Like a Slap in the Face

Oliver Wood is an insufferable good-for-nothing twit.
All he does is swagger around, flaunting his Quiddich title and show off his godly good-looks. Wood is the sort of person who is bloody gorgeous and knows it. He isn't afraid to show it off either. And boy does he make an effort of strutting around, sending his petty fan girls winks. He can't keep his self-obsorbed, nosy attitude to himself, either. And the toerag can go die in a hole full of nagging, strict Percy Weasleys and sharp basilisk fangs for all I care.
But don't get me wrong, I love the guy.


8. Delly is BACK

Potions was...awkward. 
The entire period Kats theory had been snaked inside my head.
What made in more awkward was the fact that I actually thought mini Olivers would be cute. 
Ew, gross. What kind of drug did Katie slip into my food?
Sure they would be adorable, but I'll be their aunt–never ever the mother. 
"Strange, focus before I smack you!" Oliver hissed, dumping a plate of mashed goat eyes to our potion. I sighed, turning back to the partner assignment. We had to complete the assignment in less than twenty minutes. Snape is such a poohy. 
"Now stir the damned potion!"
Sticking out my tounge, I picked up my mediacore wooden ladle and dipped it into the potion. 
Once clockwise...thrice counter clockwise...pause....
Ugh this is stupid! I despise potions! Even more than I despise Canary Creams!
"Stupid assignment...stupid Kat...stupid Leesh...stupid Angie...stupid Oliver..." I muttered, glaring into the potion.

By the end of class, Oliver and I had maraciously finished our potion. I truley do not know what I had created, but a wise man once told me, 'oh well'. I was so eager to escape the cloud of awkwardness I had condemned myself to that I didn't even stick around to see what it did. 
Inappropriate guestures still had been thrown to me. It was exhausting. 
I didn't really pay any attention to the rest of the day. It was all learn, learn learn. Talkity-talk, nag, brag. Stupid people. 
After classes were over I found myself huddled next to the twins in a far corner, plotting revenge on the Slytherins. The sibilings love between them and I goes deep.
"What do you propose we do, George?!"
"Poison in their dinner?"
"Break their brooms?"
"Curse their clothes?"
"What about some good old framing?! Y'know...cut off Snape's hair and blame it on them?"
I shook my head sadly. "Too obvious."
After a minute of their thinking faces, George grinned. "Or we could just let Wood know. He'll probably send em to the hospital wing faster than we can hex them." Immeadiately my eyes widened. 
"No, definently not!"
"But why? It'd be entertaining to watch." I look at the twins with an incredulous expression. 
"I want revenge. Not death." 
"C'mon, Delly!" Grinned Fred. "Wood 'll find out anyway!"
"Find out what?" 
Instantly, my face went pale. The gingers in front of me wore wicked grins. "Oh nothing! Just that–" I launched forward, smacking my palm over George's mouth. 
"Shwiverid wiles Derly's burt!"
The expression on Oliver's face was clearly confused. It was kinda cute. Instantly, my cheeks grew warm. Did I really think that? 
"He said–" Fred attempted to elaborate, but I smacked my other hand over his mouth. 
"Bye!" I chirped, urging him away. "Go! I–I need to talk to these guys about–about...pranking! Yeah, that!" Reluctantly, the Quiddich Captain left.
As soon as he left I turned to the two idiots. 
"You arses!" I shouted, smacking their heads. "Do you have any clue what he would of did?! You know about his muggle-violence tendancies!" Sheepishly they grinned. 
"Sorry, Del."
"Yeah, sorry 'bout that..."
With a grudging sight, I smiled. 
"S'all right. Now, what do you say we go prank somebody, eh?"

Later that evening Katie had drug me from the twins and to the the sixth year dorms. Who knew somebody so small possessed so much muscle? Gee...
"Delira Strange! Shut your little devil up this instance!" She barked, pointing behind her bed. Aeron is meowing.
"Oh Katie! She's not bothering anyone!" We peeked behind to bed to see her throwing around a dead rat in her paws. "Look! She's so cute!" I cooed. 
Katie raised any eyebrow. "Not to whoever's rat that is."
Oops...people own rats...right....
"Fine..." I reached down and scooped Aeron into my arms. "It's alright baby. I can get you another toy, would you like that?"
"Good! How was your day?"
"It's been alright. I just kinda want food, y'know?"
"Okay! Kats imma go to the kitchens with Aeron; we're hungry."

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