Stranded with Louis Tomlinson

Veronica Stewart was just a normal girl, with a normal family, trying to be normal on a high-end cruise ship. But at a party that Veronica just has to go on. Does she go overboard with someone she'd never expect?


8. Shelter and Cold Night.

My eyes flutter open. I look around and I see. Land?!

"Louis wake up! I see land!!" 

"No mom.. Don't give my carrots away...."

"Louis. Wake Up!" I playfully hit him on the back. I feel a rush of happiness. could almost jump off the lifeboat and swim there. 

"What?" He says crankily. 


"Land? Where? Land!" 

He got a little too happy. 

We got closer to the island. It was beautiful just from the looks of it. Exotic flowers growing. Golden sand. Some beautiful palm trees.

We soon arrived at the island. It was much bigger being on the island, than just looking at it.

"You think we should stay here?" I ask, curiously looking around. 

"Yeah, then we can look for supplies to build a shelter." 

It's burning up outside, like 90 degrees. I pull my hair into a ponytail. 

"We need something sharp." Louis says trying to get some kind of, I guess yo can say 'wood'. 

I pull a knife out of my bag. 

"Perfect." He takes the knife from me and cuts it down. I gather some tweed for a roof. Our shelter isn't looking so bad. The sun is setting and our shelter is done. I am now wearing shorts, because I cut the legs off for a resource for tying. 

We are lying down in our shelter. Many things boggle my mind. What's going to happen to us? I realize I'm shivering.

"Are you cold?" Louis ask me with his soft, british, voice. 

I shake my head no, obviously lying. He lifts his head up and is now by my side. He cuddles me, making me warm. I let him. The lightning gets very loud, and it starts to rain. 

"Louis?" I ask. 

"Yeah?" He says.

"I just need to know your there.." 

And we get through the rest of the night.

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