The Potter's guardian and friend Christina Numair

Christina Numair a half blood who can turn into a wolf whenever becomes friends with Lily Evans and becomes her guardian in secret once they graduate from Hogwarts. ( This Fanfiction is written sort of like the books but with a few changes I do not own Harry Potter but I do own Christina Numair.)


7. ( End of book 1) The sorcerer stone

I move out of the way when I hear several rushing footsteps and watch as Albus, Severus and Minerva plus madam ponferey rushing by then gasping when they see the un consious troll. Albus looked at me after the three spoke I gave him a look that said Miss Granger did nothing wrong the troll seemed to be heading straight for her, Albus nodded but looked at the others and said that they needed to figure out how the troll got out of the dungeon...

Then one day I noticed Harry, Ron and Hermione also Quirrel dissappeared I followed Harry's scent of smell and realized where they went into the chamber suppose to be protected for the philosophers stone also I knew Albus was not at Hogwarts today so I rushed to Minerva barking at her madly to get her attention about the stone being in danger. She looked at me sternely then we had Hermione and Ron rushing in to confirm my wondering and she looked at me I nodded then went through all the traps placed to protect the stone: fluffy, Devil Snare, Flying Keys, a giant wizard's chess chessboard and finally a potion test then I smelled fire and when i entered the last chamber I saw Harry laying on the ground unconsious with the stone in his right hand.

I gently picked Harry up and slid him on my back and gracefully but quickly rushed him to the hospital wing then went to visit Nicholas Flamel a friend of mine and noticed Albus was with him they both decided to destroy the stone, Harry and his friends were fine and the stone destroyed so I semi-sadly watched all the students leave to board the Hogwarts Express but I knew they would be back next year.


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