Stranded with Louis Tomlinson

Veronica Stewart was just a normal girl, with a normal family, trying to be normal on a high-end cruise ship. But at a party that Veronica just has to go on. Does she go overboard with someone she'd never expect?


6. The Party

By the time Kenzie and I get back to our suite, its almost time for the party.

"Crap!" I say rushing through my makeup bag. 

"What?" Kenzie drops her purse on her bed. 

"The party starts in 30 minutes!" I say grabbing the curling iron that for some unknown reason I brought on this exotic cruise. 

"What?! I better start stuffing my bra.....!" She rushes into her bathroom. Stuff her bra? I have no time to think so I just slip on some VERY tight skinny jeans, a purple tank top, and a leather jacket with studs on the shoulders, then I slipped on some ankle boots with the heels, with studs and little black chains. I did my makeup and curled my hair. Now to stuff my bra... What?! What am I saying? No! But it couldn't hurt... Okay! I'm stuffin 'em. I put in these fake boobs my sister bought on Amazon and put 'em in my shirt. 

"I'm leaving without you, Kenzie." 

"Wait! Almost done!" She comes out in a dress that our parents would NOT approve of.

"Wow, hopefully dad won't see you, he will have a seizure." 

She laughed.

"Yeah... They don't need to know about this.." 


We leave and go to the deck party. It's huge, and if you just look around there are drunken teens everywhere. I look through my purse to see of I brought my phone.. And I didn't. But there is a pocket knife that I snuck on board just in case anything came around and I was in need of a weapon. 

I look over my shoulder to see drunken Zayn. 

"Heyy babe, nice.. everything." 

He's flirting with me, and I immediatly smile.

"Hey." I walk over to the buffet table to get some punch. Zayn follows me. 

"So you like the punch? I do too.." 

He tries to kiss me. I'm not sure if its the right thing to do. So I lean back over the bars, keeping us from falling off. He leans more forward, and then something changes my life. 

I fall off into a Caribbean ocean. As I scream out, the water pulls me from beneath. I try to pull myself up, but the current is pulling me down. I finally get above the water, and tons of people are staring at me, one grabbing a rescue boat.

The boys throws it in water, then jumps down. He helps me up on the boat.

"Are you okay?"

I hear a British accent. Could it be Zayn? I look up to find Louis. Oh Lord.

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