Like a Slap in the Face

Oliver Wood is an insufferable good-for-nothing twit.
All he does is swagger around, flaunting his Quiddich title and show off his godly good-looks. Wood is the sort of person who is bloody gorgeous and knows it. He isn't afraid to show it off either. And boy does he make an effort of strutting around, sending his petty fan girls winks. He can't keep his self-obsorbed, nosy attitude to himself, either. And the toerag can go die in a hole full of nagging, strict Percy Weasleys and sharp basilisk fangs for all I care.
But don't get me wrong, I love the guy.


9. A Look into the Life of Aeron


Andy here! I thought long and hard about Delly's little Aeron. I came with the idea of making a chapter about the cat. What do Hogwarts's animal do all day? And let's just pretend cats can see all colors, eh? After all this is a school of magic

From behind a lamp the predictor watched it's pray, snarling loudly, ready to pounce. The poor human wasn't aware of the pending danger less than a foot away. While they fumbled with clothes in the drawer, the demon waited for the right moment. And ever so slowly, the person lifted their head, pausing when they met the eyes of the beast. 
Aeron jumped, flying right into their face, claws ready. Instantly, the petty human fell back, landing on their back. 'You can't escape me now...' The cat thought maliciously, clawing the human's cheeks. Yesterday the cat had attempted an attack, but her master had showed up. Now the cat attacked in the annoying human's sleeping place. Nothing could stop her of reaching her goal.
"Perce?" Except that. Startled, Aeron dived under the bed, only to watch the scene before her. A tall human entered the room. She recognized this person. He was the one who brought her to Master. She can't hurt this one. 
"C-c-cat!" The human with red fur stuttered, pointing under the bed at Aeron. Slowly, the tall one peeked under and right into the green eyes of Aeron. 
Before either human could move, she leaped out, exiting the room at the speed of light. 
'Close one...'
She'll have to wait for another perfect moment. Maybe in a deserted hall...
Acting as if nothing happened, Aeron wandered the common room, hissing as a few smaller people passed. It was time for a well deserved meal. Her hunting the annoying human didnt work, so she shall eat food off the table in the place where Master eats. So Aeron wandered to the portrait hole, waiting for someone to leave. When they did Aeron followed out. The cat had already memorized this castle. She spent her time wandering around and killing people's rats. Aeron hadnt a clue why the kept them and didn't eat them. Rats are delicious. 
Once at the feeding place, Aeron wandered off to the yellow people place. They were the least likely to bat her away from the food. And like she expected, they moved away the flat, white bowls and instead fed her bits of their food. By the end of the feast, Aeron was beyond full. Now, what was Master doing?
With light, cheery steps, Aeron walked to the Red people place. Among the dull colors she found her masters purple hair. Master was near the girl who fed her sweet things, the one who dressed her up, and the strange loud girl. Across the table was the tall boy. No annoying one in sight. But the tall boy was next to the mean lady who kicked Aeron last year. 
Aeron never forgets. 
The black cat jumped on the table, cueing a couple shrieks. With her eyes fixed on the mean lady, 'Raquel', she sat by Master's white bowl. 
"Aww, look my little Aeron wants to sit with us!" Two red haired humans that resemble the annoying boy grinned. They were exactly alike. 
"Looks like she doesn't like Raquel, eh?" Everybody saw how it seemed the cat was...glaring. 
"Aeron, kitty, look at me." The cat obeyed looking into Master's giant eyes. "Now, don't attack Raquel now, baby. I don't want any blood on my food." 
Giving a farewell meow, the cat wandered off. 

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