned my head the other way then the Headmaster Dumbledore asked me to sit in a chair right in front of his desk.
I did as he told me to and then looked at him once he sat down and I waited for him to start speaking and then he asked me gently “What did you see?” I then answered him “ Nothing except for pieces of things it wasn’t clear enough for me to see anything really.

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