The Potter's guardian and friend Christina Numair

Christina Numair a half blood who can turn into a wolf whenever becomes friends with Lily Evans and becomes her guardian in secret once they graduate from Hogwarts. ( This Fanfiction is written sort of like the books but with a few changes I do not own Harry Potter but I do own Christina Numair.)


5. A new Job and a new chance..

Then Hagrid told me to go ahead and speak to the headmaster other known as Albus Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, who was my headmaster while I attended Hogwarts and also he was the one who visited me at the orphanage so I owed him greatly and as I entered the brass iron doors at the front I smiled wide cause I was so happy and excited to be in this old castle again.
By the way I didn’t really feel any emotion at all just faked it even though I did feel something in my non-beating heart maybe my soul felt it, could be possible in a way or maybe not... Anyways 
I walked into the entranceway of the castle and turned toward the alone gargoyle and approached it and said the password that I knew because Hagrid told me it. I entered the massive office and then spotted Fawkes, smiled and sat down in a seat and waited on Albus to arrive. After a few minutes Fawkes flew to Albus’s shoulder and they both looked at me gently.
Looking into his light blue sent a spark of light into my eyes and then he said “ What brings you here Christina?” I spoke kindly but seriously “ I am to apply for a job at your lovely school as a guard.” He looked at me with his piercing kind light blue eyes and I looked back with my hazel vampiress eyes so he knew I was telling the truth and looking for nothing more.

Then he asked me “ Why be a guard when you know enough to be a teacher?” I then said “ You have a fine staff of teachers already but only one guard.” Smiling. Dumbledore laughed then replied “ Alright you may be a guard but where will you rest?” I answered “ I will rest in the forbidden woods with my half-brothers the centaurs.

Dumbledore nodded then said work starts tomorrow. I smiled then became a wolf once I was out of his sight, I ran to the forbidden woods found a hollow cave in-between the centaurs and the Arachnid's. I tried to sleep but visions of Harry coming to Hogwarts swarmed my mind causing me to awake. It was Dawn I stretched out my paws silently clawing the ground as my stiff bones cracked then relaxed and I walked fast towards the gate that allowed me to enter Hogwarts grounds and then I saw Hagrid approach the gate and see me bark for him to let me in through the gate. He did only because he saw no problem with creatures of the forest, once I was let in by hagrid crouched low to him and gave him a bow as thanks.

Hagrid looked at me as though I was mad then I ran to the brass doors that opened into the castle and slipped through the small crack in the door and entered and looked till I found the gargoyle that guarded the headmasters office and I barked to the gargoyle in perfect english “Lemon Drop” The gargoyle jumped aside but scratched his head confused at why an animal spoke to him. I walked forward onto the platform that rose to the headmaster’s office door, I raised a paw and scratched his door till it was opened. Fawkes flew over and gently landed on my shoulder I looked up at Dumbledore’s sparkling white beard and his sky blue eyes he then said once I looked up “ Hello Christina” I made a small growl then he said “ Ah sorry I forgot Fast-Wind” I smiled at him knowing to show him I accepted his apology.

Then a few minutes later a large knock is heard and Dumbledore says “ Come in” I move back out of the way with Fawkes still upon my shoulder, in walks Hagrid who notices me and looked at Dumbledore slightly confused and asked him about me and what he wanted him for. I looked at Dumbledore as he spoke “ This wolf is one of our new guards along with any others who join her. Also she is a guest and a friend.” I did a slight bow towards Hagrid to show that Dumbledore’s words are truthful.
Dumbledore then added after the bow “ Also perhaps she will aid you and Fang when scouting the forest” Hagrid nodded then Dumbledore asked me to leave while he tell Hagrid of the secret job he asked Hagrid to do, I heard the whole thing but agreed with Dumbledore it would be safer if the object stayed in the castle. I decided to patrol for a bit then I froze in front of the entrance to the dungeons and decided to look inside them once more, I realized it looked exactly the same as I walked through it everyday. I walked toward the potion class door just to peek inside but I quickly moved back when I saw Snape in there instead of my professor Slughorn I growled slightly. I have hated Snape for quite some time now that he had not gone to Azkaban like me and Sirius I looked down knowing I left him there in the darkness and cold of the dementors breath, I shivered slightly remembering the place.

I left the dungeon quickly not wanting Snape to see me and recognize me lets just say my school years were full of evasiveness, evading everyone was my top priority except for Lily for some reason I didn’t want to hide or evade her. I believe it is because she was like a sister to me, a younger sister who I protect which didn’t end up happening instead me and Sirius two of Lily and James friends were charged with the the aiding of their deaths. I was sentenced to Azkaban for life and my son was automatically sent to his father a death eater.

I began to shake with rage then quickly gained control of myself, it was not the time to lose control of my hidden emotions. I walked out of the dungeon and began patrolling the castle then I had this weird feeling every time I walked past the new professor Quirrell, once the school year actually started Albus allowed me to “rest” in the great hall and watch everything and watch the sortings. For me it was always interesting to see what house the 1st years end up in. A small smile and smirk appears on my face as I watch who enters the Gryffindor house those who entered the Gryffindor table where Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger and many others joined the Gryffindor table but her already stopped heart felt as if it stopped once more when the name Harry Potter was mentioned.

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