The Potter's guardian and friend Christina Numair

Christina Numair a half blood who can turn into a wolf whenever becomes friends with Lily Evans and becomes her guardian in secret once they graduate from Hogwarts. ( This Fanfiction is written sort of like the books but with a few changes I do not own Harry Potter but I do own Christina Numair.)


6. Strange Misshaps

Christina in her wolf form looked down and away again feeling ashamed that she could not protect his parents like she was ordered to.  As the sorting continued she enjoyed the sound of cheerful chatter erupting amongst the house tables and staff table, Christina laid her head down staying calm and waiting for out-pour of students so she could start her job of guarding the castle and think about old thoughts. Before the students left Dumbledore made one more announcement and yes it was about me he informed the students that I would be patrolling the halls. I watched as many eyes looked at me some in anger, fear and wonder I didn’t squirm or look back but mainly stayed as I was.

Once the great hall was empty I followed Albus into his office and there I knew he had to tell the staff who I was but also warn them of the consequences for if the ministry ever found out, as soon as I entered the headmaster’s office the whole staff looked at me then Albus Dumbledore spoke “ This is no ordinary pure white wolf, I am about to tell you why but you must not allow anyone of the ministry to find out. This wolf is a Lycanthrope once she shows her human self you will recognize her, she is to keep guard of the castle and its grounds she will report back to me. Now if you please show the staff you're familiar face.”

I closed my eyes and a moment later my human appearance showed and I heard many gasps and aww’s. A flash of pure hatred showed in Snape’s eyes as he said “ You” a slight sneer showed on my face “ I had to, you have no idea what it’s like when the ministry is after your head for just being what you are...a dying breed” Snape snickered then said “ why does a breed like yours exist to carry fleas?” I rolled my eyes then said “ No I exist to help the aurors catch the bad guys or to guard schools.” Albus then cleared his throat warning me not to go any further I backed off and turned back to a wolf and sat to his left.

Albus then said kindly but sternly “ No one else is to know of the truth of the wolf or wolves, they are here to help me keep an eye on things also so they have somewhere to live" everyone quietly nodded, snape continued to glare at me but I only snickered. Albus then asked for me to watch the third floor corridor and make sure no students opened the forbidden chamber. For a couple of months no students entered the third floor corridor or chamber then one day Harry Potter and his friends entered the corridor by accident then in an attempt to hide from Filch they ended up entering the forbidden corridor.

I watched as Harry and his friends quickly ran out of the third floor corridor and back onto the staircase towards their house common rooms, then quietly I began to walk around the third floor corridor to make sure no-one else other than Filch and Mrs.Norris his cat was walking about. As I was patrolling I heard footsteps it was Severus I gave him a puzzling tilt of the head he scowled at me and walked off. I rolled my eyes knowing he did not want me to see what hes up to so I keep walking and patrolling till I reach the great hall. I imagine all the halloween decorations knowing it won't be too long till they are put up.

On Halloween I look at all the floating jack-o-lanterns and the live flying bats it makes me smile a bit till I hear rushed footsteps this causes my head to turn in the middle of Albus's speech it was Quirrel and he began yelling " Troll in the dungeon! Troll in the Dungeon! I thought you all might of wanted to know" he said before falling face first on the ground. I got up swiftly before anyone else and started to head to the dungeon but the troll scent was leading towards the girls bathroom which I thought was strange but in any case I ran that way and saw the troll but then I also saw its own club hit it in the head, I peeked over the corner and saw ron casting " Wingardium Leviosa" also notice Harry putting his wand in the trolls nose which makes me feel like gagging.

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