Return from the Dead

*(Read "The Hybrid" first)*
Harry is over Rachel's death. He is dating Haley and no one talks about Rachel's death. It has been almost over a year since Rachel's death and Harry starts to have dreams of Rachel as November 13 comes closer. It bothers him a lot, he tells Dr. Jones and in the exzact day as Harry leaves the hospital, Rachel returns from the dead.


2. The Bloody Monster

Dr Jones POV

She was finally awake from her dark slumber...

"Dr. Jones..." She was gasping..

"Yes?" I asked.

"Run.." She said..

I turned around walking closer to her.. She looked like she was about to collapse on the floor..

"Rachel, I can help you.." I said..

"I said RUN!!" Her vampire side was unleashed. Red bloodlust eyes, Fangs, claws.. The whole package..

Blood... She wanted to get her hands on some blood.

She threw a table again the wall and doges everything I thrown at her...

"I want blood!!" She grabbed a vase smashing it through the window causing shards to hit my body.

"Rachel!! Calm down.."

"No!" She seen my cut and instantly ran for the blood dripping of my hand..

I threw a blood bag at her and she drank it like no tomorrow..

"Rachel-" I was cut off by screams of pain. She dropped to the ground blood dripped out if her eyes.. Vervain with blood..

She got up mad.. And she dug her teeth in my neck and ran off.

"God dammit!" I yelled in pain..

Rachel's POV

I want blood.. All I want is blood..

I ran across two teenage girls playing in the woods...

One of them fell and started bleeding..

The scent of the blood fills the air.

Don't do it Rachel...

You are better.. Do do it-

I run up to them and I'm draining one girl..

The other screams yelling, "Please!! Stop!!"

Once I'm done with the girl, I'm draining her too..

I combine their outfits and end up putting a purple button up, a black blazer, black jeans, and 2 inch heeled boots..

I end up cleaning my mess..

Eventually someone will find it.. Well it looks like an animal attack..

I run away going to the school... I wonder if people think I'm dead..

I walk into the school and the halls were filled with people..


"Hey." I heard and turned around facing wide eyed Jackson..

"Ra-" I covered his mouth and dragged him into a room..

"I thought you were dead!!" Jackson yelled.

"Quiet down.." I said with my eyes turning red, fangs and claws coming out and he obeyed..

"I want to know.. Does everyone know that I am dead?"

"You were dead? No.. Everyone thinks you moved away."


*awkward silence*

"What are you doing back?" Jackson asked trying to start a conversation.

"I woke up from the dead a few hours ago.. I'm officially a hybrid.."

"What do you mean?"

I turned around staring at him..

"I died and my vampire side wants something to feed on." I said talking to him in my vampire form.

"Rachel... Calm down.. You're better than this." He said placing his hand on my shoulder.

"No!" I said throwing him against the wall..

He groaned in pain..

"I'm human.. Rachel." He coughed out.

"I'm not... All I can think about is killing people and draining them of their blood! You don't know how bad I want to do that to you." I said walking closer to him.

"By the way.. Try to keep 'Rachel's alive thing a secret'... I'm dead Jackson!" I said.

"Why... Do you want to be dead?"

"I've always been dead.. No one needs to know now.."

The door of the room flew open and a boy ran in.

"Jackson! Rachel?! Jackson!! Are you o-" I jumped on the kid and started draining him..

"Please! Don't!" The kid begged..


I twisted his neck and the boy dropped to the ground.

"Now dead..."

I took one last glance at Jackson...

"That will happen to you if you tell people that I'm alive.."

And I left.

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