Return from the Dead

*(Read "The Hybrid" first)*
Harry is over Rachel's death. He is dating Haley and no one talks about Rachel's death. It has been almost over a year since Rachel's death and Harry starts to have dreams of Rachel as November 13 comes closer. It bothers him a lot, he tells Dr. Jones and in the exzact day as Harry leaves the hospital, Rachel returns from the dead.


4. "I've changed babe.."

Rachel's POV

It was morning and the guys were gonna go to school..

"Hey, one more thing... Don't try.. Or don't fall in love with anyone.." I said..

"What makes you think that will happen?" Demetri said..

"I mean, I'm only going to destroy that fool, called "The Hybrid" and was once called "Your Boyfriend" Darien said looking like he was going to break something.

"Do whatever you want, just don't tell people I'm alive.." I said crossing my arms..

"Why not?" Demetri asked.

"Because my crazy ex will come after me.." I said rolling my eyes..

"She has definitely changed." Darien said with a chuckle..

"I'll do the pleasure and kill him..." Darien said..

"Good." I said patting his chest..

"Now you guys need to go... If you get into any trouble.. Call me.. I'll do something about it..." I said shooing them away..

Stiles' POV

Something feels off..

Scott and I were at our lockers talking..

"Derek's making a pack.. Ever since he became alpha, he is quiet the douche.." Scott said..

Maybe that's what felt off..

"Well he's Derek.. He'll do anything for power.. Am I right?" I say with a smirk..

All of a sudden, the doors fly open and the twins walked in.

Dead twins...

"I thought they were dead.." I say and Scott turns around and his mouth drops open..

That's definitely what felt off..

They walked past us and I've realized they were the new heart throbs..

"Well, that's more BS Scott.." I mumbled as I slammed my locker closed..

Scott's POV

Stiles and I walked to class..


We are in the same class of the two...


I say in history class listening to the teacher talk while the girls started taking glances at them..

Wow, stars of the class..

"Things couldn't get worse.." I mumbled as Harry walked in.

I said it too soon..

Harry stared at Darien wide eyed and Darien stared at him with the same face..

"Mr. Styles, please take a seat beside Mr. Cromwell.."

"Stiles... Take a seat beside the Cromwell.." Harry said pointing to Stiles who was sitting beside me..

"He's talking to-"

"You, Stiles" Harry gave Stiles the "I'll kill you if you don't" look.

Stiles got up and sat beside Darien and Harry sat beside me.

Harry started writing something and he passed it to me..

"How the hell are they alive?!" It said..

"I don't know?! That's what I'm wondering!!" I sent back,

"This makes me think.. Rachel might be alive then." Harry sent..

"I don't know about that.." I sent back.

"Darien isn't that a blood stain your shirt?" The teacher asked.

Demetri answered, "Umm, Darien gets major nose bleeds in the mornings here and there.."

"Oh wow.. Do you want to change-"

"Yeah." Darien said.

"I'll go get my extra shirt for him." Demetri said..

And they both left the classroom..

"Mr..... Teacher.. Can I please go to the bathroom?" Stiles asked.

"Yes, you can Stiles.."

"Okay.. Thanks" Both Harry and Stiles said getting up and leaving.

The teacher just shrugged.

Harry's POV

I walked into the halls with Stiles..

"I actually want to go to the washroom Harry.." He said.

"Then go... I'm not stopping you.." I said and he left.

Darien and Demetri walked in the halls.

"What are you doing here?" I asked with an angry look..

"We should be asking the same thing.. Oh, how is Haley both way?" Demetri said.

"How did you get blood on your shirt Darien?"


"Drinking who?" I asked.

Darien smirked, "Your dead girlfriend, of course.. She was moaning my name and enjoying every single bit.."

"So she is alive?" I asked and a tear rolled down my face.

"She is in between life and death.." Demetri said..

"You enjoyed watching her die slowly, didn't you?" Darien said and I lost it going to attack them.

"No!!" I heard a scream.

I turned around..


"Please, Harry.. Don't kill them.. Do you wanna be a monster like them?! Please don't!!" She was crying.

"Rachel, you, how-" She ran and was hugging me..

"I didn't die." She said and smiled at me..

All of a sudden, I felt her fangs piercing my skin..


She was drinking more than usual..

When her mouth and my neck were separated, she stared at me and smiled..

"Rachel, where have you been my love?"

Rachel grabbed my neck and smashed me into the ground..

My eyes went wide and she stared at me with a smirk..

"I've changed babe.."

She got me up and held my neck..

"Don't.." I coughed out and she clawed my throat out..

I started loosing consciousness..

This wasn't going to be a good day..

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